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Ten Things You Should Always* Have

  IT'S BIRTHDAY WEEK, BITCHESSSSS!!! *By the way, I don't like broad statements like the one in the title. Ten things you should ALWAYS have. I mean, how do I know what you should always have? What if your idea of always is completely different than mine? Maybe the title should be Ten Things You… Continue reading Ten Things You Should Always* Have

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It’s My Birthday Month, Bitches!

I don't know why I called all of you bitches, because I like most of you. But it worked better for a title and also, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, BITCHES! My birthday means a lot to me. I am sure it means a lot to you too, so I am celebrating all month here on… Continue reading It’s My Birthday Month, Bitches!

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Things That Make Me Feel Good

  It's my birthday week! You know what that means? You're late in sending me my gift. Just kidding! Unless you really feel the need to, then who am I to stop you? My birthday week means I spend each day doing something nice for me! Last year, I wrote about making birthday week a… Continue reading Things That Make Me Feel Good

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Birthday Week: Make it a Thing

First published May 1, 2017 Birthdays are important. My parents, particularly my mother, have always made me feel this way by asking what I want for gifts, as well as what dinner and cake flavor I prefer. I'm the same way with my children; we plan their birthdays weeks in advance. I want them to… Continue reading Birthday Week: Make it a Thing

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Art Party Because We Are Too Cheap to Go to a Studio

    Ella has a January birthday and every year we try to make it special because BIRTH and because WINTER. I wrote about how I had a revelation years ago about not really going all out for her birthday because of WINTER. It was since that revelation that we have made up for our… Continue reading Art Party Because We Are Too Cheap to Go to a Studio