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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots: Partie Trois

That’s part three in French because I am expanding my horizons as it pertains to blog titles. 

Okay, I will admit that the last edition of tater tot post was a little long.

The problem was that I took two months to write it, so it became like one of those grocery lists you create over a two week period because you are too lazy to go to the actual store but keep using shit from the pantry until the list becomes ginormous and you finally have to break down and go to the grocery store?

Yeah. That was the last tater tot post.

That two month period was also in my ugly season aka winter, as well as smack dab in the middle of full-blown daily panic attacks.

I guess you could say I used you for therapy.

So I’m sorry about that.

I also changed the graphic to the dog this month because I felt like it softened the blow of the last TT post.

On to the random.

I found this picture from my favorite stock photo website while looking for another potato-themed graphic for this series and now I never want to eat french fries again:

Shallow Focus Photography of Potato

If you are a blogger/writer and are looking for stock photos to fill space in a post when you don’t have pictures, Pexels is the best. You just type in what you are looking for and KABLOOEY there are hundreds of pictures that you can steal take use without having to give photo credit.

That isn’t sponsored or anything, I just like giving tips and it is too random to fit into its own post because HELLO TATER TOT POST. 

I was at Aerie with my oldest daughter in March and saw this picture in the fitting room area:

That, my friends, is a real body and I love Aerie a lot more now.

Fortnite is a video game that has been hugely popular for a while now and I know really nothing about it other than a lot of kids/adults like to play it.

Ella doesn’t play Fortnite but she does love the dances, which she has learned from friends who do play it.

But the dances have come from other places, so we found a great video that shows the origination of some of them.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because you will know a lot of the dances and maybe you can show your skills to some little kid.

We’ve been doing “jubilation” aka The Elaine since you weren’t even a zygote. Move over, Wyatt. 

We went to the cemetery a few weeks ago to visit Mike’s grandparents, and it turns out they’re only eight plots away from Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George. 

See those orange cones in front of that car? That is the big guy himself. Well, he’s not himself, but you know what I mean.

Image result for cardinal francis george

To dispel any notions that this is a posh cemetery for the wealthy, it is not. His grandparents were Irish immigrants, his grandmother worked nights as a nurse, and his grandfather was a Chicago cop. But, because they were devout Catholics, I’m pretty sure they saved more money for the burial than they did for weekly groceries.

It’s a thing.

So that simply goes to show you that no matter what you do on earth, we all end up in the same place. In a box buried under six feet of dirt. Eight plots away from a highly regarded Catholic priest.

I’m a Methodist, I have no idea how this works.

I know a lot of people are divided on whether or not they like country music but sometimes a country song just feels right.

Like this one:

Back in January, I shared with you my new fireplace surround in the post, Big Blue Wall.

I shared with everyone, proudly, that I painted the white surround with primer. (The picture got lost in the migration……act like you know what I am talking about).

When a few of our neighbor friends were over in February playing cards, they were looking at our surround and commenting how amazing the wall looks when one of my friends stopped and said (looking at the white surround), “when are you gonna finish it?”

Me- huh?

Her- it’s not finished; it’s primer.

Me- no?

Her- yes, I think it’s primer.

Me- you’re on crack.

Her- why is it so chalky looking then?

Me- have another shot, Linda.


Me (going to the basement step where the can of “paint” still was)- oh shit. It’s primer.

Her- laughing hysterically

So I am painting my fireplace surround.


I first saw this project on CBS Sunday Morning (one of the best shows on TV, honestly), and it got me completely fascinated.

It’s called Post Secret and basically, people from all over the world send in their deep dark secrets anonymously on a postcard and he shares them on his blog.

It then became an exhibit at a San Diego museum and now he travels all over to talk about it.

Here are just a few examples:

If you feel like you might love doing something like this, here is the information:

Lastly, this graphic makes me smile.

Saving this for reference

I may write an entire post in Latin swear words.

Also, bite my balls needs to be used more.

Morde meum globes, I mean.

10 thoughts on “Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots: Partie Trois”

  1. My boys aren’t big Fortnite fans but they do know about the game from their friends so we watched that video together; cute!


  2. That paint thing is a true, honest-to-goodness bummer! Our 2nd kitchen contractor – also ranks at the top of the worst all time kitchen contractors of all time because we may be Irish but we didn’t experience the ‘luck -of’ on that one – anyway, 2nd guy had workers that TOTALLY messed up our walls. Patched but never sanded and then just painted over it. So every time I walk down that hall I am reminded at how bad we suck at picking kitchen contractors. (in case the absent kitchen hood isn’t clue enough).

    I love the lyrics to that country song, but I will out myself right now as a country music disliker. Strong. Dislike.

    I had no idea there was dancing in fortnite. I just thank my lucky stars that my kids have not gotten involved in that shit. They would have even less time to clean their shit up and organize the mudroom. Dancing or no dancing – fortnite needs to stay the Hell away from my abode.

    That Latin post was hilarious. Eddie is in 4th year of Latin. I tossed ‘mentula’ at him and he didn’t get it. Then he looked at the cheat sheet and was ticked because he knew that one. Without knowing that you are ready for bite my balls to become more mainstream, that is the phrase he picked off the list. What’st that saying, ‘great minds?’


    1. I hate painting. I cannot emphasize this enough. So why I picked JANUARY in CHICAGOLAND to paint my fireplace surround, is beyond me.

      I am on the fence with country music (see what I did there??).

      Not a fan of Fortnite from what I have heard about it but even with the dancing, she isn’t interested in the game. She wasn’t into Minecraft either, so that’s good.

      I feel a kindred bond with Eddie now. GREAT MINDS IS RIGHT.


  3. I love these posts. LOVE!

    Fun side note, my brother works for Epic games and is actually in the credits for Fortnite and I’m always super proud when I see it referenced!

    Also, your neighbor has a sharp eye to be able to tell the difference between primer and not-primer? that easily!

    When Eric and I were planning our wedding we had the same realization about having friends. I am not a person with a ton of friends, but the ones I have, I have had since I was 12 and will have for life. But it’s a small group. And Eric’s group was even smaller. We are always talking about how we need to make friends, and how it gets harder as we get older!


    1. I love that you love these posts! It’s funny because these posts start as post-it notes I throw into my calendar. Random thoughts that don’t make a full post. I love READING posts like this as well, so any blogger who writes these has my heart. 🙂

      I should ask my neighbor to just come and paint it herself.

      That is so cool about your brother and Fortnite!!

      Friends are really hard to make as you get older. I am honestly skeptical about people who have massive friend groups because I can’t imagine managing that on the daily. Especially when you have kids, homes, jobs, etc… it is exhausting, quite honestly.


  4. I took an entire year of Latin in high school and now feel like it was an even bigger waste of time than I suspected. We learned zero of those useful phrases! Semper ubi sub ubi? Always where under where!?!? Not even legit!


    1. I took three years of French and it was a complete waste.
      Oh wait, I learned how to say “eat shit and die” in French.
      So maybe it wasn’t a complete waste.


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