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It’s The End of the Decade? Sounds Like an R.E.M. Song to Me

I had no idea that January 1st marked a brand new decade until three weeks ago and only because I read it on a friend’s blog and was like, well shit. 

Although, according to my friend up there, “well, some will argue that the decade doesn’t officially end until December 31, 2020, because there was no year 0 – we went from 1 BC to 1 AD…but that’s splitting hairs.”

Then I started seeing this ten-year challenge on Instagram (the end of a decade challenge) and I was again, well, shit. 


It’s a new decade? How is this possible?? We are still in the 2000s!!


White Analog Watch


See, this reasoning should come as no surprise to those in my inner circle. I don’t do well with math, numbers, things that have math or numbers in them, around them or in the general area of them.

On top of this end of decade nonsense, people are sharing pictures of what they looked like ten years ago and are getting all depressed.

Because they all got older.

That’s a funny thing that happens WHEN YOU AGE.

Geez, even someone who doesn’t do well at Math knows that. Eyeroll.

Ten years ago, I wasn’t even blogging. Just barely, though.

I began blogging in June of 2010 which means my ten year blog anniversary is this year which happens to also be the year I turn 50.

It’s gonna be a banner year at A Grace Full Life.

Too bad I have nothing of substance planned. So don’t expect giveaways and stuff. I’m ten years older now and I am really tired.


I am heavier AND happier than I was in 2010. There’s a life lesson in there.



In playing along with the decade challenge, I noticed that older me looks happier which is insane because I never thought that would be something I would look as I age. I know that makes no sense to YOU but it makes a lot of sense to ME.

Let’s just say that in the past ten years, I have learned to care less about what others think and walk away from stuff that makes me feel horrible. I am still a work in progress but I am getting better and it’s starting to show on my face.

In honor of a new decade on the horizon, here are some of my favorite posts from over the past decade.




1- 100 Things I Love  | 2- Hummingbird | 3- Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song |  3- Green Doors Can Heal You  | 4- These Will Be The Good Old Days | 5- I Hate Painting Furniture  | 6- Stop Saying “End of Summer”   | 7- I’m in Therapy   | 8- Channeling Mr. Hughes  | 9- My Least Favorite Project Ever-A Curtain Call | 10- Did You Know There are 34 Menopause Symptoms? 




1- Sandwiches I Love | 2- Unemployment Apple Cake | 3-Mac and Cheese | 4- Cookies | 5- Filipino Egg Rolls (Lumpia) | 6- Soups | 7- Chicken Nachos | 8- Mom’s Shrimp Dip | 9- Oreo Truffles | 10 – Taco Bowl  





1- Big Blue Wall | 2- Bathroom Floors (Part Two) | 3- Ella’s Room Makeover | 4- Anna’s Room Makeover | 5- Black Interior Doors | 6- Joanna Gaines Inspired Living/Dining Room | 7- Kitchen Paint Makeover | 8- Desk Makeover | 9- Green Kitchen Cart | 10- Little Yellow Record Cabinet 



(this isn’t as accurate as I would like because I moved my blog over in June but I get the feeling you don’t care)


Home of the famous “I leave Monistat on the counter and take pictures of the existence of it. For all of America to see”.


1- Master Bathroom Floors    2- Dill Pickle and Ham Dip   3- 100 Things I Love (LOVE that it made the list)   4-Walking in John Hughes Footsteps: Movie Locations (also LOVE that it made the list)   5- Flea Market Sunday   6- Why I’m Not Sending Everyone a Christmas Card this Year   7- My Favorite Things- 2019  8-Reinventing Myself at Almost 50  9- Mom’s Sloppy Joes  10- Do You Know There Are 34 Menopause Symptoms


This week I will begin a fun year-long project of sharing some of my favorite old blog posts and reblogging them every Friday. When I say old, I mean OLD. Like some of them are from the beginning of time but I love reading old posts and feel like the longer I blog, the older ones aren’t seeing the light of day anymore. So I decided to bring them back to life and I hope you love reading them as much as I do.


Here’s to another decade! Tosses confetti in the air!

22 thoughts on “It’s The End of the Decade? Sounds Like an R.E.M. Song to Me”

  1. Kari! You look younger!! Whatever you are doing, I want the secret!

    Also thank you for putting all these posts in one place for easier reading. 😊

    Happy new year!

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  2. What a great look back! I have seen the decade challenge but honestly.. I don’t even know where I would begin looking for photos of me 10 years ago. It’s only the past year or two that I’ve stopped hiding from the cameras and 10 years ago I had a 2, 3 & 5 year old underfoot so I’m pretty sure I was just happy we were all alive at the end of the day! Love the idea of bringing old posts back to life.

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  3. I’m right there with you on not even realizing it’s a new decade. And also being horrible at math. You’ve barely changed in that 10-year photo, though it’s funny what aging does to us as far as wisdom and letting go of a lot of crap (including what others think about us).


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  4. This is fun! I love the old photos, but honestly you HAVE NOT aged. Not lying. I look forward to checking out the older posts when I have some down time. You are mega organized to be able to put all of those links in a post. I have been blogging since St. Pat’s Day of 2013. I started out not knowing how to add photos and not knowing when to stop typing (today’s post aside, I like to think I am better at that). I turn 50 in 2020 also (as in 364 days after today, so practically 2021 if you follow . . . um, yes – it is my birthday).

    Love the eyeroll at people who are shocked that they appear older after 10 years. It reminds me of the FB posts when people post grad pics of their kids and then write a cute caption like ‘How did this happen? Seems like just yesterday she was in preschool?’ Is it me, or do people not get that time passes and people age. Maybe I will be more emotional about it when I am 50, but DOUBT IT! Some of these kids need to finish college and move out and shit. Callous? Trying for ‘real,’ so sue me.

    Happy New Year, Kari! You are the bomb no matter what decade it is!

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  5. I didn’t realize that it’s the beginning of a new decade either! For me, it’s just another day except I have to remember to write 2020 instead of 2019.
    Ten years later and you do look happier! I’m so happy for you!

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  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Even though 9 clearly rolls into the next decade after that, for some reason it doesn’t have the same impact as when 89 rolled into 90 and certainly not 99 into 00. I’m still not sure how the new millennium is 20 years old now. That means as fast as that happened, when the next 20 years go by, I will be in my…I don’t even want to think about it. Actually, I do because it means I’ll be alive (I hope!!) and that’s about all we can really ask for these days.

    Happy New Year and here’s to another decade of awesome!
    Your favorite brownie hound,
    Mrs. K

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  7. Happy new year, Kari! If you see this, it means I’ve figured out how to get around your comment-hating whatever that’s kept me away! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re still here, and happier. And getting older with me. 🙂

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  8. Well shit x 2! Yes, I counted them 🙂 Lots of good top 10s you have here! I think some people do get better with age as well as look better, go figure! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 8. Pinned.

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  9. Quite literally choked up by this post. You are an amazing woman. I am so happy that you are happy. And you look younger now than you did ten years ago. Which must be some sort of dark magic. Your husband looks like a baby in the 2010 pic!

    I am so happy that I found your blog, in more ways than one. In more ways than I can express. I found it only a little over a year ago? And it has legit made an impact on my life. You’ve helped me get my ass to therapy, you’ve helped me to continue blogging, sometimes I hear your voice in my head from things that you’ve shared, and it helps me along.

    Thank you, friend. Here’s to another ten years of this safe and wonderful space!

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    1. Oh friend, you have no idea how much this means to me.

      First, I feel like I’ve known you longer than a year. In fact, I almost didn’t believe it. It cannot possibly only be one year! You just feel like one of those forever friends.

      Happy New Year, friend! Keep being you and never stop blogging. ❤️


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