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Podcast Episode Four- “Crayola Rays of Sunshine”, Cracker Barrel and Craziness

I am loving the conversations that are meandering between the blog posts, comments, and podcasts. It feels like we are all at this long table having coffee together. You do not know how healing this is for me. After the year we have had, I am weary and you are helping me. I hope this also helps you.

Here is today’s podcast. There are two episode fours. One got published too soon and is only transition music. Just click on both until you get to my voice. 🙂

Rants, Rita, and Realities A Grace Full Life

Rants about blogging Rita gives me inspiration Realities about life and birds
  1. Rants, Rita, and Realities
  2. Birds, Botox, and Bashes?
  3. 80's Names| My Name is on the List| Grieving
  4. Navigating
  5. Not My Mother's Menopause- Chapter Eight

I also want to share this video that Suz shared with me in the comment of Monday’s post. I was going to share it in next month’s tater tot post, but I couldn’t wait until then. It goes along with everyone having a story to share. I love this community here; you all inspire me daily.

10 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Four- “Crayola Rays of Sunshine”, Cracker Barrel and Craziness”

  1. I’m loving the alphabet theme; last week B’s Now C’s. 🙂
    Maddie leaves the most lovely comments and she always makes me smile.
    Sign me up for the John Hughs tour. PLEASE!
    I’m totally judging a date night at Cracker Barrell. Kidding. Kind of.
    I’m so happy your Mom is on the mend.

    Why do we want to go back to normal? For commerce. For people to have livelihoods. So ‘we the people’ aren’t writing checks and getting our country into more debt.

    That being said, we (myself, coach our employees) are doing just great. Our business never slowed down AND luckily we are in Florida. Florida is running as it needs to and everyone is back to work. Well, except for those who lost their business this past year; which makes me very sad.

    So, next week will you be discussing all things D?

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    1. I did think, “I wonder if everyone thinks I am doing a Duggar alphabet theme?” It does seem fun!

      You and your husband need to come up and we can do the John Hughes Tour! Ernie and her husband can come too. Man, would that be fun!

      Maddie is the best! She came from your blog or Ernies? One of the two? I am so lucky to have found all of you. I am grateful for all of you.

      My mom is still having aches and pains here and there but we are so thankful she is home and is feeling better. 🙂

      I am so glad you all are doing well down there. I know so many have suffered. This year has been tough. I can’t even believe it has been a year.

      I DO love the idea of a theme. 😉


  2. “There’s a lot more to religion that just sitting up straight on Sundays!”

    Oh those are words to live by. A lovely video. I also like the sense of connection among all my bloggy friends. The stories have been varied and encouraging. Such a great thing during this last year.

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  3. There must be a word (probably German) that means the totally awesome elated feeling you get when someone you like and admire very much says something nice about you. If I knew that word, I’d write it right now…. over and over again cause I feel that way right now. Thank you Kari. Your blog and podcast always make my day. If my comments can give back some tiny portion of the joy you give…. well, I’m going to need an English – German dictionary to find the right word to express my feelings.

    Please put me on your side – tho far away for safety. I’m also exhausted with the pandemic & I am also in no hurry to rush back to spiking outbreaks & the possibility that someone I love will die. There’s more I’d like to write but every time I try I fail miserably. And I worry in my heart that there’s no “best answer” to circle now.

    Honestly, we are all on the losing side — no matter which side. So I will just mind myself, swallow my grief… wait and hope that someday we will find a way to listen and help one another again.

    I have never been to a Cracker Barrel. That wasn’t a huge gaping hole in my life until now. Thanks dude. You guys make it sound like a Michelin dining experience crossed with the cool swag of a a Really Good Work Convention. What goes on in there???

    I was in hysterics when you discussed visiting people in real life. Of course everyone wants you to visit! Jeez-oh-Pete! You’re lovely! Also your John Hughes Driving Tour Business Plan Proposal has my vote. I’m sure the home owners will be totally cool. How big is your megaphone again & were you thinking of the open top touring bus? 😀

    I know nothing about Spotify or Facebook, so I’m 100% qualified to give you advice.
    First, google “how to reset my Spotify password”. Follow instructions and rest your password. Then log in to Spotify and *uncouple* Spotify from Facebook. Since you hate (I think? maybe?) Evil Facebook but Spotify is a keeper, see if you can log in to Spotify with Not Facebook. Maybe use your Google account or a a Unique Username and a Password just for Spotify. I think you will have to keep FB though because of Insta. *But* if you uncouple Spot from FB you will be one step further away from Evil.

    Annnd, I’ve written another essay. I swear irl I’m quiet, shy and say practically nothing. But give me an empty dialogue box and …..

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    1. I want to hear that German word for that is my heritage as well!

      So exhausted from this year. No best answer is right, my friend.

      Michelin. Omg it’s like you are reading my mind. I will be discussing that in next week’s podcast. And get yourself into a Cracker Barrel. After the pandemic.

      Maybe I’ll drive my John Hughes van cross country picking up everyone along the way. GET IN, LOSERS! (It’s from a movie, I just can’t remember which one) looking up megaphone prices…

      Will you be my life coach?

      I love your comments. Have I mentioned that before?


  4. I listened out of order!!!! The mammo police-they are something else (and glad I already know yours was all good!) I sent you a photo of the flats at one of my mammograms, but maybe this year in your honor I will leave the bra at home. I for one am worried loss will grow under my boobs info just leave them drooping there against my body. (Oops, hope you weren’t trying to enjoy your cream of wheat or anything while reading that terrible visual) that!

    Not sure if you are inspiring me to write one of my two books or justifying my feat!

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