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The Trance

Every day, we wander around in our simulation, without realizing how comical or absurd it is. Driving along our little roads, to our little jobs, and to our little schools in our little vehicles.

Consider that the next time you get a minute to reflect on your limited existence.

Really think about it.

It’s bizarre, right?

We all pretend we don’t poop, fart, or have sex, but we are humans. Doing human things in human skin, which covers our souls.

Souls that aren’t human.

I will say that the more I comprehended the simulation, or “the trance of unworthiness” as Tara Brach likes to call it, the more I realized how silly the things I thought “mattered” were.

I’d spent most of my life in a trance. I thought my job defined me. I thought I needed a college degree to mean something. If I only had that outfit, I would be happy. Thinking that my lawn needed to be perfectly cut. Thinking that I needed to go to church to be good. So many more platitudes, and so little blog space.

Once I broke out of the trance, I could finally be happy. It didn’t happen overnight. It has taken over two years of daily meditation, affirmations, and reading. 

Article: Awakening From the Trance of Unworthiness – Tara Brach

I never imagined I’d use Christopher Cross’s yacht rock ballad Sailing in a blog post, yet here I am. I was listening to his lyrics as I was watering my sunflower plants in the back yard and it made me realize how connected I am to the earth and to other living things. How much peace they bring me and how that lifts me out of my trance.

“Well it’s not far down to paradise. At least it’s not for me. And if the wind is right you can sail away. And find tranquility. Oh, the canvas can do miracles. Just you wait and see, believe me.”

I respect these living things, and if I can have this relationship with something as “insignificant” as a plant, why can’t I have this relationship with my neighbors? Yes, even the one that stays up all night listening to loud music. This is a work in progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 


Everyone needs to listen to my neighbor mowing his lawn. #onestepatatime #SplashSummerVibe #neighbor

♬ original sound – Karen Hoover
That is not my next-door neighbor. I wish.

It made me consider the other things that shake me out of my trance.

Songs that remind me of happy times. And songs that remind me of less-than-happy times. Birds whose songs I initially assumed were just cheerful, but subsequently discovered might also be sex noises. 

Very Loud Bird Attracts Females By Screaming In Their Faces

Listen to the Loudest Bird Ever Recorded | Audubon

Being outside almost instantly disrupts my trance. Working in my yard, hands in the earth, looking at the beautiful flowers? All of that wonder snaps me out of my earthly stupor and makes me recognize that something far more significant is at play here. 

The sunshine. The rainfall. Everything together is a lot more powerful than I am. I’m just taking care of my own personal ecosystem (aka-yard) inside the boundaries of my simulation that I call life.

Listen to Nature Sounds, Fall in Love with the Earth

Why and How Calatheas Move and Pray – Plus Why They Stop

If you looked through my phone pictures right now, you’d find an embarrassing number of images of my pets. Dogs, flowers, and book quote screenshots. Repeat. I have a really uneventful life, which makes me extremely content.

Every day, I ask my pets, “Who is the soul in the dog suit?” They seem to be familiar. My dogs, unlike any other presence in my life, bring me out of my daily trance.

There’s a Scientific Reason Why People Think This Dog Looks Human

I used to shove my food into my body and move on. I never thought of eating as an experience, but rather as a means to an end.  When I began eating mindfully, I was able to break out from the trance and appreciate food much more.

This has been my mindful yummy eating treat for many of my summer lunches.

Unexpected cheddar and pears

Mindful Eating | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

I was going to add that spending time with others helps me break out of my trance, but that isn’t always true. Regardless of how good my intentions are, I frequently hide behind my shell, my habits, to protect myself when I’m among others, especially those who aren’t a part of my daily routine.

Spending time with the people I feel the most comfortable with enables me to break out of my trance and enjoy life again. I’ve said this before, but when I’m in my sacred space, I’m able to connect more deeply with individuals that I might not always feel completely at ease with.

How to Protect Your Energy, According to Reiki Masters

Catherine Newman’s House Is a Joyful Jumble of Books, Games and Cats

She reminds me a lot of Ella. And perhaps a little of myself as well.

I admire the efforts that younger individuals are taking out to make the world a more comfortable place to live. More aligned with how we ought to direct the course of our lives. It is less about the monetary value, the amount of hard labor, and the imposing of antiquated customs, and more about the light that is within each of us.

The future looks very bright.

However, due to those pesky trances, many of us don’t see that. I hear misguided comments like, “I fear for the future.”

Break out from the trance.

Love other people not commodities.

We are all connected to one another.

“It’s not far to never never land. No reason to pretend. And if the wind is right you can find the joy. Of innocence again. Oh, the canvas can do miracles. Just you wait and see, believe me.”

36 thoughts on “The Trance”

  1. Tara Brach is amazing. I have not listened to her far a while, but listening to her helped me to develop my stillness/meditation practice.

    Dogs…I’m always amazed at how they find me. I think they take as much care of me as I do them.

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    1. I believe I said this previously in the comments section, but you recommended Tara to me, and I will be eternally thankful to you for that. Sarah, she is such a comfort to me. So far, I’ve read three of her books, and she reminds me of the wise aunt I’ve always needed in my life.

      Dogs and horses. What would we do without them?

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  2. I like and am inspired by the Reiki Masters’ advice. I need to have better boundaries– that’s the point that resonated with me. I know that I feel overwhelmed when I don’t focus on the joy in the moment, regardless of the situation. Then, occasionally and more often lately, my soul reminds me to focus on being in the moment. Be here now, dammit, it says!

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    1. Ally, I completely understand how you feel regarding boundaries. It takes practice, and I had to learn this the hard way by making a lot of painful mistakes. For a long time, expressing that I felt overwhelmed in certain situations was looked down upon, as if there was something fundamentally wrong with me. Now I know better. 😊

      Be here now, dammit! I LOVE THAT. ❤️

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    1. I agree. The flowers are beautiful.

      And the questions your bring are thought provoking. Another perspective is one of the few Picasso quotes I remember: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

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  3. Hum Cheddar & Pear. That’s different but some people like a slice of cheddar on apple pie, cheese and fruit in general seems to be a good pairing. My wife thought that sounded divine. Might have to try it. That dog doesn’t look human. It looks like a dog lol

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  4. And I thought the car alarm bird on Maui was obnoxious!! I think I like the idea of cheddar and pear. I’ve had them on charcuterie boards and enjoyed the combo.

    I have to admit, that dog did freak me out a bit. But I disagree that it looked human due to its round face. I think it’s the eyes and the mounth/lips that make it look so human. I did think it was interesting (and agreed) that the round faces compared to the thin ones were more attractive in the article. I’ve always read it was the symmetry of the face that makes it attractive to most people, so the idea of roundness was new to me.

    Enjoyable post, as always!

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    1. I just heard the car alarm bird! I’m fascinated with birds from places far different from where I live. Thank you for telling me about it.
      To be honest, I think the dog has a human face superimposed on it. It freaks me out a little.

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😘


  5. You’ve expressed so much here and with beauty and grace. I love it.
    I am so down with Christopher Cross and yacht rock, for that matter.
    I smiled ear to ear with This Is How Plant People are Created.

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  6. Oh, that’s Christopher Cross. Ah – I have heard this song before. As you know, I rarely know artist’s names. *Um, then Coach calls from the other room as I’m listening to the tune while I comment: “CHRISTOPHER CROSS”.* Yep, he and I are opposites in this way. He know who sings like every song. Ever. It’s so silly.

    Anyway – this video of the guy doing his lawn is more evidence that my neighbors stink. Ha. I’d love to live near a singing guy like this.

    I have thought this very thing – particularly when big things happen, like when little Violet died of brain cancer if Feb. at the age of 3. Or when my mom had the mini stroke last month. Or when Reg had the grand mal seizure Aug. 1st. When things are heavy or eye opening, I start to remember what matters and how everything else is just silly, busy time.

    Also, that bird is the worst. And is that a tail hanging out of this mouth? Ick.

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    1. I’m glad he knew the artist! You two compliment each other.

      Wouldn’t it be great to live close to that neighbor?

      We humans are engrossed in our lives for good cause! I’m finding myself becoming engrossed in the lives of my own children, and I have to stop and pull myself from the trance. I create these posts to serve as a reminder. We all get lost from time to time, but it’s nice to have someone in our lives who will hold our hand and lead us along the route to look at the trees, the sky, or smell a flower. That is good stuff if you can do it even once a week.

      That bird undoubtedly believes he’s the best bird ever. That is something we can learn from. ❤️


  7. So much great stuff in here, Kari. I too agree that we can go through life in a trance and never really LIVE. It’s so good to take a moment to stop and just be in wonder at the world. Especially at our age, when time seems to speed up, it’s just so important to take the time to remember what’s going on in that very moment. Anyway, I really loved this post. You won’t be surprised to know that I LOVE Christopher Cross. Huge yacht rock fan here, and I am NOT ASHAMED!!!

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  8. I could see cheddar and pear being a lovely combo. I love gouda and apple or sour cherry jam. A good pear is a delight!

    I feel most peaceful when I’m puttering in my house or kitchen. Especially if one of my kids is hanging out with me doing some other activity. When my kiddos were little the preschool teacher talked about “tandem play” a lot. I love when I’m in tandem work or play with one of my people.

    One of the blessings of COVID was really learning who and what mattered to me and how to best spend my time. I also learned that as much as I love sharing my home with my family I also need time in my home alone.

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    1. All of those sound amazing. I love the combination of sweet and sour flavors.

      That’s something I enjoy as well! It’s like family ASMR when we’re puttering about and I hear them in the other room.

      Katie, I completely agree with you on everything. When COVID began, I began a love affair with my home and my people. But I also need to get some time to myself. Fortunately, my family requires alone time as well, so I don’t feel guilty about carving out those times. ❤️


  9. Ugh, wrote a nice, long reply the other day and it wouldn’t go through! Trying again. Crossing my fingers.

    Those “things” that we thought defined us…I think most of us felt that way, especially when we were young. Age does bring a bit of wisdom. And not giving much of a crap what anyone else thinks about us.

    That was a good article by Tara Brach. A lot of my upbringing was my mother trying to mold me into someone SHE wanted me to be. I was quiet and compliant and basically just did whatever she told me to do, including where to go to college and what to major in. Same with going to church. And other things. I finally feel I have a voice and know what I want. That took a long time.

    You’re not the only one whose phone is filled with photos of pets, flowers, and book quotes. (Raising my hand.) I have more photos of those than I do people, ha ha. I love the photo of your pups nestled in your bedding. Pets bring so much unconditional love to our lives, don’t they? I know once Clementine crosses the Rainbow Bridge and my home is devoid of pets, I am going to be truly heartbroken. We’ve had pets for our entire 38 years of marriage. I grew up with pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds), too. I’m a huge animal lover. But we need a break from the responsibility so that we can travel. Not to mention the financial aspect. It’s going to be a huge transition. Wonder how long it’ll be before I cave again? 😉

    You saying you have an uneventful life but that you are content…it made me smile because 1) me, too and 2) it reminded me of this article:


    I hope you don’t feel you have to hide behind your shell when you’re with me. It has been a joy getting to know you better lately, and I try to be an open and compassionate person. Which reminds me: we need to get together soon! B is on vacation AGAIN next week, lol. We can text about this and figure things out…

    This comment had better go through because I just wrote you a novel. Great post, lots to discuss!


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  10. I do enjoy that Chris Cross tune. I even enjoy(ed) your neighbor’s Sat. morning singalong as well as his song choice. I was afraid he really blared HARD (and heavy metal) rock EVERY day!
    Re Sailing I thought the lyrics talked about serenity vs. tranquility but when I checked yeah verily it is/was tranquility. Maybe they’re really interchangeable?

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