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Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

I am planning on publishing blog posts three days a week going forward until this quarantine of massive proportions is lifted. I have new and old content I will be sharing on Wednesdays in addition to the reblogs on Fridays. This is from November and has so many movies listed that I thought it would… Continue reading Movies I Love (Listed by Year)

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I Got Inside The Breakfast Club High School and Lived to Tell

Last week, I did something completely out of character for me, thanks to my husband, the risk taker that he is. So, on the first day of my birthday week, last Monday, Mike and I took the day off to have a date day because he was departing the next day for a business trip… Continue reading I Got Inside The Breakfast Club High School and Lived to Tell

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Titles Don’t Come Easy, You Know

This is the post that introduced the Tater Tot series and also cemented my random at best style of writing.  First published May 2, 2016 I fear I am at the end of writing this blog. Maybe it is God gently telling me, it is time, Kari.  Not that time! Time to quit blogging! I… Continue reading Titles Don’t Come Easy, You Know

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Channeling Mr. Hughes

I know you think there is something wrong with me. Maybe not all of you, but the vast majority of you do. You can nod your heads as you read this because even a part of me thinks there's something wrong with me as I try to replicate my adolescent years by sitting at a… Continue reading Channeling Mr. Hughes

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Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song

First published on March 9, 2015 Lately, I have been feeling like shit. You all know it and my closest family and friends know it too. They have been amazing and supportive, and I love every single one of them for it. Even if someone has sent me a text to say hi, it has helped… Continue reading Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song

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My Kind Of Movies

I found this article from Chicago Magazine online about the top 40 movies filmed in Chicago: Top 40 Chicago Movies There are some great ones on there, and some that I did not know were even filmed here. Here is my list of top Chicago filmed/based movies.   My Favorite Chicago Movies 1- Return To Me (2000)… Continue reading My Kind Of Movies