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Things I Want to Remember | Part Three

I enjoy writing these posts more than tater tot posts. Writing a random post about nothing in particular is the grownup equivalent of a study hall note passing session or MASH game. Speaking of which, you can now play the MASH game online.

Part three of random things I want to remember and save in the notes section on my phone. Part one can be found here, and part two can be found here.

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1-You lose me at “you’ve got to,” “you need to,” and “you should.”

2- Ed McMahon was not employed by Publishers Clearing House. I know, it’s very surprising, isn’t it? The Mandela Effect, often known as False Memory, is the name given to this phenomenon. He did do ads for a company called American Family Publishers, which is probably what we remember.

3-Actor Seth MacFarlane looks like actor Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch.

Courtesy Brady Bunch Fandom Dot Com
Courtesy NPR

4- Leftover spaghetti tastes better than fresh spaghetti.

5- Robins are the most underappreciated bird in the Midwest.

6- Every time I see a really big house, I always say, “that’s a lot to clean.”

7- Two words I believe we might benefit from more are scram and yikes.

8- A friend told me that her doctor offered her his secret “migraine buster,” which I am passing on to you. A cheeseburger from McDonald’s with a large Coke. You’re very welcome.

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9- If dental and vision care are so crucial, then why don’t they fall under the scope of health insurance?

10- I remember riding in my best friend’s car to our high school graduation rehearsal when this new song came on her car radio. The sky was clear and the sun was shining gloriously. It was a beautiful day, and I felt so free.

Ten years later, she and I were riding to our ten-year high school reunion when the exact same song came on the radio. In disbelief, we snapped our heads to look at each other. We both remembered that day 10 years before. That was my first encounter with synchronicity.

This was the song:

32 thoughts on “Things I Want to Remember | Part Three”

  1. Whoa. Get Chris and Seth to 23andMe stat. And I have the same thought when I see big, beautiful houses. That’s what aging does to you. Or growing up. Or living a life in which you’ll never be able to afford a housecleaner or, actually, want to employ someone to clean your house because it feels icky to have someone else clean your toilets when you are perfectly capable of doing so yourself (i.e., capitalism is gross). Something.

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      1. I finished the entire series. When I was a single mom, I used to clean houses on weekends, so it hit home. It was unpleasant, as grateful as I was for the opportunities.


  2. Having a really big house… I totally think that about cleaning them every single time I see one now. I’ve told my husband a million times in the last year that I can not wait to downsize to a tiny 2 bedroom cape when the kids move out. I never used to mind cleaning and tackled it just a bit each day but it’s endless that way…. Sadly, he’s just not on board with my “retirement/ empty nest” plan yet. I too think leftover spaghetti tastes better and think it’s funny that one of my boys won’t even eat it reheated! I think that migraine cure might make me throw up though, so I’m not sure I’m on board with that one.

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    1. YESSS. My least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms. I used to clean houses, which is probably why I say things like that. 😂

      The migraine cure is a desperate measure, like the last straw. It worked the first time I tried it!


  3. Love, love these posts! My Middle Child was just telling me I had the Mandela Effect when we were listening to The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’ and I was surprised when Sirius showed it was from 1992! I could have sworn it was from the’80’s while I was in college. She said it’s a common one!

    But I don’t know what you’re talking about with the spaghetti. That gets a Nope from me! Now I’m off to learn about synchronicity. Sounds right up my alley.

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    1. Whoa… I guess I assumed The Cure’s music was mostly from the 1980s. It’s like discovering that the 1990s were 30 years ago.

      I think we all have preferences on food, so I completely understand.

      I made a list on my phone of all the synchronicities I’ve experienced this year. I wish I had started it a long time ago. But it’s fun to look back on them all.❤️

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      1. Ha! The Cure Released a whole 2 albums in the 90’s (primarily an 80’s band , but yeah I saw em on The Wish Tour in 1993 😁

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  4. Fun fact about spaghetti…I heard that re-heating it somehow changes its molecular structure enough that the carbs aren’t as bad for you. Is this true? Who the heck knows? But it’s a nice thought.

    I’m with you on the big house – no thank you. I barely want to clean this one.

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  5. YIKES at number one. (I use Yikes verbally and written)
    Seth and Peter (he will always be Peter) share genes somewhere down the line.
    Coming from someone who has an XL house, it is a lot to clean and maintain. Luckily, now, I can pay someone to clean, which is the best thing ever. I’m still pushing for a downsize, but it’s not going over well…
    I have so many memories that are tied to music and I love your synchronicity moment; so cool.

    Now scram, I’ve got shit to do!

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    1. It would be funny to find out that they are related, maybe even twins who were separated at birth. WHAT IF I CRACKED THE CODE?

      “Soundtrack of my life” is the name of a playlist I made. Everyone should have one. ❤️

      Yikes, here I go!

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  6. Too funny about the big houses and cleaning – that’s the first thing I think of, also! Though maybe if you can afford a big house, you can afford a housekeeper, too? I’m all about just enough living space for however many people live in the house and charm. Extra space is just wasted.

    I have a feeling that migraine buster is because of the large Coke. Caffeine!

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      1. Yep, the only thing that gets rid of my bad headaches or a migraine is Exedrin migraine tablets – they have Tylenol, aspirin and caffeine in them.

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  7. My ideal house size is about 1500 sq ft. That’s what we lived in before this house and it was perfect for having enough, not too much, having a place for everything, and being able to CLEAN everything in five hours or less.

    I love these posts too. I’m glad you do them AND the tater tot posts!

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  8. I’m behind in my blog reading – having a mom in the hospital will do that apparently.

    When I see a huge house, I wonder how they pay to heat or cool it. See how my mind works? Cleaning is never at the forefront of my mind. What can I say? it’s a gift.

    I saw Peter Brady interviewed on WGN news last week in the morning and I missed the start of the interview and I was like WHO IS THAT GUY? WHY DO I KNOW HIS FACE? Then they referenced a podcast he does with Greg Brady, and I was like YES! PETER. There is a strong resemblance. Did you know he married a woman from the west suburbs of Chicago? I found that out in the interview.

    I loved the song Beds are Burning in high school. I love your story about it. I feel like that same thing might have happened in an episode of Wayne’s World. If it didn’t, it should’ve.

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    1. How is your mom doing, Ernie?

      That leads me to my next thought. How much is their Comed bill??

      He married a Joliet woman but later divorced her. Is he married to another woman from the Chicago area? He clearly has a type. 😂


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