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Podcast #43- Chapter Five-Not My Mother’s Menopause First, I came across this post a few days ago: Journal Prompts for When You’re in a Journaling Rut Which has nothing to do with this topic or menopause, but I'm having fun with it and plan to use one of the prompts (what three things am I most looking forward to this week)… Continue reading Podcast #43- Chapter Five-Not My Mother’s Menopause

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Podcast #39- Parallelism On this week's episode, I discussed a variety of topics… I feel sorry about the indoor plants sold at home improvement stores. I mentioned this cute display at my local Home Depot: Don't they look happier here? I mentioned our Ring doorbell ghost, who I believe is our Joy bird. Yes I'm talking about… Continue reading Podcast #39- Parallelism

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Podcast #38- 18 Months O’ Menopause Before I forget (because MENOPAUSE), I wanted to share this Listening Test I discovered yesterday with you. What is that? A C minus? Satisfactory. Yeah, pretty much what I expected. THAT'S JUST HOW MY FACE LOOKS Given that I recently wrote a post on Monday about listening, I thought it would be a fun… Continue reading Podcast #38- 18 Months O’ Menopause

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Podcast #37- “Top 10 Weirdest Guilty Pleasures” In my post about guilty pleasure books, I linked to an article about "America's Most Common Guilty Pleasures." It was a study conducted by the website, and in researching for the podcast, I discovered that they only polled 2000 people. Putting mannequin hands in plant pots is one of my "weird" guilty pleasures… Continue reading Podcast #37- “Top 10 Weirdest Guilty Pleasures”

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Podcast #36- There Are Other Ways I discussed how two events in the last week influenced my perspective on the path I should pursue with my book. I got a reiki reading and I finished a good book. I feel I gave up submitting query letters to agents too soon. When a literary agent requested a book proposal from me… Continue reading Podcast #36- There Are Other Ways

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Podcast #35- Gynecologist Anxiety Because my WordPress podcast player isn't working this week, you'll have to visit the link above to listen to the podcast. So, thankfully, I didn't have anything wrong with me while I was spotting last week. I just had a menstrual period. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Side note- I really need to… Continue reading Podcast #35- Gynecologist Anxiety