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Eighteen Years Ago

Seems like a lifetime ago and really, it was. My oldest daughter turns 18 tomorrow. Eighteen years ago this week, I was getting ready to have my first child. I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago (OKAY IT WAS PRETTY IN PINK) and in it, Duckie was rewinding a tape deck in… Continue reading Eighteen Years Ago

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    "Quite often, our Angels and loved ones in Spirit choose hummingbirds to relay their messages. They may guide hummingbirds to hum to validate their spiritual presence and to send us signs and reminders to follow our joy, stand in the light, and stay present in the moment. Your loved ones in Heaven may… Continue reading Hummingbird

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Shows on Netflix I Watch That Surprise Even Me #StreamTeam

      I still write for Netflix, in case you were wondering. No Netflix still hasn't bought the rights to my screenplay, shocking really. And neither Beverly Hills 90210 nor Mad About You is on Netflix yet. I guess I don't have half the pull I thought I did. Need to work on that… Continue reading Shows on Netflix I Watch That Surprise Even Me #StreamTeam

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Did You Know There Are 34 Menopause Symptoms?

  I have gone through menopause for the past ten years. Just kidding, it's only been like two. It just feels like ten. Because the symptoms of menopause are SUCKING MY SOUL RIGHT OUT OF MY BODY. I'm sorry, did that slip out? According to the website 34 Menopause Symptoms Dot Com (yes, it's a… Continue reading Did You Know There Are 34 Menopause Symptoms?

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What ADHD Really Looks Like

  October is ADHD Awareness Month. Educate yourselves and others by sharing accurate information, giving support to your loved ones and teaching your children compassion for others.      Our daughter has ADHD. I mentioned it years ago on the blog, so for regular readers, this information isn't new. ADHD is different in every child:… Continue reading What ADHD Really Looks Like

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What Happens in Vegas Stays In Salt Lake City

Full disclosure: I wrote this title a week before we left to go on vacation. It was a witty title and as you know, those are hard to come by. So I wrote the title, pressed the Save Draft button and off I went to my normal non-blog writing summer life. In fact, I have… Continue reading What Happens in Vegas Stays In Salt Lake City

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When Did The Trees Get So Big?

  I was driving through my neighborhood this morning and noticed the trees that line the streets. When did these trees get so big? I said out loud to no one. A lot of my life is spent looking straight ahead; at the road while I am driving in my car, at the soccer field… Continue reading When Did The Trees Get So Big?