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Good News in the Midst of So Much Bad

Today is April 1st which means the first day of birthday month, bitches. No exclamation point because birthday month also means quarantine month which also means my actual birthday (the 28th) is going to be spent in quarantine. But I am actually not as sad as I thought I would be. I just want everyone… Continue reading Good News in the Midst of So Much Bad

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Stop Saying “End of Summer”

Everywhere I look, I am seeing the words "end of summer" and it is making me mad. Summer doesn't officially end until September 23rd but here we are talking about how summer is ending because the kids are going back to school. I hate this time of year. HATE. IT. Hated it when I was… Continue reading Stop Saying “End of Summer”

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How This Became This

I had an entirely too long post planned for how my blog became, well, my blog, in honor of my blogging anniversary. This Friday (June 14th), my blog turns nine and in honor of such a momentous occasion (cough cough), I was going to write from a prompt about how this became this. Prompt- Tell… Continue reading How This Became This