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What I Kept | February 2023

These are the things I kept on my phone in the month of February. Click here to read previous What I Kept posts. Support animal Bird butts "How many of you have a place to take your grief?" From this book. Support human Go. Find. Less. From this book This song is… Continue reading What I Kept | February 2023

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My Favorite Documentaries

Most of you know how much I like a good documentary. In fact, I would say it is my favorite type of movie. I appreciate learning about others, I enjoy "connecting" with real people, and I prefer watching movies that educate me about human beings and their experiences. I don't think I'm alone in feeling… Continue reading My Favorite Documentaries

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Favorite Musicians from The Midwest

The whole reason I wrote this post was that I discovered, in 2022, that The Violent Femmes are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which completely blew my mind. For some reason, I assumed they were from England. Photo by Pixabay on As a result, I decided to spend an evening going through my playlists to see… Continue reading Favorite Musicians from The Midwest

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Who’s On Your Guest List and Breaking the Ice

What celebrity guests would you invite to a dinner party? For the sake of this post, pretend you like celebrities. For the sake of this post, they must also be living celebrities. Here are my choices: John and Joan Cusack (in my reality, they come as a package deal) Bonnie Hunt Judy Blume It may… Continue reading Who’s On Your Guest List and Breaking the Ice

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My Blood Sucks

Recently, I decided that in addition to making me better on the inside via therapy, I also wanted to find a new doctor. I liked my old doctor but it was near impossible to get in for an appointment, their email system was awful, and honestly, she was a pill pusher. Every time I went in… Continue reading My Blood Sucks

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My List of Top 10 Rock Band Names If I Were to Ever Start a Rock Band

For the past few years, I've occasionally said to myself, in response to an unusual phrase, "that would be an excellent band name!" So I finally have enough to write a post! I think my work here is done. See you next week! WE'RE GOING TO ROCK YOUR WORLD! With chicken! Also, peanuts! In a… Continue reading My List of Top 10 Rock Band Names If I Were to Ever Start a Rock Band