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Searching for the Good

  The inspiration for this post started with this video:   Hey, guess what? There were some really good things that happened last year, believe it or not. But I bet you didn't see a lot these stories because bad outweighs good. I'm really tired of people sharing bad shit. I mean, I get it… Continue reading Searching for the Good

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My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

  I love cookies any time of year but during the holidays is when it is most acceptable to eat cookies on a regular basis. Cookies for breakfast? IF I HAVE TO! Cookies for dinner? Jesus would want it that way! Cookies at midnight? If it's good enough for Santa, it's good enough for me!… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

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100 Things I Love

  The day before Thanksgiving, I found via a Facebook shout out, a blog post by Jennifer P. Williams, whom I had never heard of before. 100 Things I Love. Simple enough and full of amazing things to well, love. At the end of the list, she wrote Inspired by Melisa Wells. WAIT, I KNOW… Continue reading 100 Things I Love

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How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot

  Target Dollar Spot, for those who aren't informed, is the little section at Target by the front doors that offers little items for under five dollars. Back in ye olden days (so like five years ago or maybe more), they only offered items at a one dollar price point. Then Target being the sneaky bastards… Continue reading How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot

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Stuff to Buy on Amazon if You Love Gilmore Girls

  I've only written about Gilmore Girls twice in the lifetime of this blog which blew my mind. So I decided I needed to write another one because I don't have enough going on in my life. When life gets stressful and icky, I watch Gilmore Girls. Sick with the flu? Gilmore Girls will help. Premenstrual… Continue reading Stuff to Buy on Amazon if You Love Gilmore Girls

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Repeat After Me: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

When I was a first-time new mommy, I thought I had to breastfeed in order to be a good mom. I read all the books, took all the vitamins, did everything I was supposed to in pregnancy to help create this new little life that I could not wait to meet. So after she was born,… Continue reading Repeat After Me: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

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Idiotic Canva and Pic Monkey Graphics Part Deux

Last February, I wrote a nonsensical post about nothing. Oh wait, that's every week. I remember sitting in my kitchen working on my laptop one gloriously sunny (but cold) Saturday while my husband was watching sports of some kind and my children were spending time with friends, working not on the huge to-do list that sat… Continue reading Idiotic Canva and Pic Monkey Graphics Part Deux