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My List of Top 10 Rock Band Names If I Were to Ever Start a Rock Band

For the past few years, I’ve occasionally said to myself, in response to an unusual phrase, “that would be an excellent band name!”

So I finally have enough to write a post!

Scrotum Band Name

I think my work here is done. See you next week!


WE’RE GOING TO ROCK YOUR WORLD! With chicken! Also, peanuts! In a spicy sauce!

Fat Hamster

I can’t take credit for this one because I heard it on a Chicago morning radio show. It’s excellent, but not quite as excellent as…..

Insolent Toddler

To clarify, the crib is not on fire. It’s the insolent toddler who’s breathing fire! Because I don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities over fire coming from a crib, and as any parent knows, a rebellious toddler is terrifying. As a result, they have an epic band name.

Wet Pizza

Wet Pizza seems like it would regularly be on the Top 40 charts on college radio stations.

Bus Full of Bloggers

Formerly known as Bus Full OF Bloggers, O’ just sounds more joyful and Irish jig-like. On the shuttle to my first blogging convention, I came up with this name.

I envision them performing at your local Starbucks, sipping Pumpkin spice latte’s while wearing colorful chevron scarves and, of course, leggings with a school bus motif.

A word of caution: because of the annoying pop-up ads asking you to subscribe to their various blogs, you will only get around 20 minutes of play time in an hour.

Holy Socks

Christian alternative. Duh.

Mucus Filled Blanket

I came up with this one while suffering from pneumonia for the majority of the summer of 2014. It came down to this or Lung Cookie, another solid band name.

Donna Martin Graduates

I’m sure there’s a band with this name someplace on our planet. But I’d like to emphasize that I came up with this one on my own.

If you were born after 1992, you might not get this reference.

Bueller bueller bueller

It’s popular with all the groups: sporto’s, jocks, dweebs…they are righteous dudes.

babette ate oatmeal

Troubadour music.*

*Only fans of Gilmore Girls will understand this reference.

If you want to use any of these names to create your own band, I’m happy to offer them to you. My only request is for free tickets.

8 thoughts on “My List of Top 10 Rock Band Names If I Were to Ever Start a Rock Band”

  1. Wet Pizza and Fat Hamster!!!! Now there are some bands I could throw my bra at…granted I am always looking for an excuse to throw my bra off. You are hilarious!


  2. How did I miss this post???? Why is the comment email response thing still not working??? WHY DO THEY KEEP USING POPUP ADS? It has to be one heck of a blog to keep me clicking over once I see that popup. Ug. Scrotum…!!


    1. LOL Damn WordPress. I feel like it is sabotaging my old readers from coming here. Apparently no one is getting my blog in their mailboxes either.
      I am sure that is something I messed up but let’s blame WordPress.


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