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Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

I am planning on publishing blog posts three days a week going forward until this quarantine of massive proportions is lifted. I have new and old content I will be sharing on Wednesdays in addition to the reblogs on Fridays. This is from November and has so many movies listed that I thought it would… Continue reading Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

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Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up

I needed to add that to the title because it's a good one but it's not something I came up with. It's a play on a Dirty Dancing line and no, I won't elaborate because if you've never watched Dirty Dancing, I don't know that you can read my blog anymore. I did google "nobody… Continue reading Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up

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There’s Just Somethin’ About Soup

Isn't there? Last week someone online made a comment about how it's "soup season" and I was, soup has a season? I eat soup year-round like I am being paid to do it, so I have no idea what kind of weed they were smoking, but can I have some? What were we talking… Continue reading There’s Just Somethin’ About Soup

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To All The Perfumes I’ve Worn Before

Sung to this tune:   For my mom's birthday this year, I bought her the perfume my grandma (her mom) used to wear, Anais Anais. I actually sprayed some of it on me before I wrapped it up because I had forgotten the scent and was very curious. Let me tell you, it brought… Continue reading To All The Perfumes I’ve Worn Before