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Things I Didn’t Do Before My 30-Year High School Reunion

      On July 21st, I will be attending my 30-year high school reunion at my rural Ohio high school. It will be full of fun things like seeing old teachers, visiting old schools, seeing old classmates. Lots of old stuff to make me feel less old or conversely, even older. Let's just say… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Do Before My 30-Year High School Reunion

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Citrus Bowl My Ass. More Like Citrus Hole

    I was reading my friend Teri's blog post about how colleges need to start showing the marching band during halftime college football games a few weeks ago and it got me reminiscing about my marching band days. Over Christmas break of 1987, our little Ohio high school marching band got to go to… Continue reading Citrus Bowl My Ass. More Like Citrus Hole

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The Day I Ran Away From Home

My husband's hours are kind of tough, those closest to me know this. I am left to do most of the "dirty" work around here and it is exhausting. This year has been hard with my menopause, headaches, the kids' schedules, etc. So it has been challenging to say the least. The past few weeks… Continue reading The Day I Ran Away From Home

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Mrs. Pierce

Years ago when I was blogging on the Blogger platform, I had a totally different About Me page. My bio pages have changed and evolved with each year of writing but for many years I had a tiny tribute to my 11th grade English teacher tucked in. Essentially saying that she would be rolling her… Continue reading Mrs. Pierce

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Old School Taco Bowl

  I am kind of an anomaly when it comes to food. When I was young, I loved the cafeteria food my school system served. I hear jokes about school food and I laugh along but secretly, I don't know what is this "joke" you speak of. Because apparently either my standards are lower than… Continue reading Old School Taco Bowl

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  So I alluded to some "crappy" stuff happening earlier this week. And compared it to an Oreo. Which is silly because I love Oreos. And Oreos are not at all crappy. This past weekend, I was a part of a really cool reunion back in my home state of Ohio. Let me give you a… Continue reading How OHIO Turned Into OHEEEEEELLLLLLNO

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“Back Home”

I blame my childhood friend Vikki for this post. She lives in the little town I grew up in. And she is an amazing gatekeeper to our past. She shares pictures, stories about town happenings and news about former classmates and teachers. For someone like me who lives far away, this is amazingly important. Because… Continue reading “Back Home”