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Favorite Books of 2022

I discovered Goodreads last year after a number of you recommended it to me. I appreciate your advice because it has been a lot of fun keeping track of what I am reading, discovering new books, and so on. But, at the start of 2022, Goodreads suggested that I, along with millions of other humans,… Continue reading Favorite Books of 2022

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Reading and Books- A to Z

My friend Ally recently shared a fun blog post idea in which she answered questions about her reading and book preferences. This was passed on to her by another blogger, so feel free to carry on with this fun idea on your blog or in your journal if you don't have a blog. Author you've read the… Continue reading Reading and Books- A to Z

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Quotes I’ve Been Thinking About

I have quotes all throughout my house. Not Live, Laugh, Love (the origin is not my cup of tea), but actual quotes from actual humans. Some are from books, others from movies, and a few are from people I know in person. I even keep a book of quotes that I add to when I… Continue reading Quotes I’ve Been Thinking About

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What Are Your Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Books?

I don't care for that term, guilty pleasure. The other day, I was reading a book-related article when the author mentioned not being embarrassed to read certain books. Why do we feel embarrassed about what we read in the first place? Back in December, I listed my favorite books of 2021, and in the comments,… Continue reading What Are Your Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Books?

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Favorite Book of Each Month-2021

In my entire life, I've never read as many books as I did in 2021. So it's only natural that I'd end the year with a post on my favorite book of each month. January- The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz Courtesy Goodreads February- The Child in You: The… Continue reading Favorite Book of Each Month-2021