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Things I Want to Remember | Part Seven

I don’t want to forget these random thoughts that have been floating around in my head, so I’ve written them down in the notes section of my iPhone. I’m sharing them with you because I suspect they may be something that you can relate to as well.

Or not.

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! You’ll be able to find the other parts of this series here.

1- I heard a quote a few months ago that I can’t get out of my head: “Sometimes what didn’t work out for you really worked out for you.”

2- While we’re on the subject of quotes, can we find a another way of saying “Not all heroes wear capes” and “I’m not sure who needs to hear this?”

3- Do we like the sound of the ocean because it reminds us of being in the womb?

4- I do not understand why people get so upset when others put up their holiday decorations early. 

5- I will not attend an event if there is a problematic parking situation. (IE- parallel parking) My friend Kristen can back me up on this. See what I did there?

6- As I mentioned briefly in the previous What I Kept post, my attention deficit disorder cannot endure a book’s lengthy forward, introduction, and/or prologue. Isn’t this something that could be discussed within the chapters of the book?

Elizabeth wrote about it here as well.

Photo by Emre Can Acer on

7-Speaking of books, two weeks ago I received another rejection letter. I haven’t put out a query since the spring. I should also point out that these are from very small publishing houses, not Random House or Penguin (I have no clue if they are the same place). At this point, I’m assuming you won’t publish my book. But who am I to say? I don’t have the patience to sit through a prologue.

8- I despise it when words are deliberately misspelled in order to appear “cute.” Examples include:

Kwik Mart

Kountry Kitchen

EZ Mart

and my personal favorite: Kum & Go

9- Who remembers chipped beef on toast? My Dad jokingly referred to it as “shit on a shingle.” I love you, Dad.

10- I have an even bigger blogging challenge than NaBloPoMo. Writing after taking an Ambien.

I can’t keep track of everyone who is taking part in (NaBloPoMo) National Blog Posting Month. So let me know in the comments, and I’ll include a link to your blog at the bottom of this post so that others may check out all of your hard work.

Visit my friend Suzanne’s blog here.

61 thoughts on “Things I Want to Remember | Part Seven”

  1. First, that quote by Mark MacKillop is stellar! A-MEN!

    “and my personal favorite: Kum & Go” – LOL! LOVED that!

    Me too, I can’t understand people get so upset when others put up their holiday decorations early. I mean, the holidays (particularly Christmas) come and go so fast, so why not savory them longer?

    I went back and read your What I Kept post and really enjoyed it. OMG, I used to listen to the song “Two of Hearts!!!”

    Fun post! And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  2. I can’t parallel park or stand cute spelling either. And I do know chipped beef on toast, which technically is different from SOS. The former meat is sliced, the latter ground. My husband loves both.

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  3. Oh yes, even if there is limited parking I’ll show up to an event 30 minutes early just to get a “good” spot and not have to worry about, Going to new places actually makes me break out in a sweat because I do worry about what parking will be like– especially if it’s a new place in a city where parking is notorious for being just awful!

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  4. Wow, I love the Mark MacKillop quote. So true! I used to participate in a forum on sexuality and the rudeness of those who did not enjoy the same activities as others never ceased to amaze me.

    I won’t parallel park unless I’m the last or first space in the line. I also pull forward into any parking spot so that I don’t have to back up. Too many people on cell phones not watching where they’re walking in parking lots.

    My mother-in-law was an English and Spanish teacher and she also despised cute spellings.

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    1. It’s such a simple idea. If it doesn’t effect me, it’s none of my business, and I don’t need to express my opinion.

      My friend Kristen and I got out of the car two weeks ago and switched seats in a parking lot so she could parallel park my car for me. There is no shame in that game.

      I think the English language is difficult enough without all of the cutesy variations.


  5. While I admit to occasionally using cutesy spelling of words, I try not to. I know it’s tacky. I try to use proper punctuation + grammar so why do I let my guard down around spelling? A rhetorical question

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  6. The “other doing things” quote reminds me of a time I took by BF to dinner and he was using his fingers to eat the leftover salad dressing. The waiter asked if I was embarrassed. I asked why on earth I’d be embarrassed of something simeone else was doing. Besides, it didn’t bother me in the slightest and I didn’t think BF should be embarrassed. Ditton to when, at a diner, a drunk friend stacked his used dishes and made a milk fountain. Still amuses me!

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  7. I’m of two minds regarding the early holiday decorations thing:
    1. What Mark said. Whatever floats your boat. Happier people are less likely to be a-holes to those around them. It’s all good.
    2. It is hard to be unaffected by the holidays, and I’d love them to be held in a smaller container. That they are in what feels like a constantly expanding container doesn’t hurt me, but it can make me tired. For example, the rink I skate at has a frickin’ Christmas tree in the middle of it (as of last weekend), and our usual schedule will be disrupted soon. I just prefer regular life to holiday life.

    On an entirely different note, I just love that photo of the room with all the books. LOVE.

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    1. 1- Agree.
      2- I agree with this as well. If I lived across the street from someone who had a yard full of those inflatable Christmas decorations on the first of November, I might think otherwise.

      Melanie and Katie, I wish I had seen this comment before responding to yours. So if you see this, I have an addendum. See #2.

      I love that room as well. ❤️

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      1. More confirmation that Kate and Melanie are my people. And you, too, of course. 🙂 Kate’s thoughts about capitalism are ones I share. Also, special things are often special, in large part, because they are fleeting. I actually really enjoy all the stuff of Christmas when it’s only in front of me for a few short weeks. 2 months make it all too much to feel as special. If that makes sense. But still, whatever people want to do in their own homes is their own business. For sure.

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  8. Was JUST having a conversation about chipped beef/shit on a shingle with Jesse. (He was SHOCKED that people called it that.) We were discussing least favorite foods. I don’t even know if I don’t like it – I just remember not liking it as a kid.

    Not to be a downer, but over eager holiday decorators make me itchy. I think the consumerist more, more, more combined with the holiday creep (Christmas decor one aisle over from Halloween costumes?!? COME ON!!) leave very little time to unwind after the go, go, go of summer. I also think it’s just a lot of STUFF. Don’t me wrong, you’ll have to pry my twinkle lights out of my cold dead hands. It just feels oppressive (to me) to be inundated with holiday barely one month after back to school.

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    1. Right?? That makes it so unappetizing. My friend Suz said there is also something called pelican turds. Bon Appetit!

      I agree with the capitalistic viewpoint. Also, I don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving, so I have no vested interest in this. However, I know that for many people, it’s more about the lights and bringing happiness to cover the darkness, if that makes sense? Maybe we don’t know the whole story.

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      1. Yes!! I don’t mind when PEOPLE do it – just when stores do. Though stores are responding to people so it kind of bugs me when people do…If that makes sense? I agree that some people do it to create warmth and cheer in the dark, I also think some people “yuck my yum” because all of it leaves them overstimulated. All kinds of people. All kinds of stories.

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  9. I love that first point and also also ALSO why do people have to yuck other people’s yums? I mean, I don’t love pumpkin spice anything, but I don’t shit all over people who get excited about it. Do you! Have fun! Enjoy your pumpkin spice everything! Why do people have to be negative about something that doesn’t hurt or even concern them. Which brings us to Christmas decorations. Hell, if someone put their tree up in August, who is it hurting?? It drives me crazy when people get all rude about things other people love. Also I hate when people say that something – movie, song, etc – is BAD. You may not like it, but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad.

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    1. Yuck other yums. That is a perfect description.

      I don’t like anything with pumpkin spice in it. BUT I enjoy hearing how excited other people are about it. Because it is better than listening to people complain.

      I agree 10000% to all of this.


  10. I can parallel park to the right, but not to the left.

    The cutesy but incorrect spelling on businesses doesn’t bother me. Go figure, because I hate spelling errors!

    Putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving bothers me. Why? I don’t know. It just does. lol I guess I feel like Thanksgiving is forgotten; pushed to the side in order to rush Christmas.

    Your Crochety Friend

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    1. Maybe that is my problem! I could have a preferred side! Of course, I’m not going to want to practice since I’m terrified of it. 😂

      So, here’s a life lesson: I’m averse to cutesy words. You have an issue with the early decorators. It’s natural to have issues with things. Maybe we’re traumatized by these things. WHO KNOWS? Or we just like what we like and dislike what we dislike.

      BUT I am from now on calling you Crotchety. I am even changing your contact in my phone to Crotchety…YOU LOVE ME. 😘💕

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  11. I am 100% NOT a person who puts up Christmas decorations in November, and wait as long as I can to do so. But I love all the people whose Christmas enthusiasm ramps up right after Halloween. I can admire their Christmas spirit while I’m still trying to get into the swing of things.

    Ha – blogging after an Ambien does sound challenging!

    Sorry to hear about the rejection. They are always a little bit of a gut punch, even if they are expected. What I don’t get is the people who just never respond? Especially if they requested additional pages to read???? I suppose everyone is just so inundated with queries it’s hard to keep track.

    I am doing NaBloPoMo and hoping I can eke out the last few days.

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    1. I don’t decorate till after Thanksgiving, either. But I appreciate seeing how others decorate ahead of time. There are no rules. 🙂

      I’d love to read those blog posts!

      Thank you very much. I know they say it could be weeks before they respond, which I understand. But it’s been since March, and I’ve concluded they’re not going to publish my book. It’s perfectly understandable if they’re emailing me to express their interest, but that isn’t the case. 😂

      I’ll add you to the post! I participated in NaBloMoPo many years ago, and it was challenging to write every day! So I give you a lot of credit for your effort. It has not gone unnoticed. 😘

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  12. I live for Mark’s quote, and I’m always astounded why people get so angry about something that has ZERO effect on their life. Zero.

    I remember being in the womb, and I had to pee all the time.
    (kidding! That’s a current issue)

    Kum and Go? We saw one of those in Wyoming and I thought: Who in the hell Kame up with that?

    Rejection letters probably never make you feel good inside, and I’m sorry for that. If it’s any consolation, I love your writing and you in general.

    We made Shit on A shingle recently….there’s also a version with ground beef that’s called Pelican Turds. YUM.

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  13. I will *always* choose to parallel park if that’s an option, because it means I can get in & out of my driver’s door without worrying about someone parking right up against it (yes it’s happened way too often, on one occasion causing me to put my back out), and also I was taught how to parallel parkby both my Dad and my driving instructor (he was a fantastic teacher).

    Totally with you on the cutsey spellings – grrrrr! How do they expect children to learn how to spell.

    And that reading room is just heaven – although I suspect from the number who like it, it could end up being quite crowded. Still, as we’re all readers, we know how to introvert 🙂

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    1. That is also what my husband thinks. He and my friend make it look so simple. I’m breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it. I guess it also depends on the size of the car. I might be more brave if I had a compact car.

      THAT EXACTLY WAS MY LINE OF THOUGHT! Consider the children! 🤣

      We certainly do!


  14. Silly me, I really thought when my college kids were home I’d have MORE time to get things done. Not.The.Case. Sorry, I’m late.

    I’m laughing at shit on a shingle. I think I’ve heard of it before, but not sure it’s ever been offered to me to eat.

    On parrallel parking – I drive a 12 seater white van. I’ve actually parrallel parked it before, but it is a sweaty, bad-word emitting experience. What’s worse is pulling into a spot next to another car with the people sitting in the car. If I make eye contact, it’s all over. They look like they are fearing for their lives.

    I better now, but I do remember reading books – maybe assigned for a class, and doing a major moan or eyeroll when I realized there was a long forward. Like, do I have to read this too?

    I love cute names for things, like double meanings for words. Of course I can’t think of one right now. I feel like I’ve seen cute names for dog groomers. The misspelled words is not cute. Kum and go – my least favorite.

    These are fun posts. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. On this blog, you never have to apologize. I’m just glad you’re here.

      Doesn’t that sound delicious?

      So you mean you can parallel park Great White? Is there anything you CAN’T do??

      The forward/prologue, in my opinion, doesn’t really count. So I don’t read it.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, dear friend. ❤️


  15. “Sometimes what didn’t work out for you really worked out for you.”

    This really stood out for me. Looking back on my life, a lot of things didn’t work out the way I wanted, but I wouldn’t change the life I have now

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