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It’s My Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary and I Can’t Eat Cake

This upcoming Sunday marks ten years since I first started this blog. A decade ago, I sat down in our then-basement office and started a blog on our old desktop computer. I say office because it was really the only space in the basement that wasn't covered in toys. For the first several months, I… Continue reading It’s My Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary and I Can’t Eat Cake

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50 Questions-One for Each Year of My Life

My friend Erika wrote a post last year, "Nifty Fifty Survey" which lists 50 questions and answers. I love posts like these, selfishly to write and less to read. Like, I want to know probably 20 things about you but after that, I'm not really listening anymore and I know you are probably like that… Continue reading 50 Questions-One for Each Year of My Life

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Five Weird Things I Like

So in keeping with one of my promises for this "new" blog, I am doing more prompts, nonsensical writing, nothing of substance.Essentially, writing I am pretty good at.  Not sure if this is a good thing for you but for me, it is kind of nice. Less expectation, less pressure, more time to write about… Continue reading Five Weird Things I Like

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How This Became This

I had an entirely too long post planned for how my blog became, well, my blog, in honor of my blogging anniversary. This Friday (June 14th), my blog turns nine and in honor of such a momentous occasion (cough cough), I was going to write from a prompt about how this became this. Prompt- Tell… Continue reading How This Became This