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What I Kept | September 2022

The term ephemera has been circling my head for the past six months. I first saw it on a television show, then on a blog I read, and then in my Twitter feed. Obviously, it required my attention. Then I looked it up and realized that these posts were full of virtual ephemera. Funny how… Continue reading What I Kept | September 2022

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Quotes I’ve Been Thinking About

I have quotes all throughout my house. Not Live, Laugh, Love (the origin is not my cup of tea), but actual quotes from actual humans. Some are from books, others from movies, and a few are from people I know in person. I even keep a book of quotes that I add to when I… Continue reading Quotes I’ve Been Thinking About

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The Trance

Every day, we wander around in our simulation, without realizing how comical or absurd it is. Driving along our little roads, to our little jobs, and to our little schools in our little vehicles. Consider that the next time you get a minute to reflect on your limited existence. Really think about it. It's bizarre,… Continue reading The Trance

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Sacred Space

The word sacred has been on my radar a lot in recent weeks. One day in June, I read the word in a daily affirmation passage from a book I love. "With the best of intentions, we often build false careers of studying the river without ever getting wet. In this way, we can ponder… Continue reading Sacred Space

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What I Kept | May 2022

I've been working through some heavy feelings lately. I have been struggling to write a proper post. I found this quote in my soul homework the other day and I liked it. "It takes courage to tell the truth about how we feel, especially since we don't ever really know how it will be received...but… Continue reading What I Kept | May 2022

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Sarah, a friend of mine, published a post in November about the importance of asking yourself questions. Taking a deep breath and contemplating those questions. The answers may arrive fast, or they may take longer. But, ultimately, the answers will come to light. These are the reflective questions she included at the end of her… Continue reading Reflecting