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Kicking Off 2016 With Some Balls

Lots of them, in fact. Balls as far as the eye can see. Oh, come on, who doesn't laugh when the word "balls" is mentioned? If you are one of those kinds of people who turns up their nose at conversations like this or says TMI and plugs their ears at these types of jokes,… Continue reading Kicking Off 2016 With Some Balls

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New Year, New Netflix? #StreamTeam

Each new year, I have good intentions like the majority of you do. Lose some weight, try some new things, maybe get a new haircut, maybe even look at life from a different perspective. I swear I had good intentions on January 1. Enter the week of January 20. For example, I had some really… Continue reading New Year, New Netflix? #StreamTeam

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KonMari, Muther Effers

I am going to lose some of you with that title and I am prepared for it. But if you don't get my humor by now, there is something wrong. Your offense-o-meter should really be turned to mute by now. Or just turned off. Yes, that would be better. If you know me at all,… Continue reading KonMari, Muther Effers

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What I Did Over Christmas Vacation; The “We Didn’t Go Anywhere” Edition

I think I used that title for a post before hence the "we didn't go anywhere edition" part. I am nothing if not innovative. Or just nothing.  As my imaginative title suggests, we stayed at home for the most part for the two weeks that the children were home for Christmas break. Oh sure, we… Continue reading What I Did Over Christmas Vacation; The “We Didn’t Go Anywhere” Edition

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Dollar Store Personalized Plates for Mamie and Papa

I need to start this post out by saying that this is a Pinterest fail. At least on my part.  But I loved the pictures and that Ella was so damn excited to make this for her grandparents for Christmas. Either this is a giant myth or I misread the directions (which would not be… Continue reading Dollar Store Personalized Plates for Mamie and Papa

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One Word Holiday- Kari

The funny thing is I wasn't intending on participating in this until someone mentioned something along the lines of "what was your answer to the Oprah question" and I was all......"ummmm, nothing". I was so busy coming up with witty retorts and typing in YOUR answers that it never occurred to me that I would… Continue reading One Word Holiday- Kari