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Podcast #40- Chapter One- Not My Mother’s Menopause The following is a quote from a magazine article that I found recently thanks to a blog I love. Despite this menopausal transformation in myself (the one I’m passionately describing), I also feel that my culture and society have failed me so badly. I need elders to show me how to do this, but… Continue reading Podcast #40- Chapter One- Not My Mother’s Menopause

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Podcast #38- 18 Months O’ Menopause Before I forget (because MENOPAUSE), I wanted to share this Listening Test I discovered yesterday with you. What is that? A C minus? Satisfactory. Yeah, pretty much what I expected. THAT'S JUST HOW MY FACE LOOKS Given that I recently wrote a post on Monday about listening, I thought it would be a fun… Continue reading Podcast #38- 18 Months O’ Menopause

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Podcast #35- Gynecologist Anxiety Because my WordPress podcast player isn't working this week, you'll have to visit the link above to listen to the podcast. So, thankfully, I didn't have anything wrong with me while I was spotting last week. I just had a menstrual period. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Side note- I really need to… Continue reading Podcast #35- Gynecologist Anxiety

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Podcast #21- Invalidating Your Truth I shared this passage from Caroline Garnet McGraw's book You Don't Owe Anyone: Free Yourself From the Weight of Expectations: "How does it feel to think about your life through the lens of this broader definition of trauma? Are you starting to see the moments where you made excuses and brushed aside real pain?… Continue reading Podcast #21- Invalidating Your Truth

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Headaches, Heartaches, and Fear

During my perimenopause, I became a pretty negative person. As a result of my near constant pain, I grew resentful. I became numb to emotions like happiness and optimistic outlooks like hope. I'd wake up every day afraid to be optimistic for fear of being rewarded with a headache later. As if the Universe was… Continue reading Headaches, Heartaches, and Fear


Podcast #7- Invisibility and Rarely Discussed Menopause Symptoms

I'm reading Mark Nepo's "The Book of Awakening" right now, and these were his words to me this morning (I like to think the author is speaking directly to me): From the agonies of kindergarten, when we first were teased or made fun of in the midst of all our innocence, we all have struggled… Continue reading Podcast #7- Invisibility and Rarely Discussed Menopause Symptoms