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Podcast #30- Changing Perspectives

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-30--Changing-Perspectives-e1bqn56 So Rita brought up excellent point about the movie list I shared in the last podcast post, namely that it was heavily dominated by men. So, while on one of our morning walks this week, I came up with my own, with a little help from my husband Mike. By the way, these aren't… Continue reading Podcast #30- Changing Perspectives

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Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

I am planning on publishing blog posts three days a week going forward until this quarantine of massive proportions is lifted. I have new and old content I will be sharing on Wednesdays in addition to the reblogs on Fridays. This is from November and has so many movies listed that I thought it would… Continue reading Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

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Screenplays Don’t Write Themselves

  I made a tough decision earlier this week. Well tough for me, probably not so tough for most of you. I'm no longer sharing my screenplay to the blog. First, I want to clarify that I did not stop sharing because of an essay that Molly Ringwald wrote for The New Yorker. I've toyed with… Continue reading Screenplays Don’t Write Themselves

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My Kind Of Movies

I found this article from Chicago Magazine online about the top 40 movies filmed in Chicago: Top 40 Chicago Movies There are some great ones on there, and some that I did not know were even filmed here. Here is my list of top Chicago filmed/based movies.   My Favorite Chicago Movies 1- Return To Me (2000)… Continue reading My Kind Of Movies