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Working On Becoming a Better Listener

I'm learning to accept the less-than-ideal aspects of myself. One of them is that I have difficulty having conversations. There are two aspects to this: I struggle with making eye contact, and I have to work hard to listen. This has nothing to do with the other person being interesting. This is due to my… Continue reading Working On Becoming a Better Listener

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Podcast #25- Vision Board Project This week's podcast is a long one, but my ad was accepted this time. I think my podcasts need to be longer than 20 minutes in order to accommodate the ads. So here's to longer episodes going forward. 😉 I also had to break my podcast into segments for the first time, which was… Continue reading Podcast #25- Vision Board Project

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Headaches, Heartaches, and Fear

During my perimenopause, I became a pretty negative person. As a result of my near constant pain, I grew resentful. I became numb to emotions like happiness and optimistic outlooks like hope. I'd wake up every day afraid to be optimistic for fear of being rewarded with a headache later. As if the Universe was… Continue reading Headaches, Heartaches, and Fear

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A Year of Reality

Because of a story I told in one of last year's tater tot posts, I was looking for a picture of my hair for the April tater tot post to compare hair lengths to last year Allow me to explain. I wanted to document my current hair length to show how far I've come. I… Continue reading A Year of Reality

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On Elephants and Hitting Walls

I came across an article online about scientific ways a home can make you happier, and I immediately clicked on it since it piqued my interest. Then I notice the author only shares 25% of his blog posts to those who read his posts without subscribing to his content. The rest of his content is… Continue reading On Elephants and Hitting Walls

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Universe-Ism #2 -Pity Party for Zero

For most of my life, I was afraid that if I told someone about something I wanted to do, I would fail at it. For example, if I said, “My blog will be successful!” it would mean unequivocal failure. Because by declaring it, I was being overly confident, and thus inviting failure. I was being… Continue reading Universe-Ism #2 -Pity Party for Zero