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Who’s On Your Guest List and Breaking the Ice

What celebrity guests would you invite to a dinner party? For the sake of this post, pretend you like celebrities. For the sake of this post, they must also be living celebrities. Here are my choices: John and Joan Cusack (in my reality, they come as a package deal) Bonnie Hunt Judy Blume It may… Continue reading Who’s On Your Guest List and Breaking the Ice

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Is Your Favorite Childhood Book the Key to Who You Are?

I was grabbing some glasses out of our dining room cabinet one day when I noticed this book tucked into the corner: Miss Suzy was probably my favorite childhood story book. I felt like I was a child again as I flipped through the pages. It's a bit jarring when my two worlds merge like… Continue reading Is Your Favorite Childhood Book the Key to Who You Are?

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Podcast #26- Books, Glorious, Books

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-26--Books--Glorious--Books-e19nb0i In July, I acknowledged having 35 books on my TBR (to be read) list. Then I wrote What Books Are On Your To Be Read List? and you lovely humans contributed 41 new ideas to that list. Some of you also suggested I create a Goodreads account. I explained that my TBR list, my… Continue reading Podcast #26- Books, Glorious, Books

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Podcast #25- Vision Board Project

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-25--The-Vision-Board-Project-e19d3ms This week's podcast is a long one, but my ad was accepted this time. I think my podcasts need to be longer than 20 minutes in order to accommodate the ads. So here's to longer episodes going forward. 😉 I also had to break my podcast into segments for the first time, which was… Continue reading Podcast #25- Vision Board Project