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What I Kept | December 2022

These are the things I kept on my phone in the last month of 2022.

My music festival was a hit. Everyone fell asleep.😂

Seeing these racks at Kohl’s a few weeks ago brought back a flood of memories. They were not pleasant memories.

This is the song.

She looks like she’s sitting in a huge infant car seat. 

I have definitely manifested quicksand.

Watching Dad fill the birdfeeder.

My friend Kristen and I were shopping at Trader Joe’s when she noticed these flowers and said that they reminded her of butterflies.

Oh, Roger…

I mean, it changes from day to day…



How I beat imposter syndrome. (True story: sometime the silliest things inspire me) #confidence #impostersyndrome #comms #commscreatives #socialmediamanager #commsspecialist

♬ dumb dumb – sped up – mazie

I saw a photo of Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart) that reminded me of Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. It made me smile. This won’t be entertaining if you don’t know who that is.

I ordered a portable lamp on Amazon, and it’s been a lifesaver for my morning soul homework. Especially since the sun took December off.

My parents, Mike and I went up to Wisconsin to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. As you can see, it was fairly cold, but still fun. (Me and my dad keeping warm above) ❤️

We’ve wanted to do this for years, so I am glad we finally did.


the threshold choir sings at the bedside of people who are dying. would you join a choir? (they’re all around the US!) #thresholdchoir #endoflifecare #deathdoula #deathdoulatok #hospice #endoflifedoula #deathed #deatheducation #fyp #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – caroline lee.

One of my favorite coffee shops

Keeping our home protected from delivery drivers and solicitors since 2016

See the kidney comment? Then Joey Kidney right below? Talk about manifesting…


ill have a lump in my throat the whole time

♬ original sound – Claire
This is me. Is it you, too?

I was just discussing her when this quote came up. These kinds of things make me smile. It’s also a good quote.

From this book


“Torn” with @natalieimbruglia and the Audience Choir in Sydney!

♬ original sound – Jacob Collier

My prayer plant opening up after an evening watering,

There are many good days, but there are also many days when I feel this way. Do you ever feel like this?

A lovely little town not far from where we live has the most amazing window displays. We try to go every week leading up to Christmas since it always puts us in the holiday spirit. I hadn’t felt very joyful this month. This helped a lot.

What about internal pain, CVS?

Morning sky on Winter solstice

One morning, I woke before the sun, and it felt very special. Thank goodness for my little portable lamp, which allowed me to work on my soul homework. I am so grateful for quiet moments like this.

Nicole recently mentioned this in a blog post. This is the most beautiful way to think. My connection with my blogging community is genuine and valid and I am extremely grateful for this community.

Every year on Christmas morning, I make homemade cinnamon rolls. This was the most delicious recipe I’ve ever tried.

Too much Christmas for the puppers ❤️

I recently found a mantra in this book and wanted to share it with all of you:

May all living beings- no matter whether I like them, dislike them, or don’t know them- have good health and a peaceful heart and mind.

It has helped me in working through some difficult feelings and emotions. I hope it is helpful to you as well.

I appreciate you and I hope you know it. Thank you for taking the time to read my words (and others) each week. It is a privilege to share them with you. ❤️

Edited to add: Kindly help a friend of a friend who is battling an aggressive blood cancer. Their Go Fund Me page can be found here.

28 thoughts on “What I Kept | December 2022”

  1. Lovely post, Kari. I agree with the author of the paragraph on the blogging community. Those connections are real – some are realer than the superficial relationships a lot of people have with in-person “friends”. (I put the word in quotes because the words superficial and friend do not belong together, for me.) I am glad I found your blog. Happy 2023!


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    1. Deb, you are correct! I was discussing this connection with my youngest daughter. She has online friends who she has been friends with for over three years this winter, and she can relate. They even plan to attend college together. ❤️

      I’m so glad I found your blog as well, my friend.

      Happy 2023!

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  2. Oh I bet it was so fun (and cold!!) seeing that holiday train. Those cinnamon buns look amazing. This year Alec whipped up some croissants for us that were filled with a thin layer of raspberry jelly and drizzled with white chocolate. They were SO GOOD!

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  3. So, I want to own a raccoon. Always have. When we moved to Wisconsin, we learned that the rules regarding exotic pets are extremely lax here. Thus, the kangaroo thing doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    Spread Eagle, on the other hand? Gotta visit someday, just to get a pic of the sign.

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  4. Kari, these are all wonderful keepers! I LOVE the “Little Moments of Joy that are actually BIG THINGS” because each one is one that I could identify with. It’s funny because whenever I don’t listen to my intuition, I could kick myself because it’s always right. Over the years, I’ve gotten so much better at trusting it and owning it.

    I like the forgive one too. I definately believe one can release ill feelings towards someone yet, at the same time, not forgive what they did. Because quite frankly, some things are just unforgivable.

    The doggie photos are soooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!

    The Secret Sisters video is awesome.

    That portable lamp you purchase from Amazon is such a great idea. I have something I need to order on Amazon tomorrow and I might just order that too!

    Always enjoy your posts, my friend! Hope you had a faaaaaaaaaaabulous Christmas! Mine was quiet, cozy and oh-so Christmassy! X

    P.S. And that quote from George Carlin? Freaking HILARIOUS!

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    1. I could relate to each of those things as well, Ron! One of the most difficult lessons I’ve had to learn is to trust my instincts. As I get older, I’m getting better at it.

      Some things ARE unforgiveable.

      If you look through my camera roll, you’ll see that there are more pictures of my dogs than of my children. To be honest, my dogs have no say in the matter…🤣

      For Christmas, I purchased two extra lamps for both of my daughters! They’re a fantastic find!

      I’m happy you enjoy my posts! I had a wonderful Christmas! I’m glad you had a peaceful Christmas! 😘


  5. We can have a kangaroo here in IL? Who knew! (In all seriousness, where in the world would we get a kangaroo?!)

    I think I’m gonna have to order one of those lamps.

    The coffee shop photo…is that in Antioch?


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    1. RIGHT?? The sheer absurdity of it. Also, is it possible for a kangaroo to adapt to our climate? I guess we’ll find out when ours arrives. 😊

      I also got lamps for Anna and Ella. Ella draws in her bed at night with hers! It’s what I read by. It’s wonderful.

      Yes, maam! Love that place.


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  6. This will be long . . .
    1. Simon Holland is the only reason I’d ever return to Twitter. He’s the best.
    2. My mom called your prayer plant a watermelon plant (due to the leaves??)
    3. I hate Kohl’s and may write a post about that in 2023.
    4. Your musical festival looks like something you’d need to smoke a little mary jane and lay in a group circle with all our heads touching. Then we’d enjoy the music.
    5. I often have to hide from people I know when I’m grocery shopping.
    6. That little girl in the Xmas show . . . to worry about your family not showing up just breaks my heart.
    7. My in-laws, many years ago, went to a very high end grocer and bought what they presumed to be cheescake for the Xmas. They tasted it and thought it was the worst cheesecake ever. It turned out to be a round of actual cheese (I don’t remember what kind). We laughed about that with them for years.
    8. What shall we name our kangaroos?

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      1- He is a gem.
      2- I can totally see why she would call it that. It’s also called a Buddha plant, too. That makes less sense.
      3- WRITE THAT POST. Maybe I will write a follow up post? We can make it a series.
      4-That is exactly the vibe I was going for.
      5- Same.
      6- I know! I cried watching it for the first time.
      7- I can see how that would happen!
      8- Hippity and hoppity?


  7. I appreciate you, Kari! I’m so glad you are in my life!
    Let’s see…so many things here. The holiday train! So fun. That little Christmas village, so adorable and festive. Your tree is beautiful and I like that the skeleton is decorating it.
    That picture with the woman with birkenstocks and socks, seeing everyone she knows…this reminds me of the ONE TIME, THE ONE TIME, KARI, that I went to the mall looking frazzled with the two babies and I ran into the woman who used to be my friend who my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with. Did that sentence make sense? Anyway, lesson learned. Never leave the house without mascara! Lol.
    There is a place in Newfoundland called Dildo, which always makes me laugh.
    Thanks for the sweet mention of my blog! I love my “pen pals!”
    As always, I loved this. I hope you are having a restful season. Happy almost new year! xo

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    1. Nicole, I appreciate YOU. I’m so glad you’re also a part of my life. I am so happy that I found your blog.

      OMG, why did the universe do you so dirty?? 

      I’ve heard of that town!! I think I’ve even seen a sign for it! Oh, the power of the internet. 🖤

      I am having a very restful holiday season. Happy New Year to you!


  8. This is packed with great nuggets. I love the photos with your dogs, and OH ROGER. Ha. I laughed at the names of the various x-rated towns. So funny. The sketch of what one looks like when they see no one – of course. So relatable. “I might be a quiche.” – well said lady. I, too, agree with Nicole’s sentiments about blogging. I so enjoy this community and I’m very grateful for it. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas break. XO

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  9. Kari, so many gems in this post and my eyes are leaking for some reason.
    Your dogs snuggled. *Sigh* Kristen is correct; the flowers do look like butterflies.
    Who do I need to contact about getting a Kangaroo legally?

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