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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part 15

Because it's 2020 and this shouldn't at all be surprising, I am publishing July's tater tot post on June 15th. Maybe because I hate this moment in time we are in, maybe because I have felt like shit for over a month, maybe because the post I had planned for today read like a third-grader… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part 15


I Love Lucy

Our sweet Lucy passed away on Tuesday and I felt like it was necessary to share this post today. Two pet deaths in 2020 has just been devastating for us. I know devastating is a big word for a small fish but Lucy was a miracle. Fourteen years. 
Here is her story.

First published May 2, 2014

When people ask us if we have a pet, we normally say “no”.
Then quickly say, ” oh wait, YES, we have a goldfish!”
Then the laughter usually ensues from the other party, because I have learned that fish, especially one fish, isn’t really considered a pet, per se.
At least, by “pet people”.
Maybe it’s because fish are low maintenance, they eat their own poop, they don’t make any noise.
But our goldfish is special.

We begrudgingly became fish parents in the summer of 2006, when our then six-year-old daughter brought him/her (there…

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It’s My Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary and I Can’t Eat Cake

Long story about the cake to come later.  This upcoming Sunday marks ten years since I first started this blog. A decade ago, I sat down in our then-basement "office" and began a blog on our old desktop computer. I say "office" because it was really the only space in the basement that wasn't covered… Continue reading It’s My Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary and I Can’t Eat Cake

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Screw It I’m Eating Tater Tots-Part 14

How are we all doing? I see some of you (and me) getting ragged and weary because May sucked, plain and simple. More than any other month during the quarantine. I am currently in another migraine cycle that could have been prevented by my neurologist and the insurance company and while this would be something… Continue reading Screw It I’m Eating Tater Tots-Part 14


Netflix Knows Our Family Dynamic

A shortened version of the story of us but perfectly sums up our family. Back in 2015, I was writing for Netflix once a month in exchange for a Roku and a free subscription. This working relationship lasted for three-plus years and then I got three free years (accidentally) of Netflix. They found me out in the middle of a pandemic and we are now paying for our Netflix. 

First published May 22, 2015

Each month we are given a prompt by Netflix and this month it was about being in an unconventional family, to tie in with the new show Grace and Frankie.

what is it about your modern family that you wouldn’t trade for anything in theworld?

Mike, Anna and I 2005 2004

Our little family has been very modern, unconventional, quirky, whatever you want to call it, for almost nine years now.

Nine years on the 27th of May…

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