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Things I am Doing to Keep Me Out Of Trouble

So I don’t melt into a puddle of meh.

Anna is back to college, our country is just so icky, I really hate social media (particularly Facebook*) and we aren’t homeschooling yet as we usually don’t start until after Labor Day anyway and we are still trying to follow a schedule for some sense of normalcy around here. I left this in on purpose, more about this in a moment.

These are some things I am doing to keep myself out of trouble.

*I took it off of my phone and laptop, so I guess I am off Facebook now and I feel a bit freer. I liken it to going without wearing a bra. I am also supposed to try that too, thanks to my friends Rita and Katie. Post to follow. Hopefully.

Religious Book

So I was slowly putting together a “curriculum” for Ellie’s homeschool when last week out of the blue, she asked to school on Monday. I was like, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY DAUGHTER? So we are starting today, two weeks early. 

I use quotation marks because I use the term curriculum loosely. There’s a mix of grade levels because we are still working from two of last year’s books to finish up and one book is a 5th-grade math book focusing on one particular area where she still struggles. But this is what I learned when I sat with a homeschool “guru” a few years ago: the beauty of homeschooling is being able to work with your child at the level they are most comfortable with.

But I have some tricks up my sleeve for fun out of the box ideas such as researching the candidates for president in the election and studying things such as contact tracing for COVID and taking free college courses from Coursera. I have to say; she was freaking out a bit about that, but I said that if it gets too hard; we drop it. Who cares, it’s free! But if it isn’t too hard? What an amazing confidence booster!

We are also watching the Democratic National Convention this week as part of homeschool and I am having her watch the Netflix Documentary Knock Down The House tomorrow.

I made a playlist on Spotify called Summer 1983 a few weeks ago, and it makes me so happy. It also was the summer I got my period, so it was a big summer for me.

My friend Suz over at Busy Bee Suz was writing about finding baby teeth all over her house in random Barbie shoe containers and such. I really thought such a post deserved a soundtrack. Which was funny because my Spotify was already playing in the background and was all, “I GOT IT COVERED, KARI,” when this song came on at the exact time and cadence I was reading Suz’ blog post:

It’s a whimsical little ditty, and it made me laugh BEFORE coffee.

We should all have a soundtrack that follows us around, especially random, quirky songs, like Perez Prado and his perky trumpets.

I could handle what the world was throwing my way much better if there was a guy playing the happy organ in the background as I was crossing the street on the way to the dentist.

Or someone pounding a tambourine as I was prancing my way through the produce section at the grocery store.

Listen to the song while scrolling through the garbage in your Facebook feed and it will transform reading what your angry Aunt Judy is writing.

I SWEAR TO GOD it will make a difference.

I feel like I just came up with the answer to world peace.

Shocked female worker in modern workplace

I’m going to learn how to speak a new language so I can say things to people on social media to confuse them. It started when one of my friend’s friends said something (argumentative, of course) about Satin on a Facebook post when in actuality she really meant Satan. I wanted so badly to say Taffeta was going to come down from Cashmere and they would damn her under the wrath of Chenille, but thought I would probably burn in Damask for saying so.

I really need to come up with a new language.


How to learn pig Latin in under an hour

That was Anna’s pile to go with her to college that is no longer there. Sigh.

So I was minimizing stuff in July per the challenge and I did pretty good, but then August came and I hit a literal wall. With Anna’s impending college date looming, it was like my legs were stuck in fudge. I get like this every August. I say to Mike, “didn’t it just seem like it was just the 4th of July?” and then I get depressed. EVERY SINGLE AUGUST. Until she leaves. Then I am okay after a couple of days, but for the week leading up to her leaving, it is pretty horrible.

This year, it was even worse because she had been here since the middle of March and we’ve been quarantining together ever since. To say we’ve gotten close is an understatement. She’s become more of a best friend than ever and it’s hard and then there is the added worry of the virus and the state of our world.

It’s scary AND shitty.

It’s scitty.

Same horse. Same.

I decided that I was going to add stuff to the calendar for the weeks following her leaving to keep me busy. Because see, normally when she leaves, I am busy. But now, we are still supposed to be socially distancing from everyone. We still follow that, so I had to create little things here and there for me to remain busy so I don’t get depressed.

I decided that I would go through all the stuff in the basement I didn’t get to touch during July, because Anna’s things were down there for her college apartment. The good news is that because she had moved out mid-semester because of COVID, she didn’t have to get as much stuff for her apartment this year. We don’t know what this year will hold, so we tried to buy for what might be a semester at a time and hope for the best. So now that everything is out of the basement, I can go through and get rid of things we no longer need.

Like a four foot Santa or a boxing bag that never gets used. You get the idea.

CUE PEREZ PRADO! The Wiz: Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell ...

I grew up in rural Ohio in the 1980s with very evolved parents who were light years ahead of their time. They raised my brother and me with Motown, R&B music, and lots of influences from many cultures and backgrounds, and I knew no different until I got older and those differences were blaring within the tiny rural school I attended.

One Christmas break, we had a free week of HBO and I remember being SO excited about it because that was a huge deal back in the late ’70s.  My dad was watching this movie called The Wiz and invited my brother and me to watch it with him, which we did. We loved every moment. So much so, that I think we watched it later that day and probably again and again and again that week several times. I would sing along to the songs, dance to the dances, I wanted to BE Diana Ross, I loved the dancers during the scene after Dorothy inadvertently kills Evillene and I would go into my room and imitate them to music.

I have a distinct memory of talking about watching The Wiz to some of our neighbors while playing at their house over that same Christmas break and being met with judging stares by their mom and the kids. They made some comments and made fun of us for watching it and it was my first experience with what I now realize was racism. I didn’t know what it was back then, but I remember feeling guilty for watching that movie.

I had asked for The Wiz soundtrack for my birthday the following April, but I had always hidden it from friends who would come to my house to play, and that embarrassed me. Even my own parents questioned my act of hiding it. So I have been re-watching it lately because I wanted to bring that joy back again.

Then when this song came on I thought of Anna and it made me cry. I hope she thinks of home in this way.

I talk to the flowers and trees in my yard.

Don’t be worried about me, it began after Joy flew away, but before Anna left. I wasn’t watering them regularly and I decided that if I began talking to them that I would realize they are living things.

I love that I am becoming a hippie as I get older and not the other way around. I was a bit worried that I could become a curmudgeon as I got older, but this is a wonderful thing to discover about myself.

Maybe all of us should start talking to our plants. Might make us all a happier planet.

Oh, and I am not high on weed or anything else. Not that I need to tell you this, but I know a lot of curmudgeons think that is how hippies are so happy.


That sounded dirty.


Teal Typewriter Beside Printer Paper

Writing my book.


I had all the gung ho to do it when I first started, but now I am at the hard part. I have all the stuff done-ish, but now the hard work starts. Research, making things mesh, boring writer’s stuff, not at all fun, creative shit. I have a deadline looming in a month that I set for myself, but if I know me (and I think I do), I will work non-stop the four weeks up to it.

So far, I am over 30,000 words, which sounds like a lot but isn’t. According to what I have looked up, a book needs to have like 50,000 words and I want mine to have some substance. Not like one of those venereal disease pamphlets you get at the free clinic, but like an actual book.

And don’t tell me in the comments “it’s your book, make it however long you want.”

I have waited this long to write a book, it better look like a God damned Stephen King novel.

I found this graphic on Pinterest one day while looking for homeschool inspiration:

I love that they had to explain that it was a cassette tape

Which three songs would you pick?

Here is mine:

And of course,

You thought it was going to be Don’t You Forget About Me. Didn’t you? So predictable…

Cue the happy organ!

36 thoughts on “Things I am Doing to Keep Me Out Of Trouble”

  1. LOL. I honestly don’t know that I could pick three songs for a soundtrack of my life… I mean I listen to music but really only when driving. I never think to turn it on otherwise.

    I love being able to pick from a huge variety of schooling materials for my boys but we are definitely not starting school until after labor day; I wanted to start early but with Alec not starting until after it seemed kind of weird to teach the other two. I’m still curious as to how this is all going to work and play out… I’m equal parts anxious, excited, and dreading so many changes.


    1. Is he actually attending in person? All schools here are virtual, so I can imagine how stressed you must be. I will say lots of prayers and send good vibes and virtual hugs your way. 🙂

      I love the flexibility of homeschool too! That’s what I will most miss about homeschool if she ever decides to go back.

      Oh, friend, music is LIFE for us. I can’t imagine my life without it and my girls are the same way.


  2. Yes to the soundtrack following us around. Brilliant actually. And scitty is my new favorite word. The free days of HBO WERE a huge deal. I loved those and it felt like Christmas morning when we’d happen upon them randomly. 😂 at the Stephen King reference. Is Anna’s school sending everyone home at Thanksgiving to finish out semester? That’s what they are doing here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HUGE DEAL. I remember when we got to see JAWS and blood! And guts! And swear words! And boobs!

      Not sure yet. As of now, all of her classes are part online/hybrid but may all go online. The professors are pushing to go online and be done by Thanksgiving. I agree with them completely.


  3. This feels like a tater tot post and that is a present to me this morning!
    I love AOC and I love that you are using that as a teaching moment for your girls. It’s so important, especially now, to show our future females that there is hope. It feels hopeless right now. Good for you.

    I loved THE WIZ!! And I love your parents even though I don’t know them. ❤️

    That Patricia song made me laugh. I literally played it the entire time I read your post. I feel like you’re right. I might play it when I read Reuter’s this morning. Might make it seem a little less painful. Not sure it will make Facebook any less annoying but I am willing to try anything at this point.

    I love your blog so damn much. Thank you for saying the things no one else does.

    For real.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does feel tater tot in nature. I am currently writing a post about how I don’t know how to write a short post. I am a bit windy. Both top and bottom.
      AOC talks like I WISH I could. I love her so much. She is what I wish our country was right now but just can’t be yet. YET. She is the future.

      My parents are gems. For real. My brother and I got SO lucky. I’ve seen what is out there. 🙂

      I was snort-laughing while writing this post because of that damn song. I was hoping it would translate well because I am not sure if everyone actually clicks on the links I share.

      That means a lot to me. I know I get in hot water for being a trouble maker. In a post titled, “how I am staying out of trouble”. See what I did there? 😉


  4. I love the Wailin’ Jennys and this reminds me that I haven’t listened to music in a long time and I really need to! And I have no idea what the three songs would be on my soundtrack. That’s the kind of assignment that would send me down a rabbit hole from which I might never emerge. 🙂

    I also love your flowers–I planted some of that kind as seeds in the spring, and a few of them are actually growing! (This is a miracle.) Maybe we are talking with our flowers because of social distancing, but I know what you mean. Dreading my water bill in the fall, though. (One night I got up at 4:00 am to pee, and I thought, What is that sound? and realized it was the sound of the sprinkler still going, that I had turned on at 8:00 pm. Glad no one else was around to see me in my front yard in my underwear, cursing my way to the spigot.)

    The summer of 83 was the summer I graduated from high school. It was momentous for me, too. And uncomfortable and interminable–so much feeling suspended and in limbo. I had no idea the magnitude of the change coming at me, but I could sense it, sort of. And don’t get me started on periods.

    There is too much in this post to talk about. Feeling you on the back to school feels. I am just not feeling it AT ALL this year. (Is anyone? Doubt it.) I feel like that horse in your basement picture. (What is going on with that horse?)

    Sending you love and wishes for a good week with your book (no advice from me!) and everything else.

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    1. Oh friend, LISTEN TO MUSIC. Today. Right now. It is saving me. I didn’t listen to music all weekend and I was so blue by Sunday night and I realized why. Lack of music. This morning I have been listening since 7 am and my mood has improved INFINITELY. Also probably because I haven’t checked in on social media but once.

      I love Black-Eyed Susan’s. They come out at the end of summer every year here and it gives me so much joy when I normally feel a little melancholy. I feel like I am more connected to nature for that reason because I am not as connected to people. I am also noticing that our flowers and grass and trees look so much better this year because of social distancing because people arent polluting the air as much, maybe? I am trying to see the good in all of this.
      I am so sad no one else was around to see that at 8 pm. 🙂
      My book is full of periods and the front cover of my book will have a big one on it. Long story but a good one…

      I am feeling this back to school a little more because Ella is more motivated than ever for many reasons, so her excitement is contagious (bad choice of words considering what is all around us). That horse has seen his share of love but he isn’t going anywhere. As much as I love Minimalism, I have also have a huge heart and some things just can’t go to Goodwill. Sigh.

      Sending you love right back. I am still not motivated where my book is concerned. Might end up a venereal disease pamphlet after all.

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      1. You know we call them STIs (sexually transmitted infections) now, right? 😉 (I learned that when the health class came to the library a year or two back.) I think VD (which is so 1983) sounds more appropriately ominous, don’t you?

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  5. So much here – I know I will forget something. Since I have mentioned my inept-ness at music, it will probably come as no surprise to you that I have NO idea what song would be my soundtrack. Probably ‘You think I’m Crazy’ – but is that even the name of it. Maybe also, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and maybe ‘Brown Eyed Girl.’ Homework, done . . . phew.

    I get depressed when the pool changes its hours, which happens this week since the lifeguards go back to school. It is hitting extra hard because it seems like the pool just opened – seeing as we missed a month at the start of summer, this makes sense. Plus I start babysitting, which makes me grouchy. I will be fine, getting into the swing of things eventually but it is a shift. I will be sad when Ed leaves on Thursday but I know he will be WAY happier to be at school, so I am good with him going. I also have been so crazy busy I don’t think I have really processed it just yet.

    I feel you on the tough part of your book. I have no research to do for mine, but I can write funny stories till the cows come home, organizing it into something that people want to read . . . well, crap – why is that so dang important?

    Your homeschooling efforts sound impressive and make me happy that I am not homeschooling. I don’t think I could handle the pressure of figuring out what info my kids should know.

    I just got home from my workout and could not hear the Patricia song while there – the music was too loud. Well, I just listened and it reminds me of circus music or music for a chaotic scene in a movie. So funny.

    Keep talking to the flowers, but let us know if they start to talk back. Hee hee.

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    1. I love music and it took me a long time to figure mine out, so I get it completely. I could go down a rabbit hole of music honestly. I mean, I made a playlist of ONE SUMMER of songs. 😉 Look at you getting your homework done though!

      Our pools up here never opened this summer although my friend did tell me that her local pool did open one lane of their pool. Like, ONE LANE of the deep end. Woopdie doo.

      The homeschooling conundrum of what they should know each year was so daunting to me when I first started which is why I freaked out when I first started and why I think a lot of parents are freaking out this year. This is the secret: there is nothing that they SHOULD learn. 😉

      Circus music. YES! So funny for the circus that is our world right now.

      If they start talking back, I will call you. LOL.


  6. I love your curriculum and style of teaching so much – especially that you get inspiration from your own upbringing. It was really interesting to hear you talk about the Wiz – that you both were so excited by it, and embarrassed by it! As a kid, I was SO embarrassed that my parents didn’t teach me about music – well, so I thought, because they only taught us about Pakistani music for a long time! But when we grew older, they also taught us about the Beatles…In hindsight, I really appreciate the way they did that, but at the time, I just felt SO BEHIND my peers. It reminded me of how you talked about the Wiz – fondly now, but at the time, confused. When I have kids one day, I may have to come back to this post and see what else I can implement myself 😀

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    1. I love that you love my style! Thank you for this. Really. The thing about this year of homeschooling is that I hope we all take away that our kids are getting US this year. Give them all of YOU and they will go away so much better. I promise you that. And The Wiz. And The Beatles too. 😉

      I will look at this comment when I am having a bad day and need to remind myself that I can do this, I CAN DO THIS.

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  7. Kari, this is just what my Monday needed. I, too, am getting to be way more of a hippy as I get older. I talk to my plants – house and garden – because it makes them happy and (I don’t care if it’s woo-woo or not) I know the energy I put out to them is received. They grow better when I talk to them. (I always wanted to do a science experiment with my two spider plants. Put them in the same space, water them the same, but talk to them differently – tell one all the happy things, and one all the bad things. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do that to my plants.)

    I’m in process of turning our dining room into a virtual school space. And I’m also freaking out about the start of things in September.

    I love AOC. I don’t alway agree with her in policy, but I have so much respect for her. Your homeschool plan on how to handle the election/politics sounds really great. I think V and I need to watch bringing down the house.

    And yes. Bra free. 100%

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love reading comments like this on a Monday. I am so glad this is what you needed.
      THEY DO GROW BETTER WHEN YOU TALK TO THEM! I feel like that is a scientific fact. I felt so sad when you told me the science experiment story and then was happy you didn’t do that LMAOOOOOO. We are so alike!

      We began this morning and it was an easing in of sorts. She gradually woke up, had her breakfast, fell back to sleep, then did her schooling, watched John Green’s Crash Course (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) for a couple of segments, then showered and ate lunch. It works for her and me. Each day will look different and that’s okay but we will change it up to make it fun and easier to learn too. This year is hard enough as it is so we are making learning be the least of our battles. I used to take the approach that learning shouldn’t be fun because LIFE IS HARD. Which is silly. I am meeting her in the middle, teaching her to her she is AT finally. It’s taken me so long to get here but we all have to make mistakes to get the big picture. I send you so much love and grace.

      I love her too and I agree with you about her policy but I wish I could say the words she does so easily. Watch Bring Down the House for sure as it shows other women in politics and their fight to win in other states. It is a powerful documentary that shows we have a long way to go in our country.

      Bra free in 2020 needs to be yours and Rita’s political platform.
      I’ll make the posters.


  8. I love, love, love this post. And NOT because I made a cameo. Thank you by the way….and I have Patricia IN MY BRAIN as I’m starting to make dinner.

    The Wiz was one of my most favorite movies as a kid and I loved seeing the clips here; so much good music, so much dancing, what’s NOT to love? Oh, wait, I did miss Diana’s ‘normal’ big hair because I am ONE WOMAN WHO WOULD LOVE TO HAVE DIANA ROSS HAIR. Maybe in my next life.

    Your flowers are lovely and talk to my plants, caterpillars, butterflies and I had an in-depth conversation with a dragonfly who was hanging around just a little too close to me and my caterpillars the other day. No weed here either.

    Music. *sigh* I’m a music freak. Especially since this whole shit show started, I never put on the tv until the evening, and then it’s whatever is on my DVR or Netflix. First thing in morning, I turn on our Sonos player; we have speakers in every room of the house and outside, it stays on all day. Soundtrack? I’d have to really think about that one….but surely there would be a Dave Matthews song and John Mayer….Oh, Gravity, I LOVE THAT SONG so much.
    Weirdly, I’ve always thought that Into The Mystic by Van Morrison would be a great song to play at my celebration of life. *good lord Suzanne, you’ve already planned your death party*

    I hope you are all doing well and that Anna is settling in well at school.

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    1. I feel like you need to make a cameo appearance in every post. You can be like those guest stars on The Love Boat where your face appears in a life preserver at the beginning of every post….STARRING SUZ! FEATURING PATRICIA BY PEREZ PRADO! Gotta get on Pic Monkey to find life preserver cutouts… I can hear my friend/book/editor yelling at me right about…now.

      The Wiz is saving me. I actually sang the Home song out loud in my car, tears streaming down my face, at the top of my lungs last week, and HANDS TO GOD it was the most therapeutic thing I have done the entire quarantine. I might do the Evillene flushed down the toilet scene dance routine in my family room this week and see if that feels just as therapeutic. Although I am of a certain age, gotta be careful. Maybe rage singing Home on the potty while thinking of you will be better (WINK WINK).

      SUZANNE. I just listened to both Gravity and Into the Mystic in the car literally five minutes ago when Ellie and I were on the way home from an appointment. SHE CAN VERIFY THIS. Whoa. We are so alike, it’s scary. The good kind of scary, though. 😉

      I am doing really well, a lot better than I thought I would be. She is doing good too; online classes are so much easier than in person and she has her own room and pwn bathroom this year which is HUGE, as you know. So she is loving that so far. 🙂


  9. You are doing a great job of staying busy. I am not. I am Phoebe, but kind in her low-key moments, more than her chaotic and twirly ones. You inspire me to think about doing more, considering this Covid-19 lifestyle seems to be here to stay. *le sigh*

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    1. Oh, friend, it’s noon and we haven’t homeschooled yet but I got some work on my book this morning. Some days we move mountains and others we don’t. But I played Perez Prado for Ella this morning for the first time and she loved it and we had a dance party with the dog. We had a Face Time breakfast with Anna and I made a great quesadilla for lunch. You win some, you lose some.
      Le sigh is right.

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  10. I am so in awe of you leaving FB! How did you uninstall the app from your phone? Because my phone won’t let me do that (Android). Can only disable it, which is no big deal – it’s easy to go back on. Too easy to go on when I’m on my laptop, too. I could suspend my account for awhile…but gaaah…I don’t know if I can do that! So addicted, I admit.

    Will you homeschool me, too?! I’ve been wanting to research those running in the election, learning about contact tracing sounds, and I definitely need to watch Knock Down the House even though I’m a day late (in regards to watching it before the Democratic Nat’l Convention).

    I grew up with non-racist parents, too. And this was back in the 60’s & 70’s! Actually, not much was said about other races. I could see where this would be both a good thing and a bad thing. I guess my view from that was that skin color wasn’t a big deal. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and grade schools. It wasn’t until high school – we lived in Kentucky at the time – where there were some black kids in the school. Two of the girls were very good friends of mine. I remember my mom saying to me one day, “Just so you know, your dad and I wouldn’t care if you dated one of the black guys at your school.” I was like, “Umm…OK?! I didn’t even know it was an issue!”

    I like your word, scitty. Scary and shitty. That’s great.

    I talk to plants and trees and flowers, too! Not a lot, just some of the time. I talk to all animals though – ALL the time. Not just my cats, but every bird I see, bunnies, cows, chipmunks, butterflies. Except mosquitoes and wasps. Those things I call fuckers with wings.

    That is so weird that weed gave you headaches! Have you ever tried a different strain from a dispensary…maybe talk to someone there about your previous experiences and how it gave you a headache?

    I could never pick three songs for my life soundtrack…I’d be on my computer forever, trying to find “just the right” songs. It’s like asking me what actress I’d pick to portray my life. OMG, you know who just popped into my head? Meryl Streep. Yep! Maybe because she’s one of my all-time favorite actresses.


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    1. I didn’t deactivate it, just took the app off. It’s easy to do on my iPhone, just deleted it. Same with my laptop. I didn’t deactivate my account because of the private blog group so that people can still enjoy that. But I have to say, I don’t miss it one bit and I’m so much more productive. I get my social media fix from twitter and Instagram alone and it’s enough for me.

      Watch Knock Down the House. It’s so inspiring. We just watched it today. Again for me and Mike, first time for Ella. At one point I told Ella that there will be many times in her life where men will make you feel inadequate simply because you are a woman and it got to Mike because he’s never had to think that way. I think fathers of daughters should be forced to think about that. To hear that. To watch this.

      I love that we both had evolved parents. I hate that we have to call them evolved and not just “parents”.

      Fuckers with wings 😂😂😂


    2. I pressed the submit button to early so you get two responses!
      Apparently weed does something to serotonin receptors and I had low serotonin because of where I was in my menopause and that was causing migraines for me. Smoking weed only added to the problem. I’m currently on an anti depressant for the migraines so smoking weed isn’t really recommended along with that, but it’s all good because ANTI DEPRESSANTS, MAN. 👍🏻

      Love Meryl Streep. LOVE. Her favorite role was Bridges of Madison County. ❤️


      1. I just googled about why I can’t delete the FB app off my phone and it says you can’t delete it on newer phones, only disable it. Grr! As for my laptop, I go into Facebook via my browser. So there’s nothing to uninstall.

        I would never call my parents evolved…they actually were pretty much the opposite in every other way! Very religious and strict. My dad actually freaked out when he found a Boy George cassette in my bedroom and was yelling at me for “listening to that trash” and “why would I support gays”…threatened to throw the cassette out!

        Weed and serotonin…yeah, it gets tricky because low doses of THC are usually effective for things like anxiety and depression and headaches, but you get too high of a dosage and it can actually have the opposite effect.

        Bridges of Madison County…one of my favorite movies! One of the few movies that I have watched several times. Now that you reminded me of it, I need to watch it again. 🙂

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      2. Ohhh I read that wrong about your parents!! Omg that’s not good!

        Yes! I would get SO much anxiety. It wasn’t good for me at all. ANTI DEPRESSANTS, MANNN. 😂😂

        I love that movie too. I need to rewatch that too.


  11. Phoebe Buffay is awesome, so that’s a fantastic Friend to turn into as you age. Ross Geller not so much. 😉

    I hope all goes well with your daughter going back to college! And with homeschooling. It feels good to see them actually *want* to learn!

    I need to have my husband read your blog. He’s big on music, and I imagine he’d enjoy posts like these.

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    1. She is my favorite Friend too. 🙂

      She is doing great so far. Online classes are much easier and having her own room and bathroom helps immensely.
      Ellie is doing amazing so far and is so much more motivated, which is good since her course load is heavier this year. 🙂

      I love it when husbands read my blog! I am a music geek, so he will fit right in. 🙂

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  12. I just mentioned getting my period in my recent post and referred to that time as a big year too. I guess it really is a big deal when we first get it. It didn’t feel like it at the time but it somehow switched on a very strong switch for me.

    I’d have a hard time picking three songs for my soundtrack, I’d have to do a mix tape. I miss the art of mix tape making. I mean, you can share your Spotify playlist, but it’s just not the same. And you can give someone a CD, but they’d probably only listen to it in their car. Not on their walk-man or boombox with headphones on in the dark of their room. The message just wouldn’t be clear enough.

    I remember parts of my life along with the mix tapes I was listening to. That would hands down be the name of the soundtrack. It would have Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and Nirvana to start, and then it would lead to Adele, Panic! at the Disco, and the Doors. Finally, LP and Lauren Ruth Ward would take us home.

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    1. Maybe I should just send YOU my book and have you edit it. Because I swear to God it’s like you and I are mind-melding. IT IS FUCKING CREEPY IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. Like literally you will comment on something and it is almost exactly something I had just written about in my book. 👻

      I love music and I know you do too. Since writing this post I’ve already thought of 10 other songs I would’ve added instead of the three I chose. In fact, whenever I go anywhere I am always listening to songs on my Spotify playlist or my Apple Music playlist and I think, hmm, would this be on the soundtrack to my screenplay or the biography of my life or the book I’m writing when it someday becomes a movie? In my head, I am THE SHIT.

      I love a good mixtape. With songs written on the back and crossed out because you dubbed over it? Or when you get in the call letters of the radio station?? Oh, man. So many memories.

      I LOVE YOUR SOUNDTRACK. Lane Kim would be very proud of you. ❤️

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  13. Is a late comment okay? I’m reading your blog in a nonlinear fashion cuz that’s how I stroll lately. Discovered this gem of a post today. Thank you. So delightful. And reassuring because this week I started talking to one of the our cats (the chatty one) in French. Oui. So calming to hear others have a random desire for a new language. Husband finds it hysterical. Cat is a bit miffed because she spent all these years learning English. Zut! Also your songs are rad. I swear I’ve heard the organ song in a movie. Would love to cross the street and have that tune spontaneously play. Happiness is def music. When I was a grad student I lived in iPod Shuffle & peak joy was having someone say “have you heard” … and *poof* new music, new ideas, new joy! So I will take a risk and ask: have you heard of jazz organist Jimmy Smith or the fabulous group The Meters (partic the song Cissy Strut). Totally cool if they’re not your style but offering (maybe) new music is my way of thanking you for this happy post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea who you are but I am madly in love with you. You had me at the fact that your chatty cat speaks French.

      I’ve never heard of Jimmy Smith but now I’m totally looking him up. I have fallen in love with Spotify in the past year and I have found the most amazing and eclectic artists on that platform. So if I could recommend one thing it is Spotify for finding unusual music.

      Heading to find Cissy Strut now….❤️


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