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My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

  I love cookies any time of year but during the holidays is when it is most acceptable to eat cookies on a regular basis. Cookies for breakfast? IF I HAVE TO! Cookies for dinner? Jesus would want it that way! Cookies at midnight? If it's good enough for Santa, it's good enough for me!… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Dessert Quesadillas Because Stress

When I have a stressful week, I eat my feelings. Which works well for you because that means I will end up making a recipe and sharing it. One morning I was packing Ella's lunch and made her sandwich on a flour tortilla instead of her usual bread to shake things up a bit. I… Continue reading Dessert Quesadillas Because Stress

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Dill Pickle and Ham Dip is the Best Thing Since Dill Pickle and Ham Dip

  I enjoy eating. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. But I LOVE appetizers. I want to have a long, sordid, and steamy threesome with Reuben egg rolls, guacamole, and queso. And maybe a paltry affair on the side with some cheese fries topped with bacon and sour cream. I'm sorry,… Continue reading Dill Pickle and Ham Dip is the Best Thing Since Dill Pickle and Ham Dip

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Snickerdoodle. Lick a Poodle

  That was just fun to say. As you can see, 2017 is not going to be about award-winning journalism here at A Grace Full Life. No see the bar is set low on purpose because you all need a freaking break from Facebook, CNN, Buzzfeed and Yahoo News informing you that MY GOD ARETHA… Continue reading Snickerdoodle. Lick a Poodle

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Bruschetta That’s Easier to Make Than it is to Pronounce

  It's pronounced BRUSKETTA. I know this because I had to Google it. There is no Wizard behind the curtain here; I have no secrets. Especially when I came up with this recipe a few weeks ago for my friend Rebecca's birthday. I was at the Jewel (a local grocery chain) looking for "fun food"… Continue reading Bruschetta That’s Easier to Make Than it is to Pronounce

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Grandma’s Romance Waffles

First published on February 9, 2015 2020 note-While I have made these countless times since writing this post, I made these this summer while my pain was at its worst and they helped heal me yet again. I figured you could stand to be healed too.  When I was growing up, almost everything that we… Continue reading Grandma’s Romance Waffles