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What I Kept | November 2022

These are the things I kept on my phone in November.

Starting off strong…

Bye bye Halloween…

Good OR bad…

I saw this at World Market. ❤️

I love this version

It was a rough vet visit. 😂

I watched this several times. The last sunset in the decade before the births of my daughters. I was carrying Annie. 

I happened to catch this moment- window open, breeze coming in, Biscuits living his best doggie life.

They are still touring. 40 years later.

He can’t resist a leaf pile. I can’t say I blame him.

I love this version as well

We went to Morton Arboretum with my parents earlier this month while they were conducting a prescribed burn. 

We also got to see her one more time. ❤️

We got a treat on the way home from the arboretum from a place I’d always wanted to try. (It’s not ice cream)

Post Malone air fresheners? Amazon sure does have everything…

Oh, Roger…


We got snow. But look at the widdle paw prints. 💕

I can’t remember where I saw this, but I love it.


Watching tv with a dog be like…

♬ original sound – BoopleTheSnoot
Yes. Exactly.

Mike bought this for me the day Anna signed the lease for her first adult apartment. I saw it in a store and it made me cry. Both happy and sad tears.


A fun tradition. Love these two. Go Buckeyes.

This lady is me. Is this lady one of you? The jingle is obnoxious, but the point of this is that no one cares, which is fine. I’ll continue to spew random information. 😂

Do you find this to be accurate? 😂

Rainbows and dog hair …two of my favorite things

Look at that morning sky…

Another beautiful purple pink morning sky

Key lime pie pancakes


This song…🖤

Ears ❤️

Accordion collection at our favorite Polish restaurant

I found this song just before the end of November. I’m always looking for meaning in music lyrics, and this song expresses what I’m trying to say in my What I Kept posts:

Here is the song:

I love showing you a part of my world each month.

I appreciate you and I hope you know it. Thank you for taking the time to read my words (and others) each week. It is a privilege to share them with you. ❤️

41 thoughts on “What I Kept | November 2022”

  1. Great keeps, Kari!

    I really like all the quotes you shared; particularly the one about love. So true!

    Yup, I also like that version of Dancing in the Dark. First time hearing it, so thanks for sharing!

    And thanks ever so much for sharing your part of the world. Very much enjoyed!

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

    P.S. your dogs are so cute!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Agree about the dogs 🙂 My favorite quote was the one about what other people think of you, maybe because I learned through personal experience: that when in doubt about what someone said, I assume it’s a compliment 🙂 Best case, I’m right, worst case it annoys them to no end 😛

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  2. I didn’t know quicksand was that wet!
    The giraffe and the earworm!
    ALL THE DOG PAWS AND PICS. More, please.
    I recently saw Duran Duran playing at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame induction. I’m still in love with them and their music; how many years later?
    Jeans colors per state? 😳😜 *Nobody cares but mama!*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is wonderful, all of it. I love the photo of the dogs after the vet visit. I also think it’s sound advice to assume everyone thinks you are lovely. Of course in our cases, it’s true. 😁

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  4. It’s a privilege to read your thoughts via these keepers. IMO, that’s a better version of Dancing in the Dark. The Boss did not stand the test of time for me, but that’s another post. The NYC sunset . . . so sad.

    Ok, the giraffe kills me. I love how nonchalant he/she is, cruising along. Is that a bowl of cookie dough??? I’m not sure how I feel about that, with my paranoia with raw eggs. But it does look delicious. The woman in the quicksand seems a bit idiotic, or is that just me? One of my fave pictures from my son (OSU grad) is him standing outside the Michigan stadium with his thumbs down while on a trip with his wife. That they made a special stop to do that cracks me up.

    Have a fabulous week, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you on Bruce Springsteen.

      That NYC sunset is so sad…

      His giraffe head is making its way down the road. It brightened my day!

      Because of the egg aspect, I never eat raw cookie dough at home. But this  is supposed to be safe? It was delicious…

      I’d never put my foot in quicksand. She is most definitely not a member of Generation X.

      My husband would make a special stop outside of the horseshoe to do that. The passion runs deep.

      Have a fabulous week as well, friend! 😘


  5. I really enjoy these little glimpses into your world. Need a little bit of cheer these days…Brian and I both came down with Covid! Mild cases, but still yucky-pooey.

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  6. If I put all this into my phone, I think my phone would start to smoke. *my phone is old and the memory is maxed out I think. 😉

    My favorite one that made me laugh out loud is the one about gossip, and the night crew at Kohls. Stop it.

    The video of the man who is sick and his dog. Oh, brother. I was crying last week and Finn was trying to jump all over me and Coach kept trying to restrain him. I was like, let him come to me. He knows.

    I feel like I was going to say a few more things, but I can’t remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Because my phone is also a little older, I delete the TikToks and larger storage stuff.

      I worked at Kohls for 12 years, and my friend who shared it with me also worked there (it was where we met). So it made us both laugh since we loved listening in on the drama.

      DOGSSSS. ❤️

      I mean, these posts are a bit much. Bigger than a tater tot, smaller than an encyclopedia. 😊


  7. I love all this but especially the small scale gossip. YESSSSSS. I always love that kind of thing.

    But also, the baggage! Ahhh that resonates.

    Question about your Venus flytrap! Do you actually have to have flies in the house? What happens in winter? I’ve always kind of wanted one but I don’t know how to care for one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So do I!

      That is an excellent quote. That is something I believe everyone can relate to.

      I bought it for a framily member’s birthday, so it’s not in my house, but I’d like to get one for myself. We read the directions, and basically, you have to go to the pet store and buy crickets and such things for it to eat. That wasn’t my favorite part… I bought it at a home improvement store, which makes me wonder how they care for these plants while they are on the shelf. 😶


  8. Oh these are so fun! The children/open door sign made me teary. And I love the guinea pig and the celebrity/Kohl’s gossip tweets. The Venus flytrap and the dog paw-on-knee and dog-on-dog-in-car photos were my favorites.

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  9. I don’t know which is better: the fact that you go out to Polish restaurants, or the fact that you actually have a favorite Polish restaurant. Either way, that accordion collection takes the cake.

    So glad my state prefers normal-colored jeans. What’s up, Nebraskans and Wyomingites?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our favorite Polish restaurant is our only Polish restaurant, but the other one we used to go to closed many years ago, so technically we had more than one. 🤣

      Some of these states are still in the year 1987. This should not be surprising.


  10. So much goodness this month! I especially love the aliens/dinosaurs (I had to screenshot that and forward it on!!) and the average jeans color.

    My mom sent me the kids feeling at home one. I find that kind of sweet that even when I’m 44 she still feels that way (at least sometimes)

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