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The Things I Keep

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn't make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be.  We all have things we keep. Maybe it's pictures from your first homecoming dance. An old corsage. Ticket stubs to your first rock concert. I have a few places within my home… Continue reading The Things I Keep

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I Had a Wedding in a Barn Before Pinterest

Actually, I had two weddings with barns. At my first wedding, we held our reception inside/outside of a family-owned barn in my home state of Ohio. My second wedding, the entire wedding, and reception were held in a barn in the suburbs of Chicago. That should be like a world record or something, having TWO… Continue reading I Had a Wedding in a Barn Before Pinterest

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Whose Door Will You Tape a Heart To?

  I previously published this piece at Chicago Parent where I was a contributor. Valentine's Day in our home has a long history of being, honestly, just bad. Let's just say expectations don't ever live up. I grew up with a mom and grandma who would make amazing Valentine's dinners with pink tablecloths, balloons, candy,… Continue reading Whose Door Will You Tape a Heart To?

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Favorite Things- Mike

  Here is my husband's list (yes, he has a name) and he even sent it to me within a day of asking. Favorite Christmas Song...... Jingle Bells Favorite thing to do at Christmas..... Watch kids tear open presents Christmas morning Favorite Cookie..... Peanut Butter with the Hersey Kiss on top Top Five Favorite Things:… Continue reading Favorite Things- Mike