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100 Things I Don’t Love

This was a lot more cathartic than I expected. It also didn't take long to think of. Everyone should make one, in my opinion. I'm thinking of making another one. 100 Things I Don't Love (in no particular order) Migraines Overhead lighting Cannons at parades Home improvement stores The smell of burning hair Awkward silence… Continue reading 100 Things I Don’t Love

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Things I Want to Remember | Part Nine

I don’t want to forget these random thoughts that have been floating around in my head, so I’ve written them down in the notes section of my iPhone. I’m sharing them with you because I suspect they may be something that you can relate to as well. Or not. If you’re here for the first… Continue reading Things I Want to Remember | Part Nine

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My Favorite TikToks of 2022

TikTok is my favorite app. Here are some of my favorites from last year. What were your favorites? My most recent podcast can be found here:

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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 46

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! Here is an explanation of the tater tot post. Share five things you're good at When I logged into WordPress recently and started to type in the editor, the following prompt appeared: "Share five things you're good at." This is new. Is WordPress giving me writing prompts? They're practically doing half the work… Continue reading Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 46

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Podcast #48- Birds, Botox, and Bashes? Yesterday, I recorded a podcast. I know, I'm shocked as well. Some of you may not even be aware that I have a podcast. I have a podcast. For those who do not enjoy listening to podcasts, here is a summary: -For Christmas, I received a bird feeder camera. Prepare for a lot of… Continue reading Podcast #48- Birds, Botox, and Bashes?

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What I Kept | December 2022

These are the things I kept on my phone in the last month of 2022. My music festival was a hit. Everyone fell asleep.😂 Seeing these racks at Kohl's a few weeks ago brought back a flood of memories. They were not pleasant memories. This is the song. She looks like she's sitting in… Continue reading What I Kept | December 2022