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Things I Want to Remember | Part Ten

I don’t want to forget these random thoughts that have been floating around in my head, so I’ve written them down in the notes section of my iPhone. I’m sharing them with you because I suspect they may be something that you can relate to as well.

Or not.

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! You’ll be able to find the other parts of this series here.

1- When I was a kid, I hated car washes. For some reason, I assumed this was also where people went to get washed, which terrified me.

2- I’ve heard so many horror stories about HGTV shows and the sloppy work they do on the homes they feature due to the quick turnaround that I’ve stopped watching HGTV entirely. Nobody needs unrealistic expectations anymore. It’s 2023.

3- Remember the Bay City Rollers from the 70s? S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!

They’re from SCOTLAND.

4- Remember cartoons where people chased dogs with nets? Why was there so much of this going on? And why not any longer?

5- I began smoking cigarettes in high school and quit in 1998. Then I started smoking again in 2002 and quit for good in 2007. I don’t think I ever mentioned this on the blog. It feels liberating to share that with all of you.

6- I know I’ve mentioned that trigger warnings for vomiting should be included in television, movies, and social media, but there should also be warnings for doorbells. Because of dogs and their barking.

7- While we’re on the subject of dogs, why isn’t anyone naming theirs Rover anymore?

8- Jury duty and interrogation rooms should be eliminated. I’ve seen enough Dateline and 48 Hours to know that they don’t work.

9- In 2013, I met Ree Drummond and flashed her my bra.

I also had no idea how to create an appropriate sized watermark.

10- Listening to Burt Bachrach’s greatest hits helped me fall asleep during the first few months after my divorce. This is my favorite song of his:

Ironic, really.

I wrote this post a week before learning of Burt Bacharach’s death. Sigh.

46 thoughts on “Things I Want to Remember | Part Ten”

  1. Burt Bacharach was the soundtrack to my childhood. My mom was a huge fan of his (and Herb Alpert). We only listened to FM in the car, back when FM was elevator music, not cool music. But Burt was an unbelievable talent and I do appreciate his music now, as an adult. I just wanted the Bay City Rollers!

    I have not been through a car wash since I was a kid. My dad loved them. My father-in-law didn’t ‘believe in them’ so my husband never experienced one and washed our cars by hand. Like twice a year🤣

    I hate jury duty. I’ve served twice and it felt like I was doing time. I’ve been called probably 8 times total, but have managed to get out of it the other times, thanks to parenthood.

    I’m glad you gave up smoking. Good job!

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  2. “5- I began smoking cigarettes in high school and quit in 1998. Then I started smoking again in 2002 and quit for good in 2007.”

    I started early too (16-years old). I wasn’t a heavy smoker until the last three years. I quite in 2015 and have never gone back. I honestly don’t miss it either. The cost of a pack of cigarettes is insane!

    I used to read Ree Drummond’s blog a lot. VERY cool that you met her. She seems like such a genuinely nice and down to earth lady.

    My two favorite Bacharach songs are “A House is Not a Home” and “What the World Needs Now Is Love”. But I love all his songs. Such a talented composer he was! RIP, Burt!

    That Bay City Rollers song brought back so many wonderful memories!

    Have a terrific week, Kari! Enjoyed this post!

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    1. I started when I was 17 years old. But you are right about the cost! I think about how much money I wasted.

      She was really nice. It was a pleasure to meet her.

      I liked all of his songs as well! 

      Have a wonderful week, Ron! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️


  3. Eyewitness reports are nearly as reliable as we believe them to be either… after reading all about them and how suggestive our memories are in my psychology books I wonder why we haven’t looks at how we conduct investigations and court proceedings to match up with what we now know.

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  4. Can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to flash Ree Drummond myself.

    OMG,#7. I have long said if I ever own a dog, I will name it Rover! I’m 99% sure I’ve blogged about that topic myself, come to think of it.

    I knew the Bay City Rollers were from Scotland. I believe they threw a dart at a map to come up with an American name and it landed on or near Bay City, Michigan. The name totally works. And, a few weeks ago, Tara and I were buying groceries on a Saturday night. “We should totally start singing S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, night!” I urged her. So, we did, while strolling the aisles of Festival Foods. And this was before we got home for cocktails…

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    1. Confession: I don’t own a dog. But if I did, I wouldn’t give him A-1. Also, if I owned a dog, I’d totally name him Rover. Because, as cliche as that is, have you ever actually known a dog named Rover? Neither have I. 2/14/2014.

      Whoa. Almost exactly nine years ago.

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  5. Another reason to leave HGTV behind: They make us think we need to get rid of perfectly good cabinets, appliances, floors, etc., contributing to so much waste. We don’t need to throw more things out! I’m much happier in my home since making a decision to keep as much of it intact as possible and work with what I’ve got.

    I have a lot of thoughts about dogs lately, most of which I’m reluctant to share because I think people will think I’m a little unhinged. But I have thoughts, and one Is that perhaps there were so many dog catchers in old cartoons because we used to let dogs roam much more freely, and maybe they had better lives then.

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    1. YESSSS! THANK YOU.  Last year, I read an article about a woman’s home that changed my perspective on home perfection. I shared it before, but I’ll share it again in the comments.

      When you say “unhinge,” you have my complete attention. I believe you and I should collaborate on “unhinged” posts. Also, that is not an unhinged thought. I believe you are spot on.

      Here is the article:


      1. Oh, I loved that feature on Catherine Newman’s house. I would say that’s my house goals, but I think my house is already much like hers. Which isn’t to say that it isn’t in progress. It is. But not in an HGTV way.

        And FWIW, that wasn’t my unhinged thought. 🙂 Even this isn’t really, but I will say this: I keep having what I’ll call moments with dogs out in the world. Where it’s like we are seeing each other in ways I’ve never experienced before. More like I’m seeing them in ways I never did before, and they recognize that I’m seeing them in a way many other humans don’t. I dunno–I just started thinking awhile ago about what it must be like to be a dog. It was after I watched two dogs passing each other, attached to leashes attached to humans going in opposite directions, and it was so clear how much the dogs longed to interact with each other. And I wondered how it would feel if we were attached to leashes attached to some other kind of being who rarely let us be with other humans. Or, even if they did, controlled everything about how and when we interacted. Now I just can’t see dogs–any pets–the same way I used to. I know you’ll get this and won’t think it’s unhinged.

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      2. I am a perfectionist, but not in a tyrannical way. It soothes my inner icks, which I only discovered in the last year. Chaos causes my brain to fizzle, and as a result, I am unable to function properly. HGTV shows are not conducive to good mental health.

        Rita, I can feel all of this in my soul. I often wonder how we would feel if we could put ourselves in the situations of our pets. I watch our birds and think about the cage they are in, how we would feel if we were caged in an animal’s home, and why have we never considered this before?

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  6. Dog catchers now use a loop on a stick instead of a net.

    I sometimes watch an older BBC show called 60min makeover. I’ve seen what appears to be wrapping paper stapled to a wall.

    A little known fact about most makeover shows: The recpient usually has to provide a fair amount of the funding (friends were looking for help with home renovations but figured it was cheaper to do it on their pwn).

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    1. That sounds even worse!

      Oh, my lord. That sounds about as bad as one designer on Trading Spaces putting hay on a wall. But that was on TLC, another network that should be phased out.

      Yep. They also do not receive any of the furniture. When I found that out about Chip and Joanna Gaines, it completely changed my opinion of them.


  7. Bay City Rollers…I had forgotten about them! Now I’m going to have an ear worm:
    S-A-T-U-D-A-Y – hey!

    I don’t know if I remember you ever mentioning to me that you smoked. I am SO proud of you for not doing so anymore! From what I’ve read and witnessed from my dad and other relatives that tried to quit (and many of them couldn’t), nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. What a huge accomplishment.

    And I had no idea you met Ree Drummond! Was it at a blog conference?


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    1. We definitely listened to them at the roller rink! That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard that song.

      Thank you very much! It was one of the most difficult obstacles I had to overcome, which is why it took so many tries.

      Yes, I met her in Chicago at Blogher.


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  8. I had no idea the Bay City Rollers were popular across the Atlantic, I thought they were a solely British phenomena. Hold onto your hats, I’m going to admit that I wasn’t a fan. But Mr Bacharach – of him I was a HUGE fan. As another commenter said, he was the soundtrack of my childhood and your clip means I’ll be looking out a copy of that very collection, as I have nothing of his that survives. RIP indeed.

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  9. 1) I loved car washes as a kid! It was like a carnival ride to me. Oooh, here comes the colourful foam!
    2) I haven’t watched HGTV for a long time, but did they have that house hunters show? I watched a few episodes and then found it so stupid.
    3) On So I Married An Ax Murderer, the Bay City Rollers are on the wall on the “Scottish Wall of Fame” and his dad is listening to it as he’s dancing. #scottishgirl
    4) I do remember that!
    5) I also smoked cigarettes in high school. I quit in 1993, just before graduating. I’d have the occasional cigarette in university, but very rarely.
    6) Hahaha I agree although neither of my dogs are/ were affected by doorbells. But I get it.
    7) No Rovers anymore, but I do think “Rex” is pretty old-school.
    8) I was called for jury duty in 2020!
    9) I thought that woman looked familiar – the pioneer woman!
    10) I didn’t know you were divorced, but I also love Burt Bacharach

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    1. 1- I should point out that this was when I was very young, under the age of five.

      2- House Hunters was truly stupid.

      3- I had no idea they were from Scotland! That is a wonderful piece of trivia! Another interesting fact: A Bay City Rollers song is played at the funeral of Liam Neeson’s character’s wife in Love, Actually.

      4- I’m curious what happened to all those nets…

      5- I still miss it occasionally. 

      6- Doorbells and the Ring sound both trigger my dogs.


      8- NO!! In 2019, I was called, but I didn’t get a case and was let go after an hour.

      9- Yep!

      10- Many, many years ago. I loved BB as well.


  10. Awwww….Burt! That song is great and may he RIP.
    Laughing (again) at you flashing Ree!! I thought this was a rated G blog.
    I can’t imaging catching a dog in a net; funny thought my friend!
    Thanks to the Bay City Rollers (fakers!) I learned how to spell my favorite night of the week. 🙂

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  11. The Bay City Rollers – I am noting that they are wearing pants that are popular with women currently. Am I right? I laughed at the dog catchers chasing dogs with nets. You’re right, that is very cartoonish. I’m so glad you quit smoking. I was looking through a photo album from college with my kids. There is a photo of me with a cigarette in my mouth. I was NOT smoking it – I think we were joking around. Not sure my kids believed me. I’m laughing at your bra flashing photo too. Glad Burt was there for you. I think I just watched a story about him on the news on Sunday morning and about how he wrote so many love songs. Was he the guy that was married 4 times?

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  12. I believe the reason people in cartoons chased dogs with nets is that there were no invisible fences for dogs back then and dogs roamed free in the neighborhood. Therefore if a person wanted to capture a stray/neighbor dog he felt he’d have a better chance of getting it with a net. [That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.]

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  13. I hated car washes too as a kid! Ha! Never met another person with a similar dislike… I feel less alone 😁

    I did however love washing cars (by hand) as a kid. Would totally do for free. Also dogs, cats and horses. No idea what that means lol. You can imagine my delight when I leased a horse who also adored water/a good bath. He would literally carry the hose in his mouth to people and request a bath if the hose was left out…. 😅

    Doorbells in TV shows! Ack! Do they have to be so loud? So realistic? So frequent? Darn tootin they need a warning. Our cats hate them too. *shakes fist at TV*

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    1. I’ve never met anyone who disliked that! I also feel a lot less alone now.❤️

      I loved helping my dad wash the car. When I was a kid, this was such a fun chore.
      I can only imagine how much fun you had washing your horse! Ella would LOVE that.

      Right?? I should have included sirens in televisions/songs. That will be added to my next list of 100 things I don’t like. 😂


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