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What I Kept- September 2022

The term ephemera has been circling my head for the past six months. I first saw it on a television show, then on a blog I read, and then in my Twitter feed. Obviously, it required my attention. Then I looked it up and realized that these posts were full of virtual ephemera. Funny how… Continue reading What I Kept- September 2022

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 43

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! Here is an explanation of the tater tot post. Please continue to share the Go Fund Me page for our dear friends. Even if you are unable to donate, I would appreciate it if you could share on your blog. Fundraiser by Norah Utley : Help the Sunby Family kick… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 43

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Reading and Books- A to Z

My friend Ally recently shared a fun blog post idea in which she answered questions about her reading and book preferences. This was passed on to her by another blogger, so feel free to carry on with this fun idea on your blog or in your journal if you don't have a blog. Author you've read the… Continue reading Reading and Books- A to Z

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What Was Your First Concert?

I'm not a big fan of going to music concerts. As I've grown older and gotten to know myself better, I've realized that it's because my characteristics are neurodivergent. Loud noises and flashing lights tend to bother me. But going to my first concert with my dad to see Hall and Oates is something I'll… Continue reading What Was Your First Concert?

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What I Kept- August 2022

Before I begin, there is something important that I neglected to mention in Tuesday's tater tot post. If you've never watched Gilmore Girls before, don't base your opinion on the first season. Give it two seasons before calling it quits. These are the things that I kept on my phone throughout the month of August.… Continue reading What I Kept- August 2022