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My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

  I love cookies any time of year but during the holidays is when it is most acceptable to eat cookies on a regular basis. Cookies for breakfast? IF I HAVE TO! Cookies for dinner? Jesus would want it that way! Cookies at midnight? If it's good enough for Santa, it's good enough for me!… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Creating a Low-Carb Appetizer for Spring

    Spring is almost here and that means spring holidays are just around the corner! We love going to my mom and dad's home for our holiday each spring but since the meal is usually late afternoon, that means we need to figure out something to eat for lunch that isn't too heavy but… Continue reading Creating a Low-Carb Appetizer for Spring

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Avocado Toast for Losers

Losers meaning me and maybe you too if you didn't get on the avocado toast train until recently. Did you even know there was an avocado toast train? There is. Climb aboard CHOO CHOO." I love avocado but I haven't always loved it. In fact, I can't remember when my love affair with avocado began… Continue reading Avocado Toast for Losers

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Dessert Quesadillas Because Stress

When I have a stressful week, I eat my feelings. Which works well for you because that means I will end up making a recipe and sharing it. One morning I was packing Ella's lunch and made her sandwich on a flour tortilla instead of her usual bread to shake things up a bit. I… Continue reading Dessert Quesadillas Because Stress

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Messy BLT Sandwiches Plus 12 Sandwich Recipes You Will Thank Me For

I took a quiz a few weeks ago about which Friends character I was and it came up being Randler (a mix of Ross and Chandler) which I could totally see. I nerd out about a lot of things and I am very VERY sarcastic. But I am also a neat freak so I then… Continue reading Messy BLT Sandwiches Plus 12 Sandwich Recipes You Will Thank Me For

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Crock Pot Mongolian Beef Made Easier

My friend Rebecca has given me so many recipes over the years, so I don't even question a new one when she says that I need to try. There are many reasons our friendship has lasted almost 23 years but a big part of our friendship is food. I think I can speak for both… Continue reading Crock Pot Mongolian Beef Made Easier