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100 Drops of Gratitude

The past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve had to drag myself around everywhere I go. Like a cartoon figure who unfolds themselves out of bed onto the floor, down the hall, and onto the couch each day. I can’t motivate my teenager to homeschool most days, I can barely motivate myself to get in the shower, it’s just too much.

My metaphorical bucket has been depleted.

But I’m not here to talk about the realities that I’m sure you’re all dealing with; I’m here to talk about what I’m grateful for.

Since last fall, I’ve been falling asleep every night by repeating out loud all the things I’m grateful for that happened that day. This has made me feel like there are more reasons to be happy than I previously thought. It made me realize that a list like this would be useful to some of you.

So I started working on this a while ago, adding things here and there; it’s been a lot of fun thinking of all the things for which I should be thankful.

The good shit that’s been happening…. and there is a lot of it.

Here are some oddly specific drops of gratitude I have been adding to my mental bucket over the past five months.

Perhaps it will also inspire some of you.

Red Ladybug in Green Grass

100 Drops of Gratitude

my withholding journal 

-sitting in a sunspot and reading

-sunspots (especially during the winter)

-finding new flowers on houseplants that haven’t bloomed in a long time

-my daily soul homework


-the smell of the inside of a coffee shop

-the smell of a Whole Foods’ soap section

Snoop Dogg Bow Woww Brownies

-the “new book” section at my local library

this documentary. Thank you, Suz, for the suggestion.

-that first sip of coffee in the morning

-knowing that this year would’ve been a lot harder on me if it hadn’t been for the craft of writing.

SongPop; if you’re a music nerd and haven’t discovered it yet, right that wrong.

-Spotify Creativity Boost playlist. In fact, all of Spotify’s curated playlists. Spotify has helped me discover the coolest and newest and most unusual musicians over the last year.

-my five senses

-my house; I’ve never been more grateful for it than this year.

-crossing tasks off my to-do list

-my husband’s sense of humor

-my headache specialist. I am eternally grateful to him for restoring my life. For many years, pain filled me with so much sadness and so much resentment. Every night before I fall asleep, I express my gratitude to God, the Universe, my spirit guides for his ability to help me get through this. I should have made this the first item on the list.

-my ever-increasing ability to block out thoughts. This quote, “don’t believe everything you think”. Yes. YES. YESSS.

-my dog has this fantastic habit of moving to sleep inside of my legs somewhere between four in the morning and when I wake up. Every morning, I wake up with him in my legs. He started doing this while my migraines were at my worst this summer. He is genuinely my comfort animal, and I am grateful for him on a daily basis.

-a good fart; it is yoga for the colon.

-a deep cleansing breath; it is yoga for the lungs.

-my favorite coffee cup

-my favorite cereal bowl; it’s a ramen bowl from West Elm that I bought during the summer. Ella and I have a mock fight over the bowl because it is a perfect size! (huge) I believe we need another one.

And that bowl isn’t it. 

-my favorite blanket

-looking at old pictures on my camera roll

-watching old home movies

this comment on an article (scroll down to the comment by anonymous dated August 31, 2018, at 2:38 p.m. and read the thread. You won’t regret it)

-discovering Schitt’s Creek last year. It’s turned into a comfort show in a time when I needed it the most.

this quiz

-a good hard laugh. This will help get you started.

-learning to meditate

– talking to my plants

-finding love notes from my children from years ago in my phone

-finding love notes from myself to myself in my phone

-appreciating winter for the first time since I was a child. For years I despised winter, but not this year. In fact, I enjoyed every snowfall, and when the first day of spring arrived, I was shocked. Winter flew by this year. I think it’s because I am living more in the moment. And antidepressants. Did I already mention how grateful I am for them?

-antidepressants (adding them again because)

-learning to love myself

-the color green

-facing my fears (it is REALLY hard) I am grateful for this process even though it is scary.

-peanut m&m’s

-my mom and dad’s good health

-our health as well

-horses and the therapy they bring for our sweet Ella (and to us as well)

-rainbows (in any form)

-the act of flossing teeth and how therapeutic that is

-how I am finding therapy in the strangest places

-FaceTime with Anna and the mutual love therapy it provides both of us

-Ella’s ability to force me to face my truth

-morning talks with my husband

-walking in the woods

-trees just being trees

-afternoon phone calls with my mom over coffee

-my little desk nook

-grammar editing apps

-my incapacity to grasp grammar (otherwise, I would not have discovered the preceding)

-Pema Chodron (by the way, I figured out how to pronounce her name)

-Starbucks iced chai lattes

-giving perfection the middle finger

-middle fingers

-discovering treasures like this and feeling as if you’re living in a parallel universe

-then doubting your bird’s existence

-then doubting your own existence

-a cardinal’s bird call; or any bird call, for that matter

-rabbit holes (not literal ones, figurative ones)

-intently reading something and saying YES! out loud to no one.

-discovering a TikTok on my feed from Ella talking about me saying, “she didn’t think she looked good but I think she looks beautiful.”

-discovering TikTok late in the game and having some much fun with it

-shower meditation

-singing at the top of your lungs in the car

-book referrals from friends

-my newfound podcast and the therapy it is providing me

The Book Blueprint

-discovering that a “menopause specialist,” is a “thing”

-realizing that there are some days in the week I don’t watch any television because I’ve been writing and listening to music instead, and the sense of serenity that brings me.

-hearing laughter coming from down the hall

-seeing my friends and family in my feeds receiving the vaccine

-that I finally conquered the dreaded Block Editor

-that I am motivated to edit my book again, thanks to the aforementioned Book Blueprint

-For finding this article about menopause

-slowly getting back to normal only to realize that nothing will ever be normal again. Then learning that there is no such thing as normal. That our lives are constantly shifting and in flux, and that perhaps we needed this wake-up call.

-for my soul family

-for my actual family

-for cartoons like this

-for pulling away from social media this year

-for cultivating relationships during the pandemic; I hear so much talk about how divided has been, yet there have been relationships that have grown stronger for me. I am extremely appreciative of those.

-for all of you

I’d say my bucket is overflowing. I am passing it along in the hopes that it will help you fill your bucket. I hope you will pass it on and continued the chain.

25 thoughts on “100 Drops of Gratitude”

  1. I love this post, Kari. Who knew that someone else’s gratitude list could make you happier, too?

    I’m so glad you’re finding relief from pain. Pain colors everything, doesn’t it? I’m having so many fewer headaches this year (and also enjoyed winter more, which has traditionally been headache-heavy). In spite of all the allness of the past year, there have been tremendous gifts within it.

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  2. This is fun. I remember when all bloggers had their top 100 things about me lists and this reminds me of that. I, too, am grateful for “trees just being trees.” I am grateful just about everything at this point.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a wonderful gratitude list! I took the Buzz Feed Schitt’s Creek quiz and booo…I got one wrong! Though they say I did “absolutely shitt-tastic”, so there’s that. It was the “who wanted Moria to perform at his cousin’s funeral even though he wasn’t dead yet?” I couldn’t decide between Bob and Roland and I picked Bob. Dang, I was wrong.

    We are now watching the series, Kim’s Convenience on Netflix. Have you seen it? I think you and Mike (and Ella!) would really like it. Light-hearted and fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is sweet. That comment on the Uncle Buck story is so fun. I got a good chuckle out of the yoga for your colon. You aren’t wrong! I slept so great last night and I swear today everything looks better, makes more sense, seems doable. Good sleep is my favorite thing (I mean besides the obvious children and husband and friends). Oh, and I LOVE crossing things off my list too.

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    1. Isn’t that story fun? Mike and I were in the car heading somewhere when I found it. I was reading it to him and it brought us so much happiness. I tucked it away for a tater tot post and then I remembered it a few months ago. I am so grateful for finds like that; they almost feel like Mr. Hughes is sending them down from Heaven like little bread crumb tracks of joy. Love, love, love.

      You are so right about sleep. When my migraines were at their worst last summer, I was averaging about four good hours of sleep. It was a mix of many things but bad sleep was a definite factor.

      Crossing things off feels good. Physically, feels good. LOL.

      Sending you big hugs. I’ve been thinking about you after your post the other day. A huge trigger for me is someone being left out, so my heart is with you. I wear mine on my sleeve, so I feel you friend. If you ever need to vent, I am always an email or text away. 🙂


      1. Thanks, Kari. It was a blow. Although since I’ve distanced myself from them – I feel like it shouldn’t be. I guess because I’ve distanced myself then being left out makes me revisit all the reasons I distanced myself in the first place. That’s lots of ‘distanced’. Lawdy. Regardless of why they do it, or why I shouldn’t care, it still bites.

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      2. I think it’s a good thing you are distancing. Maybe there is a reason the word distance is appearing so much in that paragraph. I think you have been doing what you had to do to protect your heart. Life is too short to be around people who don’t make time for you. You’ve got much better things to do. 😘


  5. a good fart; it is yoga for the colon.”
    You are a poet!

    So much to unpack. I love this post. But I’m also not loving that you are having to drag yourself out of bed lately.

    The birds. Birds are not real? WTH.

    So, did you like The Octopus Teacher? It felt like yoga for my brain.

    Gonna download Song Pop as soon as I find my damn apple password…

    I knew you would get the Block Editor.

    I love that complaint vs gratitude line; so very true.

    Thank you for sharing all your little things because if we’ve learned anything the little things are the things that really fill our soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel much better lately. It is up and down with each week but this week is a good one, so I am taking that as a win. I am also learning to live in the moment. Let me tell you, that is helping me immensely. Being mindful of each moment has helped me so much. If I could offer that piece of advice to anyone, it would be that. 🙂

      That bird’s website blew my ever-loving mind. I don’t believe it but man, it took me down a rabbit hole. I miss Joy so much. Still. There are weeks I want to get another bird so badly. Then I think it isn’t fair to cage birds and I am being selfish. Sigh.

      I LOVED THE OCTOPUS TEACHER. So did Mike. Our minds were blown at so many of the octopus facts we learned. And we also wanted to adopt an octopus when it was over. But again, that is selfish. WHATEVER.

      Block editor isn’t so bad but it definitely takes some getting used to. To be clear, the only posts I am writing in block editor are the podcast ones for now but at least I know how to do it when the time comes and that is also a win!

      The little things are big things. I think that is the takeaway when all is said and done.


  6. I love this list! Thank you for sharing! (Tho your post about Joy made me cry. I’m so so sorry for you. Last year must have just…. no words to encompass the loss & sadness.) Gratitude thinking gets me thru so much. Also that photo of the horse n rider with the beautiful lighting. Oh man. Memories. I miss horses. Hope today gave you more entries for your Gratitude List!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This list helps me get through bad days. I hope it helps motivate others to create one too.
      I still miss Joy so much. Now that spring is here, I am hearing the birds sing again, and as lovely as it is, it makes me miss her more. 🙂
      Ella was at horses the other night and she was giving love to the one she was riding; it happened to be the horse she learned to ride on. I began to get tears in my eyes right there. Something about her and horses always makes me emotional, in a good way. I am so glad she has them. Lots of things to be grateful for.

      I hope today brings you lots of things to be grateful for too, Maddie!


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