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Quirks? I Got ‘Em By The Boatload

My friend Jeanette, the mastermind behind the vision board, has gotten me to thinkin’ again which is never ever good.

She wrote a post about 30 Refreshingly Unique Blog Writing Prompts and let me tell you, they are indeed refreshing.

So from her list of delightful prompts, I chose #7: A quirk you have. Let’s get real.

Game on, Jeanette. It’s about to get real, real quick.

Only, I didn’t really know how to define a quirk, per se.

So I went searching for a list of quirks to see if I was a match for any of them and Google did NOT disappoint as I found a website that listed 500 different character quirks.

Who knew there were so many quirky quirks, to begin with?

I won’t be listing 500 quirks, so you don’t need to do your regular scanning to the end of the post.

Rather, here is a list of my top 30 quirks.

1- I feel the need to create content twice weekly for a blog about nothing.

2- I am a stickler for spelling/grammar and if you are using it incorrectly, I am silently judging you.

3- I snort when I laugh really hard. If you haven’t ever heard me snort while laughing, you apparently aren’t funny enough.

4- When standing still, I can’t just stand still but rather rock or sway from side to side. I first noticed this when I was pregnant with Anna. My coworkers would say, “aww you’re already getting ready to rock your baby”. But I still do it to this day and my baby is now an adult.

5-I am a neat freak and a little bit of a germaphobe. I used to be ashamed of both but now I own it.

6- I talk to my plants when I water them. I talk to my pets all the damn time too. 

7- When I drive into parking garages, I always duck while driving under those low ceilings.

8- I text with one finger. If I’m mad at you, guess which finger?

9- When I am stressed out or going through something hard, I watch Real Housewives or Gilmore Girls compulsively.

10- I hate doing my hair. Like, dread it. I try to only wash my hair every other day NOT because it is good for my hair but because I hate styling it.

11- When I run walk on the treadmill, I have a playlist named Female Artists that I listen to. While walking/running, I pretend that I am on American Idol with a technicality and that I am the first middle-aged woman to win it all and get a recording contract.

12- That is when I am not pretending that I am the first middle-aged woman to win an Olympic medal for ski jumping.

13- I have to eat something sweet every day. Honestly, I need it after every meal. That is, except for breakfast.

14- I don’t eat breakfast every day.

15- I shave my upper arms in addition to my underarms. But only during the summer. During the winter, my arms look like a Yeti.

16-I bite my cuticles.

17- I am in a constant state of feeling like I am letting someone down, not doing enough, or feeling guilty. But I am working through that with my therapist.

18- I overuse catchphrases and didn’t realize it until I started getting gifts with said phrases on them. For example- I used to use the phrase it is what it is a lot; I got a sign with that phrase on it one year for Christmas. Then last year, my oldest daughter got me a mug that says Are You Kidding Me? on it. I looked puzzled when I opened it until she said, “mom, you say that ALL of the time!”.

19- Long nails gross me out. ESPECIALLY on boys or men.

20-  I get annoyed having to tie shoes, so I try to choose only slip-on shoes or slip on my tied shoes.

21- I am a fast and hard walker. Meaning if you ever lived in an apartment under me, I am very sorry.

22- I am also a fast talker as well.

23- I need a fan to sleep. Always.

24- I sniff people when I hug them. Not in a weird way. Or the most non-weirdest weird way.

25- I love getting a foot rub and pedicure, but I can’t do it for other people because EWW FEET.

26- I struggle with fractions. If you said I had a quarter tank of gas, I would have no idea what you are talking about.

27- I played with Barbies until 7th grade. Even then, I wasn’t ready to stop.

28- But I didn’t care to play with baby dolls. In fact, I never really cared for them.

29- I didn’t like babysitting, or taking care of kids in general before I had kids. But since having kids, I love it.

30- I know exact years (and sometimes even months) of when songs were popular. If you asked me when a song was popular, I could tell you to the date it was released.

What are your quirks?

16 thoughts on “Quirks? I Got ‘Em By The Boatload”

  1. I read #26 as “I SNUGGLE with fractions” without my glasses on and I thought “wow, that IS quirky!” Now I know I’m just blind.

    A few of my quirks are:

    1) I won’t answer the door for unannounced visits. Unlike you, I did not inherit a neat freak gene and there could be a craft project explosion dragged through multiple rooms (like there’s about to be today) or a week of “I don’t care” going on my house. While people say “I don’t care what your house looks like”, they lie.

    2) I love doing thoughtful things for others but feel guilty when someone does something as thoughtful for me.

    3) I won’t breathe when we drive over roadkill. Something about potentially breathing in death doth not appeal to me.

    4) I have an unhealthy addiction to buying souvenir t-shirts. Martha’s Vineyard, San Francisco, Carmel, every island in Hawaii (10+ trips so there’s a LOT of Hawaii), Vermont, etc. If I’ve been there, I can very literally whip out the 90’s phrase “been there, done that, bought the shirt.”


    1. Snuggle with fractions made my shitty Monday so much better.

      I won’t answer the door either because PEOPLE.
      I won’t breathe when we pass by a cemetery. I forgot to add that to my list. So I totally understand the whole not breathing road kill thing ESPECIALLY with skunks.

      I personally love your quirks. 🙂


  2. People’s quirks are what make them full of personality and individualistic! I have a lot of your same quirks…the shoes (I don’t own any with ties!), sleeping with a fan on, talking to my plants and pets (I talk to my cats all the time), not wanting to do my hair, playing with Barbies until I was in 7th grade, being a little OCD about neatness and cleaning…and definitely the grammar. My mom even bought me a tshirt that says “Grammar Police” on the front and on back there’s a shield that says “to serve and correct”. ha ha


  3. Can I be your boom box toter!?!?

    I have a hard time showing up anywhere empty handed. Go ahead, try me-😉

    All of the quirks are fighting now to be listed and I have to go break things up


  4. Let’s see, what are my quirks? The one about grammar definitely. I hate seeing “your” when it should be “you’re.”
    I really don’t like to read texting language either. Texting language is for texting.
    I only wear perfume for going to church on Sundays.
    I only wear jewelry for going to church on Sundays. Just my wedding ring is what I wear.
    I only wear makeup for going to church on Sundays.
    I’m a night owl. I have to make myself go to bed by 1 am at the latest.

    I hate to talk on the phone.
    Do these count as quirks?


    1. You’re (see what I did there) making me laugh.
      So what you’re (again) saying is that Sunday is THE day!
      I am essentially the same way, so no judgment here.
      I don’t like talking on the phone either, and neither does my teenager which is making this college thing a little tricky. 🙂


  5. You have no idea how happy you made me. First of all by putting one of these prompts to good use, but also because you did some good old fashioned research and found a goldmine of quirks. And also because you snort when you laugh hard, which I do too, so maybe we should have a Three’s Company binge-watching fest and snort along with Chrissy okay gotta go ttyl lylas ttfn swak


  6. I eat the same food for breakfast for months.
    I need something sweet to eat after having something savory and vice versa.
    I don’t enjoy talking to people on the phone unless you’re someone I’m really close to.
    I don’t like styling my hair.
    The older I get the more I find people annoying. I don’t think this is a quirk.
    I hate it when people don’t put their dirty laundry in the right color pile.
    I’m a little OCD when it comes to making sure doors are locked and stove knobs are turned off before I go to bed.
    I’m also paranoid about closing the garage door when I leave the house. I sometimes circle the subdivision just to make sure I closed the garage door.
    That GIF is golden! Hahaha


  7. Ok, this must be a series, because I need to know them all! So a few my quirks, huh? First off, I hate talking on the phone. I know everyone does, but I always have. Like, even in the 90’s when I was supposed to lay on my belly and kick my feet in the air, while I was talking on the phone. Also I plan my life in absolutes, and they change moment to moment. Like, I’m going to be a writer of novels, blogs, and magazines! And then, I’m going to delete my Instagram and pretend I don’t exist. It’s a fun roller coaster…


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