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Things I Want to Remember

A few days ago, I had to ask Mike what phrase we used to describe staying in our houses during the epidemic. The word I was looking for? QUARANTINE. Mike was planning his business travel last week when he planned a trip on a date that sounded familiar to me. He booked it through the… Continue reading Things I Want to Remember

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Podcast #9- It’s Birthday Week!

Mike and I celebrated my birthday a little early by having a podcast party Friday night. So enjoy this podcast in place of a post where we talk about: -a recent addition to my blog/podcasting family -my sweet grandma and a Google search that made me cry -there's a mannequin living in my home -a… Continue reading Podcast #9- It’s Birthday Week!

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots, Episode 25 (My 50th. Again.)

I love stock photography. A woman whimsically laying in bed while wearing a party hat and laughing at a donut. I get that this is for a photo op, but what if it isn't? What if this is her life? Guess what? IT'S BIRTHDAY MONTH. This episode is jam-packed. Like I like my men. That… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots, Episode 25 (My 50th. Again.)

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What Does My Perfect Day Look Like?

Welp, my birthday month is drawing to an end and so is my list of prompts with this week being the last. But the party doesn't need to end. I want to do prompt writing more often if I can get away with it because honestly, my soul comes out more in this type of… Continue reading What Does My Perfect Day Look Like?

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Ten Things You Should Always* Have

  IT'S BIRTHDAY WEEK, BITCHESSSSS!!! *By the way, I don't like broad statements like the one in the title. Ten things you should ALWAYS have. I mean, how do I know what you should always have? What if your idea of always is completely different than mine? Maybe the title should be Ten Things You… Continue reading Ten Things You Should Always* Have