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Podcast Episode Three- Bra-less, Book Writing, and Braces

The third episode of the podcast is now available! Side note- the mammogram call came as I was recording my podcast (talk about universal), and my results were negative!

As always, thank you so much for your love and support for the podcast. It’s turned into a really fun outlet. I apologize in advance for the length. I will keep next week’s episode under 10 minutes.


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26 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Three- Bra-less, Book Writing, and Braces”

    1. Can you not listen to it here? That’s the whole reason for me publishing them in the posts. I assumed that anyone could listen to them without a Spotify account. I know that they are also available on other platforms as well. I will research that before next week so everyone can listen.

      I totally understand not wanting to get another account. I’m with you on that.

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  1. I’m giggling over your braless self. I WISH I could do that. It’s not a vanity thing for me, it’s a comfort thing. I can’t even sleep without a bra….things are just too loosey-goosey and I toss and turn all night, so I need my parts to be contained. That being said, I LOVE bralettes or not-so-tight sports bras; they’re my jam.
    I’ve not missed a mammogram because I’m way more afraid of breast cancer than covid. My last one (October?) required a follow-up ultrasound and thankfully I also had good news.

    This wasn’t too long for me. I was cleaning/organizing my laundry/craft room while I listened and giggled with you.

    I was going to say something about the removal of your braces as I thought you had Invisalign and were almost finished with that. I was then picturing you with a mouth full of metal and I had missed the opportunity to call you Metal Mouth. You know, it’s been years since I’ve been referred to that lovely sentiment.

    The book. YOU WILL GET THERE.

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    1. I honestly believe you’re either a bra to bed person or not. It’s one or the other. I am in the other box. I wear sports bras for the most part. Or BRALESS. It feels so good, I had to capitalize it.

      I am so glad you had good news as well. 💜

      It makes me so happy that you were cleaning to me. You just have no idea.

      You can call me Metal Mouth. Or Motor Mouth.

      I actually edited my Preface today. The first time in two weeks that I’ve looked at it. Progress. ☺️

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      1. Metal mouth. Motor Mouth. It’s like my childhood all over again.
        What is going on with your Mom? Did I miss something? I hope all is well.

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      2. She took a really bad fall in our driveway on Saturday. I talked about it on Instagram. She fell face first and honestly is lucky she didn’t have to go to the hospital. Angels watching over her that day. Thanks for asking. ❤️

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  2. Oh your poor mom. I see in your comments she’s improving. So grateful.

    I read Amazon book reviews for 2 of my fav books after listening to your podcast. Omg! Folks were way harsh Tai (to quote Clueless). I’m thinking maybe people are mean and you should never ever read reviews (good or bad).

    Tbh I don’t know how bloggers get the courage to *blog* let alone how writers decide to put themselves out there and write entire structured lucid multi chapter cohesive theme *books*. So why write? It ain’t the profit. And I’d guess fame’s pretty rare or at least niche. It must be love, love, love (to quote Madness). I have a writer relative and of course, there’s science and academia- “publish or perish”. Peer reviewed papers. Talk about reviews!

    But you must be a writer because you are doing it! Editing and rearranging is good, right? And you have beta readers! Yay! Helpers! I have faith in you Kari. You & your book are on a journey together – with lovely traveling companions, and adult beverages. Some day you will realize you’ve reached the end of the trail. Then you’ll feel all nostalgic for the days (even these days!) when your book was a lil thing, all discombobulated and lacking a grabbing key word laden synopsis.

    You WILL get there you writer you. Just don’t read the forkin reviews – those folks are nuts!

    PS. Yes to braless freedom (for those who are comfy like that). Pretty sure that’s what The Soup Dragons meant when they sang: Free like a butterfly, free like a bee… don’t be afraid of your freedom! 🙂


    1. My mom is doing much better, thank you for the love. She reads the blog regularly and the comments so all of this love will be truly appreciated. 😘

      I love that you quoted Clueless. I think I shall never read a review, good advice indeed.

      It’s funny you say that because as I was talking about the Amazon reviews I thought about blogging and comments. If I put myself out there on a blog weekly, why not write a book? What IS the difference? That is a good question. One that I will think about and will discuss next week on the podcast. I actually have down that I want to discuss you in particular so your ears must be ringing. 😂

      THE SOUP DRAGONS! I haven’t heard about them in years!! I need to look them up. Doing that now. 💕🌈😀


      1. Me? Me in particular? Aw. Knowing I’m on yer podcast list gives me the warm fuzzies. This has been a sucky week. Thx for being there & making it way, way less sucky.

        Soup Dragons! Just saying the name takes off decades. When we were young, we were so young!

        Oh! Here’s a more serious (totalee diff) music rec: The Decemberists’ Album: The Crane Wife. Two songs to start with from album are O Valencia! and The Perfect Crime #2. The last one has cowbell! Whole album is good stuff if your style.

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