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Ten Favorite Things

Katie Joy writes a lovely post called Tuesday Things and, on occasion, Friday Finds, and I squeal loudly when I see these posts in my Feedly.

Cup of Jo also shares her Four Fun Things.

I recently started reading another blog called Swiss Miss, and they share a post called Link Pack every now and then where they do the same thing.

All of this is to say that whenever someone shares links to fun things, I am all in.

Here are my top ten current favorite fun things.

One of my favorite independent local bookstores 🖤

1- Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday

2- A fun online shop full of things we don’t need

3- Someone build me one

4- My kind of hotel

5- My childhood favorite pie

6- Write a letter to future you

7- Birthday week soundtrack

8- Travel without leaving your home

9- How many books can you read in a year?

10- I think that I will incorporate a “coffee and cake break” into my life in some way…

What are some fun things you’ve found online recently? 

37 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Things”

  1. I might be able to eat your favorite pie, I’ve heard there are some tasty pretzels that are GF. Hmm. Maybe I’ll give that a try. Also, I didn’t take the how fast do you read challenge, because I don’t want to hurt my own feelings. Ha. I’m a slow reader, plain and simple. I know better than to see JUST how slow I am.

    I’ve been enjoying searching for things on FB marketplace. It is a silly little distraction and a little treat I give myself when I have a few minutes and I need to be distracted. I also have been looking for condos for Lad to possibly buy. That is sort of fun, but not REALLY fun – because everything sells in a hot minute.

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    1. Don’t feel bad because I took the test twice and failed both times. I am a slow reader who also struggles with reading comprehension (as was the case here).

      That is an excellent distraction! I used to enjoy browsing the Facebook Marketplace. There’s a lot of good stuff on there.


  2. I enjoyed your links. The treehouse hotel . . . friends of ours spent a weekend in a treehouse hotel near Mohican for their anniversary last year and they ended up hating it! They felt like it was too isolated and were worried about being murdered. That still cracks me up. My son’s favorite pie when he was young was French Silk. I need to make him one again. I’ve seen the CityWalks website before and thought it was really, really cool. I took the reading test and found it to be very accurate. Seven hours to read Pride & Prejudice sounds about right for me. The minutes per day I read/books per year lined right up. I only read faster than 39% of the British. I’ve always known I’m a slow reader. The reading comprehension tests in school used to make me panic, even though I loved to read. I worried I’d run out of time.

    I already told you about Plane Finder. I’ve recently become interested in astronomy. Never cared about it as a kid, plus we always seemed surrounded by trees, so I never paid much attention to the sky. Now, I want to find the planets and the constellations. I’m trying to find an app that helps me, but I haven’t had much luck. However, just from google, I found Venus on Monday night. It was very bright and just under the part of the moon that was showing (I’m not very sciencey)

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    1. OMG, we used to go to Mohican all the time when I was a kid, but I can’t imagine staying there overnight!

      Since I discovered that recipe, I’ve been craving French Silk Pie.

      I’m going to be very vulnerable here…I failed that reading test three times. So I have no idea how long it would take me. It checks out because I have literal ADHD. 🤣

      I’m also becoming more interested in astronomy as I get older! It’s so cool that you discovered Venus! It’s really neat how we develop different interests as we get older. My younger self would be fascinated by the older me. 🖤


  3. Okay I’m going to go back for the links and I’m sure I’ll have to come back after that BUT 1) that is the second 😉 CUTEST indie bookstore!! (Independent Bookstore Day Saturday!!!) and 2) thanks for the mention.

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    1. Okay. I’m back.

      2. I want the caterpeeler.

      3. Me too!!

      7. Happy birthday week!! This is going to be a fun playlist!

      9. I want to take this later. I will say that whatever goal I set I either never reach it or I blow right by it and I can’t seem to figure out the science because I’ve had years where I couldn’t manage 20 books (usually when I set a goal like 50) and years where I’ve easily hit 60 (on years when I plan for 20).

      10. I think I like the concepts of fika (your coffee and cake break) and Ubuntu best!

      Hope you have a great end to your week!! Thanks for these lovely links!!

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      1. I want that caterpeeler as well!

        If we added insulation for the winter, I’d live there.

        It was a fantastic birthday week!

        These concepts appeal to me too.

        Thank you, it was a wonderful week! And thank you for being an inspiration to me. 😘


    2. I visited that bookstore twice this week, including today, and it was packed, which made me very happy! It’s a tiny bookstore, but I love it because they have the coolest books, book bags, and STICKERS.😊


      1. I love that you went twice this week! I worked ours today and I promise you, that bookstore loved seeing you!! (And a place with good stickers is always fun!!)

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  4. Thanks for the deep dive in the links. I think I started this post, um, in 2014? KIDDING.
    The Fred Store is amazing; saved it. I also like the idea of sleeping in a tree house, as long as theirs a potty cause this bladder is small af.
    Love your playlist. I’m so into Billy Idol again; I want to see him in Vegas!
    I found some really cool barstools for our condo online this week, but waiting for a sale.

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      I hope there’s a bathroom nearby! That never occurred to me…

      I’d love to see him perform live! So many 80s bands are performing live again, which gives me optimism for some reason.

      Ooh, I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re finished!


  5. Kari, don’t you just love independently owned bookstores? I feel that way about coffee shops as well. I haven’t been to a Starbuck’s in years. There are several here in Philly that I love to go to because they have such a unique feel.

    LOVE that playhouse!!!

    And speaking of Swiss Miss, I used to read that blog years ago. When I clicked over on the link, I though it looked VERY familiar. And it was!

    One of the things I love to discover online are either blogs or YouTube channels about cooking. I LOVE to cook, because I LOVE food! LOL! Tonight I made a delicious oriental stir-fry!

    Have a superb weekend, my friend! X

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    1. I love independent bookstores! In fact, I have a long list of places in the Chicago area that I’d like to visit this summer! And I agree with you on small coffee shops. We have a local one that we enjoy visiting. I was there this morning with a friend and my mom!

      I love that playhouse too! I would never go inside!

      This weekend, they released a new Link Pack post!! When I saw it in my feed, I was thrilled!

      I love that you enjoy cooking. You remind me a lot of my mom and my friend Kristen.

      I hope your weekend is lovely too!! 😘💕


  6. You and I travel in the same blog reading circles. I adore the ones you mention and, of course, like your list. I adore talking about pie, and if anything the pandemic taught me it was that you can be at home and still travel anywhere. More lists like this one, please.

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  7. There’s a campground in Custer, South Dakota, that rents out treehouses for the night. I came real close to booking one for my birthday a few years ago, until I saw the price tag.

    One night cost something like $320. Way too rich for my blood. But it’s a fun concept!

    LOVE your birthday playlist! There are way too many great songs to comment on, but the fact that “Space Age Love Song” is one of them makes me very happy. Hope you had a great birthday!

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  8. My favourite bookstore ever is Daunt Books in London’s Marylebone which is filled with books on everything travel related. I would love to spend more time in indie bookstores as there is no finer place to be, but I don’t have the space for more bookshelves, so I have to stick to Kindle for my shopping, with only the rare *real* book being bought. It breaks my heart.

    I’ve always wanted a she shed, so that Playhouse looks gorgeous. I’d want a bit more old lady bad knee friendly steps and furniture, but otherwise *chef’s kiss* 🙂

    The woodland hotels look amazing – steps to get up to them aside!

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    1. Oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely magical.

      That playhouse appeals to me because I also LOVE the idea of a she-shed/greenhouse! I believe we all want places like that to retreat to. Can you imagine how many books we could store in there? 🤣

      I know…steps…GAH.

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