Beer Breath, Cat Smell and Big Hair- What Makes Me, Me

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I love “about me” posts. I thought this would be a fun share on the first Friday of birthday month. 

First published May 6, 2013

– I have been using the same hair pick to comb out my wet hair after getting out of the shower since high school.
2021 note- Still using it.

– I love Monty Python and The Holy Grail, thanks to my brother introducing it to me. My husband doesn’t get it their humor but I love it.

-The smell of beer on my husband’s breath gets me in the mood. Have I said too much?

– I can smell cats in a house as soon as I walk in. Even if you NEVER had a cat, but maybe the previous owner did? I can smell them. Realtors should hire me. I am like a savant in uncovering cat smell.

2021 note- why would there…

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Podcast Episode #6- Menopause Practitioners, Hot Flashes, and Exciting News

If you have a perimenopause or menopause story you'd be willing to share, I would like to talk to you. It doesn't have to be exciting, nor does it have to be dramatic. I would like an honest snapshot of what you went through. If you have questions, I would love those too. I am… Continue reading Podcast Episode #6- Menopause Practitioners, Hot Flashes, and Exciting News


Love It or Hate It

A Grace Full Life

I actually re-blogged this post because of a Quora thread I found about cannoli.

You’re wondering what on Earth ever brought you to my blog in the first place?

I get that a lot. 

First published on May 29, 2018

There are things in life with a middle ground like potato chips, brownies, the pool. You might not love those things, but if you don’t, you can usually power through.

Then there are others that you either love or hate, there is no middle ground, you’re a fan or a hater.

Because I have nothing else better to do, here is a list I created of things you either love or hate.

Walt Disney Castle

1- Disney

I don’t like Disney World. OMG, I FEEL SO UNBURDENED AFTER HAVING ADMITTED THAT. I don’t understand the attraction, but I know I am very alone if my social media feeds are any sign. I also…

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Podcast Episode Five- Guest Star and Real Talk about Migraines & Anxiety

A few things.... In the podcast I mention that certain migraines which give me panic attacks would occur once a month; that's beside my several times per week migraines that would also occur. Also, my "guest star" and I previously recorded this over the weekend. I am thinking about possibly having one podcast per week… Continue reading Podcast Episode Five- Guest Star and Real Talk about Migraines & Anxiety