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I’ve Been Using Karma Incorrectly and I’m Guessing Tori Spelling Has As Well

  That title got you in here, didn't it? WELCOME TO THE SH#* SHOW!! No, but really, we need to discuss something serious. A few months ago, my husband (the hoarder that he is) brought home some candlesticks from a former co-workers office. Let's just say the situation on how he got them wasn't ideal. NO… Continue reading I’ve Been Using Karma Incorrectly and I’m Guessing Tori Spelling Has As Well

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My Blood Sucks

Recently, I decided that in addition to making me better on the inside via therapy, I also wanted to find a new doctor. I liked my old doctor but it was near impossible to get in for an appointment, their email system was awful, and honestly, she was a pill pusher. Every time I went in… Continue reading My Blood Sucks

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I’m In Therapy

I feel so Seinfeld, so Mad About You, so oh I don't know, Diane Keaton movie about living in New York City and having a mysterious and very interesting life, right now. Remember when going to therapy meant you were rich? Or lived in the big city? Or were a nut job? It doesn't anymore.… Continue reading I’m In Therapy

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My Dreams Will Give You Nightmares

  A few months ago, I read somewhere that first thing in the morning you should write your dreams down on a piece of paper, in your phone, wherever, so that you could look at them when your mind is clearer. Why? Who knows. I know of people in my life who've mentioned interpreting dreams… Continue reading My Dreams Will Give You Nightmares

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Things That Make Me Feel Good

  It's my birthday week! You know what that means? You're late in sending me my gift. Just kidding! Unless you really feel the need to, then who am I to stop you? My birthday week means I spend each day doing something nice for me! Last year, I wrote about making birthday week a… Continue reading Things That Make Me Feel Good

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I Will Create a Vision Board, Dammit

  Last spring, I was a better version of myself. I read a book about being a badass, then I felt like I actually was a badass because of said badass book. I wrote about being evolved. Well, more evolved than I had ever been before. Which isn't saying much but in this evolution, I was… Continue reading I Will Create a Vision Board, Dammit