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Things I Want to Remember | Part Two

In April, I wrote a blog post about random things I had written in the notes section of my phone since I was getting older and didn’t want to forget them. I said I would make this a series because was so much more on the list.

After a heavy couple of weeks, I feel the need for a lighter blog post. Without further ado, here are ten more things I want to remember and hope you will as well.

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1- I can’t touch my belly button, and even thinking about it makes me feel like I’m going to pass out or throw up. The last time I touched my belly button area was in 2008, when I was pregnant with Ella, because there was no “belly button.” I can’t imagine how much fuzz is in there now and it’s none of my business.

2- I would love it if Apple Music could explain to me what the songwriter meant for the song to convey. Yes, I am familiar with the concepts of “artistic integrity” and so forth. But when you’re going through something and you’re looking for a song that fits, it’s nice to find one that does.

3- Make a note in your phone of the coffee or tea beverages that your loved ones enjoy the most. This way, if you are planning to stop by their home, you will know just which beverage to pick up for them as a fun little treat on the way there.

4- In The Bangles’ song “Manic Monday,” she says, “Come on, honey, let’s go make some noise.” I always thought it meant to go out and party and have fun. I was 52 years old when I learned that it meant “go have sex.”

5- The newest books in large print are always on the shelf at the library. They are also lot easier to read if you have ADHD.

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6- Speaking of books, one of my toxic habits is to add new books I want to read to the top of my TBR list rather than the bottom, pushing prior entries even further down.

7- Another of my toxic habits is is that after ten minutes of telling someone in my house that I need some space, I start to miss them. So then I ask if they want to talk. 10 minutes after asking for some space. (I respect boundaries, I swear)

8- When someone uses loose in place of lose, an angel loses his wings. Or a second grade teacher somewhere loses her shit. Same difference.

9- Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar is superior to the most expensive cheeses. Get some now. It costs just $3.99.

10- Does anyone remember the cartoon Ziggy?

54 thoughts on “Things I Want to Remember | Part Two”

  1. #1: it does feel weird and not pleasant to touch the belly button, agreed! (Except I love to poke at my husband’s and hear him say,”Stop. I gotta pee.” I am so mean. )

    #2: should most definitely be a thing. Someone please do this.

    #3: Great idea. I’m doing this.

    #4:🤣 It’s like that for me too. Listening to a song or watching a movie I first caught as I child is a completely new experience now. Eye opening.

    #5: or if you are finding yourself at a certain age and what you thought you could somehow escape, did not happen. I wear readers now. My digital library font sizes are creeping larger.

    #6: I do the same. Then, I go to add a book someone mentions and find I ALREADY added it. It sat hidden.

    #9: now I want to go to Trader Joe’s

    #10: yes ❤️

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  2. I always enjoy this sort of randomness. Yes, I loved Ziggy as a kid. No, I’m not a fan of belly buttons. Whenever I order a popular book from the library, I request the large print because I know I’ll get it quicker. Shhhhh…..that’s my secret. Language Arts is now classified as a lost art.

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  3. I love #3 and you are responsible for my enlightenment of #4. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s. I can’t bring myself to drive over an hour to go to the nearest one. I have plenty of friends who think it’s worth it, but I just over pay for cheese. (I have driven over and hour for Whole Foods truffled Gouda and sour cherry jam but that’s a thanksgiving tradition!)

    I really appreciate these posts.

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    1. Gah! Why do they make them so difficult to access? Our nearest store is 30 minutes away, but it’s close to a doctor we see twice a month, so I stop by there then.
      That’s another place I could blow a lot of money. (Whole Foods) It’s also near to my Trader Joe’s. It’s known as self-care. That is, at least, what I tell myself. 😂

      Aww, I’m glad you like them. I’ll keep them coming. 🙂


  4. My step father was/is a HUGE Ziggy fan so growing up we had Ziggy mugs and he had Ziggy t-shirts and little comic pictures around. He’s so hard to find now though; I was looking for a new Ziggy mug for father’s day this year and unless I wanted to buy a used one on ebay they were impossible to find.

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  5. I am queen of the iPhone notes! I have mastered the book list. I intentionally create it so this summer I look for the recommendations I wrote down last year. Also have my to stream list and lots of other notes.

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  6. The nearest Trader Joe’s is an hours drive from me so I shall live my best cheddar life vicariously through you.
    Books? I have a double stack waiting to be read and if it gets near the bottom… I start to twitch .

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  7. Ziggy…oh, yes! I miss him. 🙂

    OK, what’s this with not being able to touch your belly button?! (Now I have to go poke mine, lol.)

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  8. Yes. Used to love Ziggy. Not now.

    I used to have an extreme belly button issue. Like you, just talking about touchinv it made me nauseous. I recently realized it went away. I don’t know how/why.

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  9. I do remember Ziggy! The other day I was thinking about reading the comic section of the newspaper. OMG remember Cathy?

    I often add books I want to read to the top of my list, to the point where #233 on my “for later” list was put there in 2018. Um, I should probably do something about that.

    Loose vs lose makes me feel CRAZY.

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  10. I share your belly button phobia. Who knew? I was shopping with my girls yesterday. All 3 of us were crammed in the dressing room. Mini pointed at Curly and told her she had an outie while boasting that she has an in-ie. Curly does NOT have an outie. Apparently it is a running joke because their belly buttons look so different and Mini made Curly self conscious about hers when they were little. Then Curly told me that Mini told her when they were little that people who were over weight all had outies. Goodness, the things you find out that they were saying to one another when I was in the next room.

    I chuckled out loud at the loose vs lose thought.

    I learned 5 minutes ago that ‘go make some noise’ means go make whoopie. Thanks.

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  11. I died laughing over number one and number seven. The belly button thing… oh my goodness I do that too. It’s like the black hole of the body and I find it absolutely grotesque LOL! Number seven… I find that I myself also will push people away and then miss them 5 to 10 minutes later. It’s infuriating! Also the songs one… I would LOVE it if songs were labeled by moods. Rainy days make me melancholy, when I’m happy… I want upbeat songs… and when I’m angry I want songs that reflect ripping things to shreds. AMAZING post and now I think we all should go through the random notes on our phones because I do that too! I even have angry letters on my phone with phone who will never read them.

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    1. The black hole of the body. YES!! You nailed it.

      I love creating playlists, but I never have THE right song to listen to when I am driving in my car. OR, just as I pull onto my street, the perfect song comes on. GAHHHH

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  12. I just increased the size of the font on my Kindle so that I’d be reading large print. Kind of embarrassed about it, kind of not. I remember Ziggy, but nothing specific about it. I miss paper newspapers with comics in them. No Trader Joe’s near us so I’ll take your word about Unexpected Cheddar.

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      1. [Kari, weird WP thing, but I am not receiving notification of your replies to my comments. I came back to make sure I’d actually left a comment here and I see you’ve replied. Leave it to WP to make blogging just a little bit more difficult.]

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      2. On WordPress under the little bell icon in the upper righthand corner is where I find replies, your reply for instance, to comments I leave on posts. For some reason yours [and a few other blogs] don’t show up there. Also I’m not being notified of all the comments I get. If I scroll back through my actual post I’ll find comments that WP never bothered to tell me about under that bell. It’s flukey but not awful.

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  13. My husband doesn’t like to have his belly button touched either which ONLY makes me want to do it.
    Bringing someone a favorite beverage is the
    Laughing at you and Making Noise.
    I loved Ziggy too!

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  14. I’m sorry your weeks have been heavy. Hope things lighten soon. You can add me to the list of those who didn’t know what “making noise” meant, but I have NEVER mixed up “loose” and “lose.” But in all fairness to those who do, the second should be spelled “looze”–if English spelling made any kind of real sense. Really, “lose” should be pronounced with a long “o” sound (as in “oat”) and a soft “s” (as in “snake”). It would probably be more useful to know the meaning of colloquialisms than to geek out about spelling and spelling rules, but that would probably explain why I didn’t make much noise in my youth! 😉 This former English teacher/librarian heartily endorses large-print as an option. I’m a fan of anything that makes reading happen.

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    1. I’ve said this many times in my life: I wouldn’t be able to speak English if I hadn’t learned it as my first language.

      I also love large print. I think this would make a lot more humans interested in reading…


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