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Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, so I thought it would be fun to share some links.

A few years ago, I told you about Mike vomiting into a cooler on his way home from our anniversary lunch.

Anniversaries have come a long way since then.

We got foot massages last year. But then we found out a few months ago that the place where we got our foot massages had been closed down because they were giving other massages, if you know what I mean.

So, for our anniversary this year, we’re going to a bucket list restaurant for lunch in the city. I promise to report back.

This is a cool idea. It’s intended for Christmas, but it could be used for any occasion.

Movie of The Night Perfect for channel surfers, like me.

36 Questions to Stay in Love

Why Documentary Family Photography is Awesome I am obsessed.

GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world! Anna introduced me to this game, and it’s a lot of fun.

the ‘i want chocolate cake’ cake Because ANNIVERSARY!

The Bench My favorite wedding story. By the way, we returned the bench to the wedding venue during lockdown. Boo. Hiss

I do miss that bench

We share our anniversary month with many of you, so Happy Anniversary to everyone who celebrates this month!

48 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. I would think the better plan would be to vomit anywhere else BUT the cooler. Then again, I don’t know the backstory.

    Hope you have a happy anniversary even if it doesn’t include THAT kind of massage!

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  2. “the place where we got our foot massages had been closed down because they were giving other massages, if you know what I mean.”

    Yes, I do know what you mean – “Happy Ending Massages” LOL!

    AWESOME story about the bench! Honestly, you have the makings of a romantic comedy movie entitled, “The Bench.” The sequel to, “The Notebook.” Ha!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mike!

    Have an fantabulous weekend, my friend! X

    I love that photo of the two of you!

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    1. We drove by the place the other day and it appeared to have reopened…it must be under new ownership. 🤣

      That is fantastic! Maybe that should be the title of our autobiography?

      Thank you, Ron! We had a wonderful weekend! ❤️


  3. I tried Geo Guesser earlier this week and thought it was neat. I LOVED your bench story!!! Too funny! My husband’s sister who we are close with and her spouse are always doing crazy stuff like this. They will often hide strange things at our house when they come over for the holidays, like gnomes. They had ‘won’ a unicorn party plate set that was part of our annual Xmas gag gift exchange and we’ve hidden it at each others’ houses a number of times over the years. They have also anonymously mailed a photo of a relative none of us speak to any longer, though they deny it was them, to this day!!!!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the story. Happy Anniversary!!!! XOXO

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    1. Geo Guesser is a lot of fun, but because I don’t have the upgrade, I can only play for a limited amount of time before taking a break. I need breaks or I’ll spend the entire day doing things like this. 🤣

      I enjoy fun little things like this as well. Vikki, one of our friends, did the same thing with gnomes. She’d take them on vacation with her and take pictures so we could figure out where the gnome was.

      I’m so glad you liked it! It’s great to have you “back.” I’ve been missing you. ❤️


  4. A (belated) Happy Anniversary! I think May is a great month to get married. 🙂 I really loved the link to the Christmas tradition, which I think would make a great anniversary tradition. Is it something that the two of you do? Looking forward to hearing about the lunch. 🙂

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  5. I remember both the cooler and the bench, and both made me smile again. I love the idea of the Wish List for each other; how sweet is that?
    Um, the family documentary photos….we have many floating around and they are my favorites! They always make me want to step back in time, to that day, to the monotony.
    Happy anniversary to both of you! XOXO (ours was the 25th)

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  6. Happy Anniversary ❤

    My personal favourites are the bench story (hilarious!) and the one from Apartment Therapy with the wishes as gifts – that was really inspiring and moving. Thanks Kari 🙂

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