My Baby Story Wouldn’t Make It to TLC. Animal Planet, Maybe?

2020 note- The next two weeks of reblogs will be about connecting two stories. This post is about Anna’s birth story which I wrote as a submission for a book that was being written back in 2015 titled, “It’s Really 10 Months“. 

The piece that I originally submitted was horrible. I have since edited it considerably, so the post you are reading today is not at ALL the piece the three authors had originally read, so keep that in mind while you are reading it. 

Also, this piece didn’t make the cut because it was poorly written but I was bitter about it, which is why I am going to be sharing the public email and letter to the authors that I wrote on my blog, next Friday. Because I think it is important to admit publicly when you are wrong.

And I was wrong. 

First published September…

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Grandma’s Romance Waffles

First published on February 9, 2015

2020 note-While I have made these countless times since writing this post, I made these this summer while my pain was at its worst and they helped heal me yet again. I figured you could stand to be healed too. 

When I was growing up, almost everything that we ate was homemade.
Oh sure, we would occasionally go out to lunch after church or to dinner when my brother or I won an award at school and McDonald’s was a fun treat here and there.
But everything we ate in our home was lovingly prepared by either my mom or my grandmother, who I was lucky enough to have lived with us my entire childhood.
Everything from cookies to main dishes, even bread, was homemade.
Of course, we didn’t appreciate it while we had it.
I can’t speak for my brother back then but…

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Things I am Doing to Keep Me Out Of Trouble

So that I don't melt into a puddle of meh. Anna is back to college, our country is just so icky, I really hate social media (particularly Facebook*) and we aren't homeschooling yet as we usually don't start until after Labor Day anyway and we are still trying to follow a schedule for some sense… Continue reading Things I am Doing to Keep Me Out Of Trouble


Green Doors Can Heal You

Anna goes back to college tomorrow and this week I’ve been sad about her leaving. By the end of next week, I will be good but this week is tough. My friend Rita said it best when she said, “it’s like a long, slow breakup.” It is like the first year she went away all over again. She has been my rock during all of this pandemic and I am so going to miss her. 

First published June 4th, 2018

In 2013, we had a burgundy front door.

Front exterior door

That looked like hell because 13 years of wear and tear will do that to a door. Or to a mom.


So I decided that I was going to paint it myself.

Our house color is boring white so I wanted a color that popped. I chose Paradise Green by Sherwin Williams because screaming green…

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Screenplays and Books and Wet Dreams

    I was pretty excited at the prospect of a person who was actually connected to the late John Hughes reading a screenplay that is about John Hughes. But here is the thing about my screenplay: it kind of sucks. It does, you don't have to be nice. Over the past five years, I… Continue reading Screenplays and Books and Wet Dreams