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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 23- Filled With LOVE

First things first, River girl shared a post a few weeks ago about “weirdo products”, and I laughed because she mentioned this product:

Courtesy of I have no clue

You may be wondering why I was laughing.

Because I am the owner of such a “weirdo product”!

In fact, I own TWO of them.

She stated in her comment section that she required proof.

Here you have it, my friend:

Night, night!

Dictionary Text in Bokeh Effect


I found an article about words added to Merriam-Webster during our birth years and I was going to add it to the links section. But then I read what they added the year I was born, and I felt it warranted an entire section in this month’s tater tot post because it was so eerily accurate.

Here are mine:


Click here to see the words they added the year you were born!


It’s billed as a Christmas film, but it’s actually a collection of short love stories. If you’ve haven’t seen this movie yet, make time to do so this month.

Although I’m not a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan, we enjoy this show and often binge-watch multiple episodes at a time. My personal favorite is the Sarah Jessica Parker episode, and I think it will be yours too.

This is one of my favorites, too.

Thanks to a comment section on another blog (thank you Katie and Rita!), I discovered Mad About You was available for free on Amazon Prime! I used to love that show in the 90s, so this was a fun find for Valentine’s month.

The revival is also available for free on Amazon Prime.

If you’ve watched the revival, let’s discuss it in the comments. I’ve got lots to say. 🙂


I wrote for Netflix for several years and received my plan for free, so I don’t feel like I should complain.

But I’m gonna!

Because I believe it is shitty to raise prices on streaming when all we have to do is stream.

‘Tis shitty, ’tis shitty, ’tis shitty.


I said a few weeks back that I miss IKEA. The same day I published that post, one of my favorite IKEA plates slipped out of my hand and broke into lots of little pieces. Isn’t it funny how the Universe provides excuses for you to go to IKEA?

That’s exactly what we did, and it felt great to be back!

They didn’t have my plates, but they did have this:

A fiddle leaf fig for 19.99, which I felt was a fantastic price.

Meet “Joy”.

Ella chose the name. 🙂

Welcome to the family, little plant.


I included this story as a link in last month’s tater tot post, but I buried it in the post, and I think it deserves more of a spotlight. Since this is Valentine’s month and I love this song, I am sharing it again.

The backstory of this song:

You can read about it here.


Courtesy/ The Londoner

Creme Egg Slutty Brownies.

If you can’t make love to another human, make love to these instead.


I’ve been playing these songs on auto-repeat as of late.

Some old and some new.


Schitt’s Creek Alphabet Quiz

Acedia-The Lost Name For the Emotion We Are All Feeling Right Now

Plane Effect Snow: What creates the rare weather phenomenon

What to Say to People Who Say You’re Being “Too Safe” During COVID-19

Central Park is Alive With the Sound of Music Thanks To A Site-Specific App

The Complete List of All 86 Books in Oprah’s Book Club

Bernie Sanders’s inauguration mittens: The hand warming origin story – The Washington Post

An Age-By-Age Guide to Helping Kids Manage Emotions

50 Positive Things to Tell Yourself Every Day


This month has 28 days, so I am sharing with you this article of 25 Loving and Supportive Things to Tell Yourself; you’ll have to come up with three on your own, but by then you’ll be a pro.

As the word of my birth year says, I hope this blog serves as a safe space for all of you.

Happy February, my loves.

32 thoughts on “Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 23- Filled With LOVE”

  1. Ice hat? Most excellent! Love Actually? Love it! Named plants? Quirky… I’m in. I may have to draw the line at slutty brownies though. They just look… wrong.
    Now I’m off to see what words were added in my birth year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Get here. *sigh* This song always gives me so many good feels.

    I love your Ice Hat. I suppose you have two because you have a left brain and a right brain? Please tell me I’m correct.

    Slutty brownies. Wow, is that nice? Maybe it is…I don’t really know the brownies or how promiscuous they are.

    Going over my birth year words and some of them make sense, (Yada-Yada) some make me go Huh? SLIMNASTICS. apparently, It’s a thing.

    Have you ever tried your hand at a Fiddle Fig? I’m on my fourth one and I’ve finally got it down pat. It does not get direct sunlight, only filtered. The watering….this is crucial. Mine gets 1 cup of water once a week. ONE CUP and only one cup a week; specifically on Thursdays.
    If you need anything else from me, you know where to find me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. That’s it. Left and right brain and all.

      Slimnastics…huh. Wonder why that word never made it big…shocking really.

      Oh good to know! I only water my plants once a week anyway! Lmao. And on Thursday’s oddly enough. So hopefully my fig will be good in our home. 🙏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have been watching Mad About You too but didn’t realize there was a reboot out! I’m going to have to watch that this afternoon. (I’ll be back to talk about it after I do!!).. Also Cream Egg?? A big NO from me. I don’t mind the caramel eggs or even the mini eggs but not the cream eggs; yuck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let me know what you think. Especially about Jamie. 🙂

      A big no from me also about the Creme Egg but thought I would share. NOW, I have made cookies with the hard shell Cadbury mini eggs before and they were really good. But those Creme Eggs are rich by themselves.


      1. I was torn between thinking Jamie was over the top crazy and then also thinking it kind of fit in with how she acted right after they had Mable. Remember when she wanted to just up and leave her daughter altogether?!

        I have made cookies using the mini eggs too (in fact I’m eating a handful of them right now)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OMG, that’s right! I forgot about that! I was going to watch more but my Amazon app on the tv hasn’t been working all week.

        I ate more than a handful a few weeks ago. I love them; seeing the bags in stores makes me feel like spring is around the corner.
        Even though we have over a foot of snow on the ground.


  4. I’ll have to check out your music. I’m always looking for new songs to add to my Spotify play list.

    I laughed when I saw the words for the year I was born…sooo boring compared to yours! Anthroponosis, basis point, brown recluse spider (where were they before the year I was born?), can of worms, fender bender, kissing disease, nuclear option, perimenopause (about damn time they recognized that!), satellite dish, win-win, zero-based.

    When you went to IKEA, were most of the plants gone? Brian and I were there one day last month (it was “deadsville” on a weekday!) and the plant section was almost bare! Aww, Ella named the plant after your bird. (Insert heart.)


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    1. I love Spotify playlists. I have Apple Music and pay for it monthly! But I love the curated playlists that Spotify comes up with.

      OMG! That is so funny. I will let you borrow some of my words! 🙂

      Most of the plants were gone and we were there first thing in the morning. So I am not sure if they are getting in good plants anymore because of the pandemic or just selling out? We went on a Friday, so I have no idea when they get in their shipments.

      Yes, she wants to name all of the plants after our long-gone pets. It’s sweet (and a little sad too). But mostly sweet.


  5. My husband and I used to road trip a lot. We’d road trip for no reason. IKEA stroll! Great pie! Hush puppies (ok that was a 5 min road trip). We kept our carbon footprint small so this was a tiny indulgence (plus hush puppies y’all!). And it was so much fun. New sights. Good road trip music. Deep conversations.

    I think maybe your post (your entire blog?) is like a Road Trip. Much goodness. Unexpected happy finds.

    I love the 5th century Monk link – Acedia. Started reading the definition and thought, “oh we used to call this the long, dark tea time of the soul.” Got to the end of the article and found… those same dang words. Ha! Also naming plants is good. Joy arrives in February. I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you feel like my blog is a road trip. That means so much to me, Maddie.
      Joy arriving in February is so good. I used to suffer from so much sadness during winter but I am doing better this year, so that feels lovely. 🙂


  6. I think we were born in the same year, so we get to share those wild words. Is it me or do some of those words seem way ahead of their time? Like how could people do comparison shop back then without the internet or Target or really any ‘additional’ stores? If there wasn’t a shopping dessert back then, how can my folks explain my wardrobe that totally lacked? And control freak- well, my sister created that term so her birth year ought to get credit. Just saying.

    My kids could get excited about anything added to brownies, but that photo turned my stomach.

    Still have never set foot in an Ikea. Might try to go for a record or something.

    I loved Mad About You. Coach and I never missed. How had I not heard about a re-boot? Hmm. Interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I thought too. I’m assuming comparison shop meant going from store to store? My God, we would have been lost in that generation.

      It’s too rich for most people. And not the money kind of rich. 😉

      It slid under the radar. It was on some random channel called Spectrum. But it’s free on Amazon. 🙌🏻


  7. I am 100% in LOVE with the cream egg (I’m not trying to sway you, more for me) but I don’t think there is any way I could do those brownies.

    I had to save the “what to say..” links about being careful during COVID. Coming to a Friday Finds near you for sure.

    I feel like I need the ice migraine hat. I will definitely put ice on my neck and forehead when I get a headache but having it in hat form seems like it would be less…finicky/fidgety. Is it??

    Love, Actually is in my top 5.

    I am so grateful for these posts. Thank you, Kari!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m in agreement with those brownies. They are visually pleasing but my stomach is all, YOU ARE SURELY JOKING?

      Yay for Friday Finds! I love a week when there is a Tuesday AND a Friday post. ❤️

      I actually don’t use the headache hat as a hat but rather just Velcro it around my head. I’ve been using it every single night since summer and I alternate them. In fact, one of them is becoming loose from my big noggin. It was one of my favorite pandemic purchases.

      Love Actually is such a great movie. All the feels.

      I’m so glad you are grateful. 😘


  8. This post was a treat for me while awake and unable to sleep at 3:00 am this morning. Thank you. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your Mad About You thoughts. I only watched a few episodes of the reboot, and I don’t know if I’ll watch any others. I don’t believe the Jamie character. And I don’t much like her. I probably loved the original Jamie because I could so relate to her; we even looked kind of alike. I don’t recognize the new/older Jamie. She’s so ridiculous. Almost slapstick. Also, the visual testament to the passage of time that is the actors’ faces really throws me. This is not old-shaming; it’s just disconcerting to have such stark reminders that something that feels like only a few years ago was the bulk of my adult lifetime ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad this post was a treat for you. It makes me feel good when you say these things. I swear I will never need to be paid to write because all of you fill my soul with comments like these. ❤️

      You and I are on the exact page with every single thought. I loved Jamie in the 90s. Now, I don’t even know who she is. Maybe she’s Helen? I could only watch three episodes and I was done. I’ll stick to the old ones. I did love that Mr. Wicker was still around though. That made me smile.


      1. Yeah, I think when I’m done with Schitt’s Creek (which currently gets ALL my TV time, which I don’t have much of), I’ll go back to the old episodes of MAY. The new one makes me sad, somehow. I did like that the friend who owns the Italian restaurant (can’t remember his name!) looks better older.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I remember how funny Sarah Jessica Parker was in Comedians… Coffee, although the one that sticks with me was Trevor Noah. That man is brilliant and funny. As for the Mad About You reboot, I cannot believe that woman is Helen Hunt. What the heck happened to her face? Why, why? I cannot watch the show no matter how clever it turns out to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We haven’t watched Trevor Noah’s episode yet. So I will have to watch that one because I love him.

      I can’t believe it’s her either. It is really distracting watching it because she looks so much different.

      I have to say I have a negative opinion of Helen Hunt. Years after Mad About You, a news reporter here in Chicago (who is jovial and known to get along with celebrities), mentioned an interview he did with her. Let’s just say she was less than kind and it always stuck with me.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. OMG, I am buying that hat right now. I have a band that I strap around my head, or the sticky cooling pads from the store. The hat is genius. It’s one of those things, if you know you know. Also acid snow and yellow rain came out when I was born. Also cosmic microwave background, which I feel explains a lot.

    Those brownies though, holy moly.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Joy!!!! Will I still like Mad About You? I keep wondering that. It’s not like I don’t have enough time to throw on an episode and find out. I thought you were going to say that you made some mosaic project with your broken plate as the blessing in disguise (typed by someone who has saved broken chipped things for such a never came to fruition purpose who was ready to live vicariously)

    Liked by 1 person

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