Walking in John Hughes Footsteps: Movie Locations & Addresses

A few months ago, my husband had suggested I run a fun tour of these homes this summer for some of his co-workers as they were John Hughes’s movie fans. We had planned a route, where we were going to make pit stops, planned out tee-shirts, and even had a playlist. Then coronavirus hit and now we aren’t sure when or if this will happen. But since we are heading into birthday week, I wanted to re-share this post because it is one of my favorites. Mike and I had so much fun researching for this post and it is during my birthday week that we usually revisit these places together. 
This year it will have to be virtual. 🙂 
Reblogged on April 24, 2020

First published August 3, 2015

Back in January, I wrote an article for Chicago Parent about John Hughes and included a few addresses such as where…

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Google Searches That Define You

I started writing this post at the end of February when our lives were completely different. I thought about changing the searches to reflect our lives since the lockdown but decided that it may be better suited for another post entirely. I like the idea of reading this and knowing what I was innocently searching… Continue reading Google Searches That Define You

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Nesting and Routines

I am doing better than I thought I would do during this pandemic. I have days that aren't so good but nothing near to what I thought I would be before this all began playing out and I honestly think our home is a huge part of why.     I appreciate all that my… Continue reading Nesting and Routines


Rebecca and Kari’s Excellent Adventure (Why it’s Good to Eat at Chipotle)

I love this story so much.

Also, I don’t think I understood the meaning of the word irony back in 2012 which should not be at all surprising to any of you. 

First published May 7, 2012

So I eluded to some kind of exciting news on my Facebook page last week about how Rebecca and I got on a TV show that is set to air in June.

But let me back up a little.

For our birthday each year, Rebecca and I treat each other to lunch as is our tradition. I usually choose the Olive Garden for their soup, salad, and breadsticks but this year for my birthday, since we are training for a 5k, I decided to go somewhere a little healthier.

Image result for chipotle wikipedia Courtesy/Wikipedia

When you realize the irony of this story, you will laugh out loud or LOL. Not lowercase lol. Definitely uppercase LOL.

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How Kari Got Her Groove Back with Durex

In the name of finding distractive things to get your minds off of, well, everything, I found this post from long ago. In 2013 and after three years of blogging three times a week, I was starting to get offers to blog in exchange for a product. I was so excited at this prospect that I began writing for companies without being paid cash money. Just product. To be transparent, I have none of these products anymore and probably didn’t have them for long after writing this. But it was very exciting to me at the time to be contacted by a major company. A major condom company. That didn’t send me condoms.

First published June 7, 2013

So I mentioned to you in a post here about how my husband and I just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary and heard from so many people about their fears and…

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50 Questions-One for Each Year of My Life

My friend Erika wrote a post last year, "Nifty Fifty Survey" which lists 50 questions and answers. I love posts like these, selfishly to write and less to read. Like, I want to know probably 20 things about you but after that, I'm not really listening anymore and I know you are probably like that… Continue reading 50 Questions-One for Each Year of My Life


Mrs. Pierce

Years ago when I was blogging on the Blogger platform, I had a totally different About Me page. My bio pages have evolved with each year of writing but for many years I had a tiny tribute to my 11th grade English teacher tucked in. Essentially saying that she would be rolling her eyes right now if she saw my blog because of my horrible grasp of the English language and grammar. 
I took Mrs. Pierce off of my About Me page for no other reason than I wanted a change when I moved to WordPress in 2017. But it made me sad that I took her off of there considering how much she meant to me and my writing. 
Recently, I wrote about Mrs. Pierce again and how an email at a dark time came just when I needed it and it made me revisit this post, make the…

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